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Any comments on the following blood results?

A friend of mine has had hypo like symptoms for some time now . She has Raynaud's disease. She suffers with endless guts problems, tiredness, and emotional disturbances.

The blood test info is huge but these are most of the results. She had recently given blood and they took too much by accident, which might be of relevance:

!GAMMA GT (SJH1577) no action

!Serum gamma GT LEVEL

4iu/L (5.00-36.00iu)

LFT - normal no action

Serum total protein

79 g/L (66 - 87.00g/L)

Serum albumin

48 g/L (35.00 - 50.00g/L)

serum total bilirubin level

3 umol/L (0.00 - 21.00umol/L)

Serum alkaline phosphatase

67 Iu/L (35.00 129.00iu/L

ALT/SGPT serum level

11 iu/L (0.00 - 33.00iu/L)

!UE CREATININE - no action

Serum sodium

140 mmol/L (135.00 - 145.00 mmol/L

! Serum potassium

5.3 mmol/L (3.50 - 5.10mmol/L)

Serum urea level

6.0 mmol/L (2.10 - 7.10mmol/L)

Serum creatinine

84 umol/L (49.00 - 92.00 umol/L)

GLUCOSE normal no action

Plasma glucose level

6.3 mmol/L (3.00 - 7.80 mmol/L)

TSH Normal no action

2.2 mu/L (0.30- 4.20mu/L)



67 mL/min 67 ( 90.00- 9999.00 L/min)

e-GFR values between 60 and 90 do not indicate CKD unless there is other clinical/laboratory evidence if the disease. for further advice on interpretation of e-GFR refer to

[patient is not Afro Caribbean so 1.21 multiplier factor mentioned is not relevant - my comment ]

ESR normal no action

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate

6mm in 1 hr (1.00 - 20.00 mm in 1 hr)

DIFFERENTIAL normal no action

Neutrophil count

5.7 x10*9 (1.70 - 7.50x 10*9/L)

Lymphocyte count

2.4 x 10*9/L (1.00 - 4.00x 10*9/L)

Monocytes count

0.4 x 10*9/L (0.20 - 1.00x 10*9/L)

Eosinophil count

0.1 x 10*9/L (0.00 - 0.40x 10*9/L)

Basophil count

0.1 x 10*9/L (0.00 - 0.10x 10*9/L)

!COMPLETE BLOOD COUNT J to call her tma

!Haemogloblin estimation

103 g/L (115 - 165.00g/L)

Total white cell count

8.8 x 10*9/L ( 3.50 - 12.00x 10*9/L)

!Platelet count

469 x 10*9/L (140.00 - 400.00x 10*9/L)

Mean corpuscular volume (MCV)

92.9 fL ((78.00 - 98.00fL)

Red blood cell (RBC) count

3.95 x 10*12/L (3.80. - 5.80x 10*12/L)


0.37 L/L (0.37 - 0.50L/L)

! Mean corpusc. Haemogloblin (MCH)

26.1 pg (27.00 - 32.00pg)


281 g/L (310.00 - 360.00g/L)

!Red blood cell distribut width

17.4% (11.50 - 16.00%)


Tissue transglutaminase IgA

TTGA Screen Negative

This is an IgA antibody test. Patients with an IgA TTG if <0.1 may be IgA deficient. Please see separate IgA level and/or IgG TTG result if appropriate

TTGA value (u/ml)

1.4 u/ml (0.00 -10.00u/ml)

Please note

normal range is 0-10u/ml

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There is a lot of stuff in there. I would recheck all the blood stuff after she has had time to recover. Why is she giving blood if she feels like crap...stupid. If it is still bad then I would really focus on figuring out the cause of the anemia. Get a TIBC, total iron, binding capacity, transferritin saturation. Check B12 levels directly, and with methylmalonic acid, and homocystein levels. Due to all the red blood cell abnormalities, it might be good to do a hemoglobinopathy screen. Is the person a veterinarian? Emotional disturbances could be caused by the B12. Any other symptoms you can give us? Is she being treated for Reynauds with nifedipine? L type calcium channels can slow the gut. Possibly impaired kidney function, might be worth checking aldosterone. Two causes of low hemoglobin AND high platelets Myelodysplastic sydrome and


I had reynauds for many years as a teenager and in my 20's and 30's. It was horrible. Two of my fingers in my left hand went blue and were incapacitated on cold mornings. Apparently my grandmother used to suffer from it too and so my doctor at the time said it was just familial & something i would have to learn to live with! However, when I was in my late 30's one or two shiatsu/acupressure treatments using the acupressure point under the arm and on the elbow and and a couple of others fixed it for good. I have never suffered from reynauds again and I thought I was stuck with it for life. I must say thatsShiatsu/acupressure treatment must have resolved my peripheral vascular blockage not only in my fingers but also in the rest of my body because i used to suffer from cold feet in bed & no longer did so after a number of full shiatsu massageswith acupressure. I didn't use acupuncture (needles) but there is no reason why this wouldn't work. They are the same points as used in acupressure (finger pressure), regards from ozthyroid

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Thanks gjax21. I will tell her to stop the blood donation till she feels better again. I think she is veggie but does eat fish. She has bad ear infections that will not clear. As far as I know she is not being treated for reynauds. She has a gluten free diet too. I know she has had iron deficiency in the past. Thanks for the really helpful advice which I shall deffo pass on

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Steamed leafy greens like mustard greens are a good way to combat that, also to make sure she gets vitamin C at the same time so she can absorb the iron. But make sure to go of the C before iron tests because it can give you a very false picture of your iron levels


She may want to get the newer Celiac Disease tests done. TTGA can be negative with low IgA and hers isn't very high. Sometimes TTGA doesn't pick up and there is a false negative. The kidney function tests appear to show some problems there with low GFR and somewhat high urea and creatinine. That's if I am reading the tests correctly. Definitely appears anemic and kidney problems can cause that, but agree with other comment about iron testing and B12 as well. If she had given blood within a few days that could have made for anemic looking tests. The potassium is raised which could also point to some kidney involvement. With the gut issues you mention, I would definitely pursue further possible gluten intolerance since malnutrition caused by that can cause all of the problems she has, as well as being a possible reason for the blood work.


Since they have not done ferritin or folate

or free t4 the tests are incomplete

i would not consider a TSH of 2.2 to be normal unless freet4 and free t3 were also well into the upper quadrant of their ranges

and most importantly i would want to exclude wheat allergy /gluten sensitivity and outright coeliac

i would also want to ensure not onew single piece of cookware was aluminium or non stick or so called ceramic .........use only stainless steel or glass or cast iron


stonedine stoneware cooking pots are wonderful too! they are non-stick free of any chemicals and glues. yes, they are expensive but they are a life long investment in your health. the food tastes better, the pots (unlike cast iron) are not heavy, and best of all they are the easiest things in the world to clean afterwards. You don't need to use any oil when cooking fish, steak or eggs although I do use a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil. just thought I'd mention this. ozthyroid


Thankyou will look out for them


I have had hypothyroid for almost 36 years and can still remember how ill I was, but at that time before diagnosis my doctor thought I had Raynaud's. Three of the fingers on my left hand used to go white and could not feel or do anything with them and when I was diagnosed with severe Mixodema and was put on Eltroxin my finger numbness got better. So may be when you are sorted maybe you will find you don't have Raynaud's as I didn't.

All best wishes to you.


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