Joint pain and muscle ache in hips, knees and legs

Currently on 3 grains of Nature Throid, after being on Levo for 4 years and trying T3 but getting severe headaches. I'm feeling pretty well apart from hip pain, right knee pain and muscle and ligaments feeling tight, heavy and aching. I'm also on Vit D prescribed, B12 sublinqual tabs, Folate 5mg, selenium, Zinc, magnesium and Glucosamine. I did have an MRI scan that showed OA in my right knee and muscle wastage in right thigh and I've also had 2 ops on my spine.

Any help appreciated x

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  • I have been reading earlier about Vit D and magnesium. It appears if you supplement with Vit D you should also take magnesium. I know you can absorb magnesium with Epsom salts in the bath.

  • Hi shaws I have tried to take the Magnesium with mine but I had frequent visits to the toilet, have read somewhere that this could happen. Been on Vit D for several months, last check I had got upto 78 from 23

  • There are different types of magnesium and the effect of too much is a laxitive effect. This link explains/gives recommendations of Mag.:-

    This is an excerpt from another link:-

    Question to Dr. Cannell:

    Is it important to take magnesium with vitamin D? Judith, New York

    Yes, it is important to have adequate magnesium intake and most Americans do not. A number of people have written about muscle cramps after they start sunbathing or taking Vitamin D. This is likely caused from the neuromuscular hyperexcitability of magnesium deficiency that is somehow unmasked by higher Vitamin D levels. Abbott LG, Rude RK. Clinical manifestations of magnesium deficiency. Miner Electrolyte Metab.–5):314–22.

  • Thank you very much for those articles Shaws very interesting. I will start the Magnesium again with my Vit D. Only take 100mg per day of magnesium citrate

  • I think it is amazing that we have to find out these things ourselves as, if one critical vit/mineral is low, it can throw out other problems.

  • It seems the best is Magnesium threonate. On Magnesium

  • How much vitD are you prescribed and when did you start taking it Angel?

  • my Vit D level was 35 and I was prescribed 800 Calcichew D3 6 weeks ago. I also take 500mg

    Magnesium in the evening.

    Is this enough?

  • I think it'll take a long time to correct your vitD. Ask your GP if you can double the dose.

  • Thank you....I didn't think it was enough x

  • Sounds as if you are doing so many good things - although I do agree with Clutter that you may well benefit from an increased dose of VitD. It is anti-inflammatory too which may help to reduce any pain. Also your back operations may well have affected the back muscles that eventually connect with your thigh/knees.

    I take 10,000 IU's of D - as I have Crohns - but I do feel it has helped my back and painful bits generally ! Even after living in the sun for 10 years both hubby and I tested insufficient. ( Being older prevents the activation of the sun on the skin ! )

    I have also read that it is good to take K2 with VitD as it points the calcium into the right place ! sells VitD spray with K2. You can also read up on the info about it there....

    Wondered if you had come across treatment for trigger points ? I have problems with them in my lower back which in turn affects my legs - when the physio releases them it is heavenly :-)

    Hope you soon feel better....

  • maybe another trip back to my GP, spect he's fed up of the sight of me! I'm going to ask for an increase in VitD and will get some spray Vit K too. I think my back has a lot to do with the pain in my legs but it's weird cause it's not the nervy sciatica pain but a heavy achey, tight aggravating feeling.

  • ...I think you describe that really well - the back pain that is.... I call it my concrete block syndrome. I think it is when the vertebrae become closer together and nerves are stressed. VitD is not expensive if you decide to self-medicate.

    Hope you soon feel better.....

  • I have a similar problem with pain in joints and muscles - I recently began to take Turmeric capsules - and they do seem to help, as I am in muchb less pain. maybe worth a try?

  • Thank you I will give them a go

  • I take Omega 3 fish oil capsules for the pain in my joints, they are a powerful and natural anti- inflammatory.

    I take 4 a day, give them a try, allow a couple of days to notice the relief.

    I can't recommend them enough.

    Hope it works for you,

  • I'll give them a whirl, will do anything to relieve the pain x

  • Angel, do you suffer from fibromyalgia maybe? I took for a short time vitamin D and blood results were not good on a couple of screens then I stopped them and it came back to normal. Get sunlight on skin mornings or afternoons

  • Thank you. I'm trying to make the most of this beautiful weather but legs are so sore, just popped a couple of anti inflammatorys to relieve the pain x

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