help need explanation am newbie

can anyone explain my readings please

serum tsh 0.59 mu/l

serum total bilirubin level 6 umol/l

serum alkaline phosphate level 8

0 iu/l

serum alanine aminotransferase 40 iu/l

serum total protein 71 g/l

serum albumin 43 g/l

serum globulin 28 g/l

serum sodium 142 mmol/l

serum potassium 4.6 mmol/l

serum urea 4.6 mmol/l

serum creatine 73 umol/l

gfr caculated abbreviated mdrd ????????

havent got a clue many thanks

in advance

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Hi Any blood test ask the ranges, all different, different

Labs.You have only had TSh, you need T4 and Free t3 for the thyroid, cost? A lot of us have to get the right tests on line, these bloods essential. LFT`s ( liver) are fine, I think ,without ranges. U`s and E`s ( kidney) also fine but I would try and get the sodium ( salt lower), it must be in range, but looks to me with the Potassium ( in range but ideal is 4), that you need to drink more, water best Do not cook with salt but add at the table ,as you do not want it below range, If low bad cramps and low BP..eGFR is not a range but a number, if over 60 good, it can be a bit lower and still be fine, below 40 not good, advice needed.

best wishes,


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hi jackie thanks for answering sorry didnt put ranges but all were within ranges except serum alanine aminotransferase it was 40 iu/l range is 1.0-33.0 have no idea what that is will try to see gp about t4 and free t3 doubt if i will get anywhere but will give it a go might have to get back to you about online tests thanks again and will drink more water.

best wishes


Hi Mostly you have to ask for the ranges, they have them just do not bother, especially hospitals. Go back and ask, bloods not a lot of use without ranges. Lack of sleep, hypo and Hyper differs but both result in lack of sleep unless properly treated!I noticed!! That is a liver function, fine at that but makes sure you have a Diabetes test, autoimmune and hormonal as it can indicate this.GP lack of proper tests is all money. Here, now my NHS Lab will no longer do FT3 ( FreeT3) ,so I have to pay, ridiculous as vital. Also it is the one that most effects the heart, if not right, especially if over. They say ( GP`s) that if TSh Ok so will FT3, but just not so. My Endo and I know my FT3 is vital, always important for other people too. Check with GP first, free! Otherwise get back to me as I have on line tests, many times a year,Important it is a well known Lab, if you wish for treatment on those results. unfortunately, bad heart so dangerous for my FT3 in particular to go over and I need it high.

Lots to learn etc but you will be stable and feel better then.

Best wishes,


thanks jackie going to call surgery this morning have been under active for about 35yrs for first 26 was taking 100mgs never had a blood test in all that time no one told me i should have one never felt well never lost weight then was ill they did test and increased it to 150 felt great lost 3 stone but over the last 4 yrs have decreased it back to 100mgs have put 4stone back on feel dreadful but doctors say levels are okay put it down to age,menopause anything but my thyroid gave up till i came across this site has given me courage to see gp will let you know how i get on .

many thanks


You never had any follow up blood tests in 26 years - that's absolutely criminal. You obviously felt well on 150mcg's of levo but I'm afraid your useless GP is going by blood results alone.

Why don't you ask for an increase of 25mcg's daily and see what he says, an increase of just 25mcg's could well sort out your remaining symptoms. Don't suppose they have ever checked your VitD, Ferritin (iron storage), iron, B12 or folates have they. Pluck up the courage and ask for all of these and see what happens. Unless all the above are at an optimum level then your thyroid meds wont be doing their job properly.

Moggie x

thanks maggie will let you know how i get on.


Hi There was no ino for anything, thyroid. I was the same, not treated 20 years and then had to fight every inch of the way, until I saw my Endo. I have learnt be tough if need be!

Best wishes,


will try to toughen up and see what happens.

thanks again


p.s do i have to sign as foxyeyes or do i use my name never used a site like this before.

Some use their user names (you could shorten yours to fox) and some use their real names - it entirely up to you.

Moggie x

thanks maggie will use my name i think have rung surgery cant see me till 24th so will let you know how i get on.

joyce x

Hi It does not matter. Some people prefer an user name.. In case recognised! Generally speaking when speaking on a Pm , Click on name to send a private message., then tend to use their own name. Does not matter.


thanks jackie didnt know how to send private message not bothered about being recognised so will use my name.

many thanks joyce

hi jackie have been to docs saw a new one so had to give a brief medical history

told him was fed up of being fobbed off he could not believe i hadnt had blood tests for 26 yrs he did listen to me dont know how long that will last, he said all my blood tests came back okay so i have had a cortisol blood test done wont know the results till 13th as this doctor only dos 2 days a week.if these come back okay will insist on seeing an endo, have done a bit of research into cortisol so i will know what he is talking about sorry not been in touch but not been well and not one to tell everyone how i am feeling.

joyce xx

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