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Results! Help

Hi, I previously posted a lonnnnggg post about my recent health troubles and I received some excellent feedback from the people on here :). I have had the results from my previous bloods (5th Sept) and here they are, there are a lot of results so I won't mention them all as I don't know what they are but first are the ones that many said I should have tested.

Ferratin 5 ug/L (15-200)

Vitamin D 15.2 ug/L (>20)

Calcium 2.22 mmol/L (2.10-2.60)

Folate 4.9 ug/L (3.1-19.9)

ESR 15 mm/h (5-15)

CRP 16.2 mg/L (<10)

TSH 6.74 mu/L (0.40-5)

Free T4 11.9 pmol/L (9.0-19.0)

Vitamin B12 211 ng/L (150-620)

I was also told to look at ANA results, Rheumatoid Factor and FT3 although I can't see these on the list unless they go by another name? (I'm looking at getting a FT3 test privately)

Other results on the list that were out of range were: (I don't really know what some of these are??)

Zinc 8.4 umol/L (10.0-21.0)

HCT 0.368 (0.37-0.47)

MCH 26.2 pg (27.0-33.0)

RDW 15.7 % (11.5-14.5)

Urea 2.4 mmol/L (2.5-6.7)

ALT 37 u/L (10-35)

(Liver, bone and protein profile) Albumin 33 g/L (35-50)

Androgen SHBG 179 nmol/L (18-114)

Feel free to ask for any others as I said there are tons but all the ones out of range are above. I saw the doctors today who said to keep my appointment with the Endo in a couple of months and then if that doesn't go anywhere we will go to plan B, whatever that is! I have from today changed from Microgynon to Yasmin to see if this makes a difference. I'm also on my 6th day of following a Gluten Free diet, I know it needs time to adjust but I already feel more alert and awake, however stomach issues continue but like I said it needs more time. As someone recommended last time I have been taking my temp when I wake up and its always between 35 and 35.7 upon waking and climbs to around 36.5 during the day. Oh and one my notes it says I have auto immune hypothyroidism, is this Hashimotos?

If any more info is needed please let me know. Thanks so much for all your advice.

Sarah :)

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Good grief, you must feel awful!

1) Low ferritin : You need iron - perhaps your GP would arrange iron infusions for you. I've never had an iron infusion personally, nor have I researched them, so there might be reasons why they aren't a good idea (or are a good idea) that I don't know about. Your GP must prescribe iron supplements at the very least. Your ferritin really needs to be approx halfway through the reference range, which in your case is about 90 or so. If you have to raise with pills it will take a very long time. Make sure you take iron with vitamin C (500mg - 1000mg per pill), to help absorption.

2) Low Vitamin D : Your GP should prescribe loading doses of vitamin D to get your levels off the floor.

3) ESR and CRP : Both of these indicate you have some inflammation going on, but the tests don't give any clues to where it is. If it is any consolation I found that my inflammation levels dropped noticeably when I managed to raise my low levels of vitamins and minerals. I never did find out where the inflammation was.

4) Vitamin B12 : Your level is horribly low. You might need to be checked for pernicious anaemia. I don't know what is involved with that but please look for Hampster's posts - she is an expert on the subject. I don't think it is a good idea to supplement until you know whether or not you have PA. But don't hang around - B12 deficiency can cause permanent neurological damage.

5) HCT = Haematocrit - it will be low because you are low in iron, and some of your other low minerals and vitamins may have an affect as well. If you fix the low vits and minerals, particularly iron, your HCT should cure itself.

6) RDW - Red Cell Distribution Width : Mine is very high too, and it has stayed high. Don't know what the significance of this is, and didn't really understand the explanation I read either. Hopefully someone can tell us both!

Anything I haven't mentioned, I don't know enough to comment on.

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Thanks humanbean, I do feel pretty rubbish! Thanks for the info and reassurance. I do have PA and I take the 3 monthly B12 injections but I guess these need to be more often?


Yes it is hashimotos, and as Humanbean has said it's not surprising that you feel grim. What is surprising is that your GP isn't already treating you for these deficiencies. What has he/she had to say about them? And are you on any thyroid medications? LB


Hi lisabax, I am on 200mg of levothyroxine and I have the three monthly B12 injections. I was told the results were a 'little out' by my GP, so nothing major and to see what my Endo says as he will have more knowledge. I don't go back for another couple of months. :/


Sorry I meant 175mg of levo. getting mixed up!


Humanbean has said it all - I cannot believe your Doc thinks all is well. There is so much he could do to help you - just the building blocks of good health - Iron - Ferritin - B12 - Folate - VitD. Immediate attention is needed to address these issues. As Humanbean says - best to leave for a while in case you need further testing for PA. Maybe go over to the PAS here on HU and see what is said. I would think you need B12 injections with a GOOD B complex containing good levels of Folic Acid. None of these 3-monthly doses either - you need a loading dose. You can buy B12 injections on-line too....

I couldn't see the result for anti-bodies - so not sure about the Hashimotos bit.....

Hope you soon feel better....


Sorry have just referred back to your previous post and can see you are on 3-monthly B12 injections and 175mcg of T4. So your result for B12 is REALLY low.... Also it could help to have the FT3 reading to see if the low T4 is converting....


Hi Marz, thanks, they didn't even mention my B12 levels and said they were within range and normal and have never suggested anything about having the shots more regularly. I'm going to get an FT3 test sorted.


I just noticed you mention stomach issues. Can you explain what these are?

There are various problems common in people with dodgy thyroids...

1) Gluten issues - which you are already addressing

2) Low stomach acid - which can be helped with betaine hydrochloride + pepsin capsules

3) Poor gut bacteria - which can be helped with good quality probiotics

4) Poor digestion - which might be helped with betaine hydrochloride and/or digestive enzymes

5) Candida overgrowth


I've had a problem a with my stomach since I was a teenager, it's always been put down to IBS. I asked to be tested for Coeliacs around a year ago and that was negative. The main issues I have are painful spasms and excessive wind


Good luck changing to Yasmin but please be aware that for some people the side effects are not good. Though this can be the case for many contraceptives


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