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blood test 9 sept 2013


"Liver function test"

"Serum albumin" 37 giL (35 - 50)

·'"Serum alkaline phosphatase" 48 u/L (30 - 105)

Will be filed as: 48 U/L

.,"AST serum level" 23 u/L (7 - 35)

Will be filed as: 23 U/L

(s) *

""Serum total bilirubin level" 9 umol/L (1 - 21)

(s) *

""Serum gamma GT level" 21 u/L (5 - 50)

Will be filed as: 21 U/L

.'"Serum total protein" 72 giL (60 - 80)

(s) *

~"Serum TSH level" 5.2 U/mL (0.35 - 6.9)

"Urea and electrolytes"

"Serum sodium" 138 mmol/L (135 - 145)

""Serum po t a'ssi urn" 4.61 mmol/L (3.5 - 5.0).

(s) *

"Serum creatinine" 49 umol/L (62 - 124) "Low"


Will be filed as: 44J ..ll Urea - blood

"Serum urea level" 2.2 mmol/L (2.5 - 6.6) "Low"


Will be filed as: 414 ..00 Sample sent to lab. for test

.'"GFR calculated abbreviatd MDRD" > 90 mL/min (59 - 9999)

See renal.org for info. on interpretation

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thyroid function test

serum free t4 level 8 pmol/L (5.6 - 21)

serum TSH level 10.8 U/ml (0.35 - 6.9) high

ft4 added by lab



serum free t4 level 7 pmol/L (5.6 - 21)

serum tsh level 9.1 U/ml (0.35 - 6.9) high

will be filed as 9.1 u/ml

ft4 added by lab

no treatment given on this one as the dr didnt see there being a problem


bumping on the hope it will get seen


I haven't seen a TSH range that high - to 6.9? but U/ml? it's usually expressed as mu/L - whereabouts are you?

I was going to say 5.2 is high, (have you seen today's Scottish petition video and Dr Toft saying it should be around 1?) but it's lower than your last results - so are you on Levothyroxine now? I will go away & see what these units are (possibly why you didn't get a response before).

your "Serum creatinine" 49 umol/L (62 - 124) "Low"


Will be filed as: 44J ..ll Urea - blood

"Serum urea level" 2.2 mmol/L (2.5 - 6.6) "Low"

both marked low (renal tests) - sorry don't know about these - hope someone will chip in J x

(meanwhile have you had Vit D, irons folate, ferritin, B12 etc. tested?)


im in uk south west

everything ive had tested ive copied

i dont understand any of it

will check the video later

yes on levothyroxine 50mcg and feel awful


Hi LFT`s ( liver) fine, U`s and E`s are not perfect, Potassium in range but a bit high. Pretty sure you are dehydrated and not drinking enough, if on diuretics even more important. With potassium that high, do not take any magnesium supplements, food not a problem. The GFR is the best test for Kidney function. I cannot see the adjusted figure, but even a bit low, not to serious, ha to be really low to be renal failure, ie below 30, below 50 not too good.TSH high, T4 too low. Important to have a Free T3 test. T3 lowers the TSH and helps lots of symptoms. I expect you need T4 ( thyroxine) and some T3 ( split 12 hours apart). Then retests in 6 weeks.If you feel ill, certain to be the thyroid., Drink a lot more, important, then ask for retest of U`s and E`s in 4 weeks. If GP cannot test for FT3, worth using a well known Lab on line for TSH, T4 and Free T3 done together. I use Blue Horizon.

Best wishes,



wow thankyou Jackie

none of that was explained to me at the dr's they said all was fine :(

i used to drink between 4 and 6 litres of water a day but now lucky if i get 2 litres so will deffo try and up that a little more

i have been taking magnesium supplements 300mg a day so will stop that now

i still take vit B complex co enzyme q10 vit c and have just got selenium through the post today

i will ask my dr for T3 to be tested im on thyroxine and feel like im getting nowhere fast (50mcg daily)

ill allso ask for T3 meds.........can see me having problems as my dr insists my TSH is fine and i should be ill as she is on 175mcg levo and has never been ill i did have an argument with her over it as wanted to up my dosage to 75mcg

ive looked around at diff dr's and there is one i can register with who has an interest in thyroid wonder if i would get better luck with him


Hi mandy, Definitely, do not take magnesium supplements, food fine as any excess is excreted in "normal " people.There is a separate test for magnesium but sure that will be fine, if you stop." litres not enough fluid, even in the winter.B12 + Foliates needs to be high in range, i would ask for that to be checked, autoimmune and hormonal, should be very year, more if taking it The best multivitamin and mineral daily a good idea ( according to my Endo. Co -enzyme brilliant taken it for many years, can react with anticoagulation if on it, but fine if stay on the same amount, otherwise no problems with it or zinc, which is good, selenium also meant to be good and safe about T3 with lowish TSH, some will give a trial, if not you may need an Endo. I need armour and FT3, unless my FT3 high in range feel dreadful.Yes GP`s are difficult it helps weight but I am underweight, GP does give it me on Endo`s instruction.If the other GP in the same practice, I would wait until yours is away and then try them. In theory you can go to any one in most practices. As for changes practices, always a dialema , devil you know or devil you do not! I would see about T3 ,if no good from GP, say that you have had problems long enough and feel ou would benefit from an Endo`s views, be sure to find a good one first, then ask for a referral. All doctors vary so much, great,experience tells me!

best wishes,



all recent blood results.........hoping to rebump post


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