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Hashimotos Cough?

Hi guys, I have been unwell for many years and appear to be getting worse !! Diagnosed Hashimotos over 20 years ago ( but I'll many years before that ) I have also been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Hypermobility Syndrome, Arthritis & have Crohns ...All of these I believe are linked to getting Hashimotos ? My weight has been going up year on year despite strict dieting !! I was on 125mcg Levothyroxine which doctor advised to drop to 100mcg. This I did but I have recently upped it again as really can't function on 100mcg ...Doctor was reluctant to do this as he said my TSH was bang in middle of range !! ..I also was B12 deficient and take 5000 Sub lingual tab daily along with...


Vit C

Vit D


Betaine with Pepsin

Omega 3

Co Q10

About a year ago I developed a cough which just won't go away ? My Voice has changed and I can no longer Sing ( something I was once very good at ) I wonder if any of you can shed any light on any of this....I am desperate to feel well and get my life back.

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Hi Romany - sounds as if you have a great deal to cope with and obviously trying to do the very best. Have you thought of adding T3 into the mix . I too have Hashimotos and Crohns and went T3 only over two years ago. Have a feeling your FT3 will be low - have you had it tested ? There are the second highest amount of T3 receptors in the gut - after the brain - so if you are low then things do begin to go wrong.

Are you able to post your Thyroid blood test results - perhaps you already have and I have missed them. It would be interesting to know how much of your T4 is converting into T3. Often Hashi's people have problems in that area. Also a similar problem with VitD - a problem with receptors. I posted a pice yesterday about that very thing - some research on Pub Med....

How much D do you take - I take 10,000 IU's having read about it in connection with Crohns on the vitamin D Council website....

As for your cough - I am wondering if it is to do with moisture levels - sounds weird I know but sometimes that can be the problem with asthma - low levels of moisture. Again controlled by the dreaded T :-) I too have days when I cannot sing - more often than not....and yes I do miss bursting into song.

Hope this has been a little helpful - if not keep on asking questions and I will look out for your results. Sounds as if your TSH needs to be lower - most people feel better when it is 1 or under....

Hope you soon feel better....


Doctor won't test T3 as says my TSH in normal range ...I know sighs !!... I take 5000iu Vit D, 5000 B12 , I think you are right about conversion to T3 being the problem..But how to get doctor to address that? I have been tempted to buy Natural thyroid medications online as in. UK doctors only give one size fits all Levothyroxine !! I have been taking a product from Amazon called Raw Thyroid with not much success ...I had Gall bladder removed a few years ago and I believe my stomach acid is very low Hence taking Betain with Pepcin ...Also trying Organic Apple Cider Vinegar...To be honest I am so desperate to feel " normal" I will try anything ...The weight is also a big issue as I used to be a " skinny Minnie" lol...those days are long gone !! But I need to lose a few stone somehow ?


Any chance you could have your Ft3 done privately - it is after all the only ACTIVE thyroid hormone. Am sure there is research out there about Hashimotos people having problems converting. Mine was on the floor for years and I did a spreadsheet to show GP here in Crete. She readily agreed....

The above could be a start for information on converting.....there is more out there... :-)


I started on Levothyroxine switched to synthroid worked much better. Some of the brands of Levothyroxine have lactose in them . Started to cause a problem for me .

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Romany, Ask your GP to palpate your throat and neck. If he feels a swelling (goiter) he should order an ultrasound to check whether the goiter is compressing your windpipe which can cause hoarseness and a cough.

Your TSH should be just above/below 1.0 not mid range. Scroll down to Guidelines and Treatment Options to read Dr. A. Toft's comments

email for a copy of the article if you want to show your GP.


Clutter, maybe an ENT consult is 'on the menu'. Acid reflux can burn the vocal cords. GI dysregulation can result in acid reflux. Could be post nasal drip as well. They check thyroids too. One stop shopping.


Thank you...I suffer terrible heartburn/ acid reflux..I have just started to take betaine with pepsin and ACV


With acid reflux there can be several things being affected. It would be the best 'move' to get an ENT consult under the circumstances.


I did have a goitre when I first went to docs..although looks ok from outside I still have feeling of feeling my thyroid inside if that makes any sense?


I do feel better when TSH in lower range ..but doctor says that's too much thyroxine !!! Sheesh !!!!


Reading your post made me remember that I used to have cough. I was scared incase I had lung cancer, its in the family so I had a private scan and my lungs were clear. I had an ultrasound on my thyroid and I was diagnosed with hashimos and a 2 cm nodule was found. This was removed Jan this year because it could not be determined that it was benign, luckily it was but I forgotten that I had a cough.I don't have it any more. I would ask for an ultrasound.


Hi Romany I also have EDS hyper mobility and a similar list other linked illnesses and it could be this that is affecting your voice. It might be worth having a word with your hms specialist, I had to have speech therapy for a while after I developed similar problems with my voice.

Is your GP keeping tabs on your Vit D3 as our defective collegian means we can have big problems with absorbing D3 and B12 which if low will affect the any levo you take. My range is 0.3-5.6 And being bang in the middle of the range (2.5ish) is not ideal, too be honest would still be high enough for a diagnosis in many countries. Most people feel better with a TSH of around 1 especially with your hyper mobility.


Many thanks for that ...I agree I do feel better when 1 or even under that..HMS is a pain literally lol..I think I may ask for ENT check on voice & Cough ..I take 5000 Vit B12 sub lingually as have been deficient. And also 5000iu of Vit D as also taking Vit C, Magnesium, Selenium ...and CoQ10.


You MUST read the book (Hypthyroid Type 2 )by Dr STARR. Blood tests can be in range and Levo (T4) alone make it worse. Is Cheaper to switch to ARMOUR THYROID ASAP ,start very low & gradually increase guided by your symptoms & BASAL TEMP.

ALL your symptoms are due to untreated HYPO. Find another MD willing to use ARMOUR. Good luck


Dr Shaalan,

Please advise us of the basis on which you claim "Is Cheaper to switch to ARMOUR THYROID". (Remember that this is primarily a UK group and the costs to a UK patient are what we would expect to see.)



sorry i live in USA


Dr. Shaalan, Very few UK patients are able to get NDT prescribed as they are not licensed for use in the UK. The cost of importing NDT plus UK customs charges is actually very expensive.


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