Help with latest blood test results following left thyroid lobectomy for removal of benign tumour

Ferritin 76.3 (7.0 - 150.0), B12 351 (200 - 700), Folate 14.1 (3.0 - 20.0), TSH 1.84 (0.35 - 4.5), Free T3 4.7 (3.0 - 7.0), Free T4 14 (10 - 25), would not test Vit D as doc said they would not treat but happy for me to take a supplement if I wanted to. Doc says all normal no thyroid issues. Still very tired, no energy, no joy, unable to sleep all night, right rib pain (awaiting gall bladder scan), I have a gall bladder polyp identified 7 years ago, excessive burping, unable to lose weight, blurry eye sight (recent eye test resulted in new prescription for reading glasses but still blurry), still shaking in the night, wakening me and when dropping off, swollen ankles, eye bags, slow healing acne, lack of concentration, brain fog etc etc. Any advice for me please, should I draw a line under thyroid issues and explore other possibilities. Still waiting on result of antibody blood test. Many thanks in advance.

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You might feel better if you could have your TSH around 0.6 and both the T3 and T4 raised a bit. Around 18 for the T4 would be a better number, since most feel better when it is about mid range. Maybe your doctor would allow for you to raise just 12 MCG and recheck in a month. Sometimes just a small raise will do the trick. You have to just keep pushing them to treat their patient and not their patient's blood work. Your B12 should be above 500, and you should not supplement D until you know what your level is. Your doctor should know that. Gluten free diet could help, if you aren't on one yet, and often it is good to go off dairy, as well, at least for a little while until you get you your digestion working properly. Low thyroid and poor digestion go together, so probiotics could help as well as as maybe some digestive enzymes. It sounds like you could also benefit from a nutritional iron status testing to make sure you aren't anemic. Often just a hemoglobin test, or even ferritin won't tell the whole story as far as iron goes. Sorry you are doing so poorly. Keep at it with the doctor and if that one won't treat you, you must find one that will.

Thanks dellie_42, I have not been diagnosed so don't think I will be getting any meds at all never mind a raise, do you think I should be on thyroid meds? I will try your suggestions, thanks again.

Get vit d tested my thyroid nurse said no for 2 years then I was deficient when a different nurse tested me . Doctor prescribed vit d3

I will persevere in my request, I thought it was strange the doc said they don't test vitamin d, thanks.

Your GP is wrong about vitD testing and prescribing. VitD deficient patients need loading and maintenance doses prescribed. If not deficient it may be up to you to self supplement to improve your levels. Show your GP recently updated vitD guidelines.

I have a friend who had thyroid numbers like you. She finally got hormones after years of suffering and she improved dramatically, so I would say yes, you could need more, but also look at other possible issues, as well.

Update from last weeks questions - I have just discovered today that although my GP requested my TPO test the lab refused on the grounds that it was done in December 2013, does anybody know if this is standard a test every year perhaps? any info? When I asked my surgery for a copy of the Dec 2013 TPO results I was told they were not in my notes as this test was carried out at the hospital, I can't believe I will I have to contact the hospital for these results? and the surgery don't have this information.


I don't think Thyroid Peroxidase antibody (TPOab) is repeated as a matter of course by NHS. If they determined autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) last year they don't monitor rising antibodies or see them as a progression of thyroid disease. Although your TSH isn't high your FT4 and FT3 are low so I don;t think you can rule out thyroid issues. Unfortunately you may have to wait until your TSH is over range and FT4 and FT3 lower still before you are considered hypothyroid. The other option is to buy T3 or NDT on the internet and self medicate to see if your symptoms improve.

My GP practice is only advised of TFT and other results if the endo includes them in the letter to the GP reviewing consultations.

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