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Newbie with blood results please can someone advise if they are ok not sure what I'm looking for CONFUSED

I was diagnosed with a under active thyroid 10'years ago next month and I've just started looking into it as I've always struggled with my weight and never felt right I have been on 175 mg for the past 3-4 years.

My most recent blood tests are below and I'm not sure how to read them I am on levothyroxine and I took my tablets approximately 14 hrs before taking the blood test:



T4 SERUM 21.00

B12 SERUM 483




Any help on the above would be greatfully received .

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Do you have ranges? Your bloods look pretty good thyroid-wise, but your d could be better.

Have you ever had your t3 tested? Do you think your gp might give you a trial of t3? Some people (me included) don't ever really feel well on levo alone. I was very bloated on levo.


Is my free t3 reading 4.7 this


As said previously, it is helpful if you can also put the ranges of your blood tests as labs differ but the numbers look o.k.

The fact that you are still not feeling well after ten years might mean you may benefit from the addition of T3 to a reduced T4. There are other alternatives but our GPs wont prescribe, some Endocrinologists do but it's rare.

There is a booklet by Dr Toft who was President of the British Thyroid Association and although he is still very conservative in his views in his booklet which can be had from Amazon or some pharmacists, this is a link of a previous post. The link for Amazon is below.

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Your FT3 and you FT3 results look very similar to my last tests but as shaws says we really need the ranges to be more accurate. I don't feel 100 % and Endo wanted me to cut down anyway but he does that to most people. He didn't give me ranges for T3 so I asked-was told I didn't need to know! I asked again and again and he only gave me top end so it could have still been very high or very low in range! I fought to get them through GP and it wasn't brilliant. I'm looking for a better Endo as badly miss Dr S but in the mean time have been put on Vit D and started retaking my extra vitamins and minerals and feel a little better. Like me you are possibly not converting well and could possibly improve with some T3


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