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Hi, I am a 42 year old women, with three children. I previously posted on a bit about my medical history : (20 years ago I was diagnosed with M.E now been told I have CFS and Fibromyalgia, recently been very tierd,sore and stiff with bad headaches and rashes and also been diagnosed with raynauds disease & roscea) Kindly I was replied to on this forum and advised to find out my blood test results and post them on. I am picking up a full copy on Tuesdaybut was given the following which I do not have units or ranges for but was advised that myTSH was normal and my free t4 normal, but had antibodies present (anti thyroid peroxidase). Apparently no free t3 results. Results as follows:

TSH 4.0 (at present i have no ranges will try to acquire from doc.)

FREE TS4 12 & no FREE TS3 was taken or least recorded.

ANTI-THYROID PEROXIDASE - 124.1 (Dont really know what that indicates or if this is high?) GP said out of normal range!

My GP stated that the antibodies meant that I had to have an annual thyroid check up but other than that had no bearing on my health or any of my current symptoms. I have been feeling really awfull recently for last 2 months and am now unable to continute with my university course so really just desperatly seeking some answers for myself and my family who have been up and down with me for last 20 years. My husband and parents have been a contsant support and really a lot of the time I would struggle without their help. Can anyone advise regarding my results. Thankyou.

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Taking a guess at the ranges (and in the UK though they vary, they tend to be fairly similar), I'd suggest the following story.

You are fairly early in having Hashimoto's thyroiditis. The antibody test allows for a very low number being normal - the threshold below which the test is negative. Above that number, as you are, means that something is attacking your thyroid allowing thyroid peroxidase to spill into the blood stream. These antibodies are there to mop up that spilled thyroid peroxidase. They are not what are attacking your thyroid.

In the earlier stages of Hashimoto's it is quite common for the free T4 level to drop (and you are towards the bottom end of the range for that). But, as if to compensate for that drop, the free T3 level can rise. The overall effect is that your TSH remains only modestly raised. That is one of the reasons that excessive reliance on TSH testing is inappropriate.

At some future point you can expect your ability to maintain that relatively elevated free T3 level to diminish. And then your TSH might rise markedly. Whether this will be slow (months, years) or fast (days, weeks) I really don't know.

The thing that is often forgotten or ignored is that if you have one autoimmune condition you seem to be at higher risk of having others. All the other diagnoses you have had, or suspect, could at least have some autoimmune element to them.

On a personal note, though I do not have antibodies (hence do not have autoimmune thyroid disease), I was diagnosed with a TSH only a bit higher than yours (just over 5), and free T4 of 12. And I have distinctly improved since starting thyroxine.


Ha! so yours is silly and uninformed is he? Nothing normal about a tsh of 4, a normal tsh is 1.

If you're left untreated the thyroid will continue to make thyroid hormones, for a while but it will have to be driven harder and harder to do so. You have hashimotos disease as evidenced by the presence of anti bodies.

This disease does not miraculously dissapear, you will not suddenly get better, the antibodies only go away once the thyroid has been destroyed. The doc will know this and failure to give you some treatment is plain silly. A tsh of over 4 puts you at risk of heart problems according to the society of endocrinolgy's press release of last march

Suggest you ask for a trial of thyroxine, or/and a referral to a specialist of your choice..... your doc obviously isn't a specialist in thyroid, but a General Practitioner. ( You may need to remind him of this )


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shawsAdministrator in reply to

I am sorry you have been ill for so long and that you have had to give up your university course at the moment, but am glad you have supportive family.

I have included a link to Dr John Lowe in which he explains a lot about low metabolism and how it affects our health:-


Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out and answer my questions, have meant to get back to post on before now but have just been so tired and sleeping most of the time. Having menstrual problems. Headaches sore throat and swollen glands at side of neck. Terrible stomach cramps. Basically feel terrible. It is another two weeks before I see my G.P and that is not really in relation to the antibodies TPOab as I have previously stated she does not really seem to think that is related to any of my symptoms. I do not think that I am up to really pointing out otherwise. I wondered if it would be worth my while having my bloods done again in next couple of weeks to look at TSH free T3 & T4 and TPOab. Thought about trying to see DR. Skinner privately in Glasgow. Not sure if at this stage anyone can do anything for me. Feeling a bit like a hypochondriac at moment but know I am feeling genuinely ill and low.

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LouiseRoberts in reply to Mona

Dr Skinner helps a lot of people get well,but please be aware that he requires a GP referral. If you would like our list of Private GPs and Healthcare Practitioners please drop me a conversation with your email addy.



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Mona in reply to Mona

Hi, thanks for that I will ask my GP to refer me to DR. Skinner i am also going to have my bloods done privately again so I can take them with me. I am also trying to get a copy of my notes from the hospital to take to Dr, Skinner as i was admitted 7 years ago with a swollen gland on my thyroid. Hope to get all my blood test results and referal from my GP with my diagnosis of csf fibromyalgia raynauds disease etc.. If you think i would be better off seeing someone else then any advice etc welcome. email Thanky you very much for advice and help

Mona. xx

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