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reducing TPO antibodies


Hi, I'm new here so I don't know if I'm asking this question the right way, but I will try my best! I got my thyroid lab results a few months ago and I was a bit scared about my TPO antibodies (I'm 23 y/o female) :

TSH, TTH: 2.813 mU/L (normal range: 0.55 - 4.78)

FT3: 5.53 pmol/l (normal range: 4.7 - 7.2)

FT4: 13.63 pmol/l (normal range: 11.5 - 22.7)

TPO antibodies: 1252.6 U/ml (normal range: < 60)

So as I understood from the results, everything is within the normal range accept TPO antibodies. My local doctors said that I should start taking selenium and come back after a few months, but I'm not sure that taking selenium could drastically reduce my TPO antibodies at this point. Has someone tried gluten/dairy free diet or some supplements and can say that it helped to reduce TPO antibodies?

Thank you!

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Taking selenium l-selenomethionine 200mcg daily can help reduce the antibodies, as can a strict gluten free diet.

Have a look through some old posts

Your TSH at that level is actually indicating that your thyroid is starting to struggle, and your FT4 is too low for a "normal healthy person". In the UK we are generally made to wait until TSH reaches 10 before diagnosis, some other countries diagnose when TSH reaches 3.

Thank you:)

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to anamarija

You're welcome :)

Yes, gluten free also dairy, soy, sugar, processed foods. And on it goes. But I feel much better than before. I go by how I feel. Good luck.

anamarija in reply to Fixture

Thanks for the reply :) May I ask what was your decision to quit gluten based on? Because currently I'm on gluten/dairy free diet and with dairy I can say that there is something that makes me bloated every time I try it, but I never had any problems with gluten, so I was wondering what was the main reason for you going gluten free?

Fixture in reply to anamarija

My doc doesn't suggest any of this protocol. I had reactions to all the meds and made these changes based on how I feel. Isabella Wentz in her book suggests many changes one can make to remove the triggers from your lifestyle which might be contributing to a thyroid problem. Gluten and dairy are two food categories causing many of the inflammatory diseases modern western populations suffer with. And obviously dairy doesn't agree with you. Have you tried digestive enzymes? Or an HCL betaine tablet when eating? But stick with the elimination diet. It will help. Good luck.

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