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TRAB Antibodies - is this high and reducing them

Reposting this - hoping to get a reply this time.

Had blood test done on 12/5/14 for thyroid antibodies. Results as follows;

TBII (TRAB) 2.2 iu/L ( >1.8 iu/L is regarded as positive)

TPO Antibodies <23 iu/ml (<100)

TSH <0.05 (0.2-4.00)

Free T4 46.4 (10-20)

Total T3 3.2 (0.9-2.5)

Does this mean I have Graves? How high is the 2.2 iu/L?

Currently on 20mg carbimazole (since 14/5/14) and 80mg propranolol (for last 4-6 weeks).

I am already trying to improve diet quality and quantity and taking B12, D3, acetyl-carnitine plus plenty of protein to maintain muscle mass. Also trying to get more than 6h sleep each day, doing meditation, removing dietary stimulants and allergens (gradually) and reduce stress. I run, swim and walk. All following advice/info given on this forum.

I want to avoid having RAI or surgery so my question is

What is best way to go about reducing antibodies to gain remission?

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I am sorry I cannot answer your question personally as I have hypo and hopefully someone who has graves or hyper will be able to answer. In the meantime this is a link which will give you some info and this is an excerpt:-

HOW DO I TREAT IT? Patients treat Hashi’s the same way they do just plan hypothyroid–with thyroid medications. Why? Because if raised high enough, many patients see the attack cease, probably due to improvement of the immune system. Every cell in your immune function needs T3! Some doctors have unwisely recommended non-treatment until labwork “stabilizes”, but that could take months and years, and you continue to suffer.

I know some have recommended this book:-!auth...


Keep up the good work.

These might help. A series about low thyroid. You are on your way to something possibly but look into another supplement, selenium.


Thanks Heloise. I've been trying to find a multivitamin and mineral tablet without iodine in it but with selenium, magnesium etc. found one at Tesco today so now taking that as well.j


If you can find organic brazil nuts, sometimes they will contain a good amount of selenium that might be more absorbable.

It's unfortunate that doctors won't do all the blood testing we need so we can really address all the issues.

Here are a couple more links regarding RAI. Try to say away from it. My son was on methimazole for two years and is now in remission.


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