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Interpreting results. Raised antibodies and NDT

I have Hashimoto's and have been on Nature Throid (three quarters of a grain) since August. I have just had my blood tests results back which show a suppressed TSH and raised antibodies. Results:

Thyroid peroxidase 390 (<100)

Free T3 5.5 (3.10 - 6.80)

Free T4 19 (12-22).

TSH <0.020 (0.27-4.20)

Vit D >174 (levels above 75 are optimal)

B12 918 (180-900)

Ferritin 160 (16-445)

Folate >20 (4.40-20)

My questions are:

From my understanding NDT suppresses TSH so this is ok?

Antibodies - My last reading for antibodies was 313 so they have increased since taking NDT. I have been gluten free for months. I take 150mcg of selenium each day. Could this raise be a result of the NDT and attacking antibodies? Is this temporary? Has anyone else experienced their antibodies increasing when first taking NDT and did they fall over time?

I take many supplements which have seen my B12 and Ferritin double over 8 months (my hair is growing back at last). Does it matter that I am now over the range for B12/Vit D (high?) Should I stop supplementing.

Folate continues to be over 20 which has been consistent since first measured in March. Could this suggest a methylation problem?

I would greatly appreciate any advice or hearing other peoples experiences.

Thank you

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Nik, yes, the T3 in NDT can suppress TSH as the pituitary shuts off TSH when it detects sufficient circulating T3 in the blood. Your FT4 and FT3 are excellent and very nearly in the top 75% of range which many cosider to be ideal.

Some people have found that NDT can increase Hashi attacks and antibodies and prefer synthetic T4 and T3 for this reason. Others find it makes no difference.

The vitD optimal range is 75-200 so you are nice and high in range but no where near possible toxicity which is >250. I would certainly maintain levels by supplementing until April when ultraviolet levels are high enough to stimulate vitD production.

Excess B12 is excreted in urine so you won't OD. Some ranges go up to 2,000 for B12. Methylation problems usually result in low levels. High folate isn't usually seen as a problem as it is also excreted in urine.


Thanks Clutter, helpful as always!


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