Muscle stiffness, aches, joint pain, tender knees

I just thought you might like to know that after my heart attack Jan 2014, very mild thank goodness, I was prescribed a baby aspirin daily. Before my HA for years I had very stiff joints, muscles, and was refered to a rheumatologist who told me to go back when I was worse. Just typical, I was there because I was in a lot of pain and it was affecting my life. Anyway, I was told to take Ibuprofen which I did before any walk which did help. So after the HA, I was amazed to find that my joint and muscle pain had massively improved apart from a cracking grinding back, I did have to take it easy for a few months but starting the cardio rehab classes was a revelation. I could walk without any pain, my joints were free but I did suffer from costo condritis which was scary after the HA. About 3 weeks ago I left off the aspirin and went onto natural blood thinner as the aspirin was giving me digestion troubles. My joint aches, pains, tender knees have all started again, my upper back is constantly aching, I feel so old again but strangely enough my cracking backbone has disappeared. It might give someone some ideas but watch out for the side effects as I am sure it affected my stomach acid and can have an effect on asthma if taken the wrong way. Good luck guys x

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Dramlouie, may be worth finding out if there is another blood thinner you may do better on. Sad that Aspirin helped initially but caused digestive issues.

I am taking krill oil CoQ10 resveratrol garlic and all the heart stuff and Serrapeptase and I use a grounding mat at night. Its costing me a fortune what with all the thyroid supplements. Someone posted about T3, I am on Actavis Levothyroxine T4 but due to see Dr P so will ask him. After feeling lousy I have actually felt that I have come out of the fog this week, just seem to have more energy and not tense and anxious as before. I shall post if anything helps, will continue on my quest to find the answer, I am walking like a board again, not free and easy as before. Without this website we wouldn't have our questions answered.

Dramlouie, do discuss T3 with Dr. P before taking it. T3 can be helpful and has been prescribed by cardios to help heart patients but I wouldn't like to suggest unsupervised use to someone who has had a heart attack. Good luck with your quest and I'm glad you seem to have stepped out of the fog this week.

What about buffered asprin? Have you tried that? It is supposed to be more gentle. Pity to have to give it up when it made such a difference. You aren't taking statins that could be causing the aches and pains are you?

Magnesium flakes and a few drops of lavender oil in the bath and a good long soak might be worth trying, I do that when I am feeling particularly 'creaky' I've also got a magnesium spray that I use on the soles of my feet at night. 😊

Hi, interested in your comment that you use magnesium spray on soles of feet. I understood that it was best to spray on thin skin as ,e.g. inside of thighs, inside arms , top of chest etc. If soles of feet effective much easier and no doubt the rubbing in will help feet generally - will give it a go!!!

Hi foxglove, my husband has used it on his knees and shoulder joints but I must have read somewhere to put it on the soles of my feet. It used to be my feet that hurt most anyway, there were days when it felt as if every single muscle and bone in my feet was screaming for help.

My feet are much better now but I still like soaking in a bath with some flakes and lavender in it - especially if my legs look puffy.

When I spray my feet I usually pop a pair of loose socks on - I find magnesium oil strange sort of sticky stuff. anyway. I start with socks on and usually pull them off during the night - easy to do if they are loose. Definitely worth giving it a go 😊

hi, thanks for reply, agree magnesium oil is strangely sticky so soles of feet and sockssounds a good option!

I use it as a general "relaxant" to help with sleep. I find ingesting magnesium(even a small dose ) upsets tum

I also use Dr. Organic mineral dead sea bath salts to soak in and is a treat!

Hope you find a solution - so disappointing to go backwards, though at least some things have improved. If you have any more problems with costo chondritis, PM me and I'll tell you about the homeopathic remedy which fixes mine when it occurs.

I too have had a Heart Attack and have many stents fitted to my heart so I have some idea of your dilemma. Have just been reading a report that was first printed by the Daily Mail on 3rd Jan 2015. The title reads Heart-attack risk for 20 per cent of aspirin users. According to the report 20 per cent of people don't know they are resistant to to Aspirin and at high risk of suffering a heart attack. The extent of aspirin resistance surprised researchers, who discovered in a recent study that one in five is affected. Around 41% of those will suffer a heart attack as a result, and the attack will be fatal in 6% of them.

Scientists at biotech company Randox have developed a simple urine test that tells doctors if a patient is aspirin-resistant. It's been trialled at St.George's Hospital in London, and doctors there suggest that every patient should be given the test before they start taking aspirin.

I personally took the small dispersible aspirin before or with a meal, and did so for many years. However I stopped this last summer. My cardiologist was all for me taking it and leaving off the clopidogrel (blood thinner). However my doctor had observed that I was on asprin only when I had my heart attack. The cardiologist then left it up to me to decide what I would like to do. My doctor felt that the clopidogrel would be kinder on my stomach so I gave up the aspirin.

I could not take statins - just could not move. With what I read now so glad I did not take them for long.

I do however take a lot of supplements including Omega 3, garlic, niacinamide, CoEQ10.

On a positive note I remember the cardiologist telling my husband that the most important thing was to be HAPPY. That and good health what more do we want.

Hope you feel better soon - Spring and Summer on its way which always helps.

When taking Evening Primrose Oil for breast tenderness just before Menopause, I also found that it helped the aches and pains of Thyroid/Levo. I understand you have to go careful with this if you are taking blood thinners though and need to come off it before an operation, also letting hospital know.

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