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Anyone used Ashwaghana to boost thyroid?

I have Hashimotos and read that the herb Ashwaghana can have a positive effect on thyroid function. I had radioactive iodine on my thyroid nearly 40 years ago, so I have no thyroid , but was told I would always have the antibodies present. I am on Levo, and my tsh was .01 last time, but it was 3.2 six months ago. My GP won't test my T3 or T4 - - (this was his answer to my request for my T3/T4 to be checked "'s not necessary - tsh testing is the "gold standard" and is the only one that is approved of by N I C E " ). My query is, would Ashwaghana "balance my T4/T3 levels, even though I am on Levo, and have no actual working thyroid ? I appreciate that I will have to stay on Levo for life, but am fed up with my tsh going up and down, as the GP tries to "stabilise" my dosage. I did suggest that because both of my parents have Hashi's and a maternal aunt also that I had a genetic defect that interfered with the T4/T3 conversion, but he just laughed, and said that even if I was tested, and that were the case, the Govenment policy was that T3 would not be prescribed - as ONLY levo was approved as treatment. This is why I am trying to be proacive , by excluding gluten, and taking Folate, B12, Vit D, etc- as these were far too low in my last blood test. I did manage to get him to check for coeliac antibodies, which was negative - so he also said going "gluten free" was a waste of time" Sorry to have rattled on, but the website and the help I get is invaluable to me. Hope you can come up with some ideas!

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Lots of things really - but most importantly can you change your Doc ? As you have no thyroid it would be good to have a Free T4 and Free T3 result so you can see what is really going on. Your result for Coeliac was negative and can be quite meaningless - as you can be gluten sensitive and going gluten free just may be the magic bullet - so it's good that you are trying that one. It would be good if your Doc could be more encouraging with your own self-help journey.

Could you have the D102 gene test done through Thyroid UK - also have your FT4 and FT3 tested privately ? - you will have a discount doing it through TUK.....

Ashwangda - sorry not sure of spelling - is good for many things I believe but really do not have any experience. It was suggested to me by a Bowen Therapist - but can't remember why :-(

Hope you soon find some answers and feel did not mention your dose or symptoms :-)


thanks - I am on 125mcg Levo. I have a memory foam matress and usually wake pain free, but as the day goes on my symptoms are - fatigue, aching muscles and joints - ( sometimes so bad I am doubled up when I walk) hair thinning, can't lose weight ( I have tried everything!) irritable, depressed at times, mood swings, and bloating ( could this be because I know I can't eat fish from fish and chip shops - gluten in the crumb/batter - but would plain chips be contaminated if they are cooked in the same unit as the fish was - I ask this as i did eat chips , thinking it was ok - but woke next morning with a swollen puffy face and waistline expanded by 8 inches! Is this is a gluten reaction , and if so, how long before it goes away as none of my trousers will meet round my middle - let alone fasten!!


Yes it is possible for the chips to be contaminated. How much D and B12 are you taking - is it enough ? Is your T4 dose converting into T3 ? T4 is a storage hormone and needs to convert into the ACTIVE T3. If yours is still low then things will only improve very slowly.

Thinning hair is linked to low Iron or Ferritin - type anything into the Search HealthUnlocked on the green bar at the top of the page - press Enter on your keyboard and posts will pop up that may answer some of your questions.

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Got the info from this site ( brilliant site!) started taking these about a month ago - B12, ( methlcobalamin) 5,000, vit D 1,000 iu, selenium,200ug,folic acid,400ug . I began these when my blood tests showed my B12 and Folates were too low according to this site (* but were "normal" according to the GP!) I asoftake Ferroglobulin sublingual once a day, Turmeric capsules, Krill oil 500, and I gram Ester C. Only been on full regime for 3 weeks - wondering how long before I really feel the benefits


Wow - very impressive. It can take around 3 months to feel the benefits of supplements. Best to be patient ! You could add a B complex with good levels of folic Acid as ALL the B's need to be in balance. You could then drop the FA. Thorne Research do a good one :-)



I was given this alongside some other Indian herbs, it was vile but I persisted & it did help for a while, I certainly felt brighter mood wise but stopped the lot as started having horrible stomach upsets. May be worth a try but I saw an Indian herbalist who really knows his stuff so would get advice from someone who knows.

Good luck x

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Hi...could you PM the details of your herbalist? Not sure where you are based though.... Thanks!!


This article was posted on the site a while ago - it features an Ayurvedic practitioner among other alternatives . I tried Kanchanar and Ashwaganda. The whole family is now on Ashwaganda, as we all found it improved stamina, fatigue, etc. more than any other remedies we've tried,

I didn't persevere with the Kanchanar. I don't remember why but I think I will try it again so thank you for reminding me as it is said to be more relevant to the thyroid.


I don't think you can get the link I posted so here is an extract:

Dr Donn Brennan, a private GP and practitioner of the traditional Indian medicine Ayurveda, works in London, Skelmersdale and Dublin. He says:

" Kanchanar Guggulu enables the thyroid gland to function normally again in patients with an underactive thyroid, while also giving them more energy.

However, the herb may take three months to make a difference, so with my GP hat on, I will also prescribe a short course of the standard treatment, with the hormone thyroxine.

I always examine patients medically before concluding they can be treated Ayurvedically, and my idea is that it should work alongside modern medicine, not against it. "


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