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Please help with blood test results go to Endo on Wed.

T3 - 6.0 (2.60 - 6.10)

T4 - <5.3 (9.00 -19.00)

TSH <0.03 (0.35 - 4.94

Ferritin - 96 (22.00 -275.00)

Folate -9.6 (3.10 - 20.50)

Vit B12 869 (150.00 - 883.00)

Serum oestradiol 96 - (100 - 1000)

Serum LH 17.2

FSH Level 43.1 No ranges given for last two

Should I stop taking Vitamins now Endo laughs when I say That they have helped me!!

Thank you in anticipation Regards wakeham

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Are you taking T3? and what other meds and supplements are you taking and at what dosages?

Sorry for all the questions but without the full info any answers would only be guesswork.

Moggie x


Hi Moggie sorry that I did not put down meds my computer keeps going down and I was rushing before it went down again! I'm taking 50mcg T3 - Iron 20mg x 1 daily, vit B complex 1 daily, Vit D 1000 daily finished course 13th, lab missed doing Vit D results although asked for! I have Hot flushes night or day,can't loose weight ,joints ache specially arms and hands,constipation is a real worry I'm 65. Thank you for your interest also rosetrees.

Regards wakeham.


Why are you taking 20mg of iron and vitD 1,000 - are you deficient in both of these because if you are then the amounts you are taking wont be doing very much.

Have you got both your iron/ferritin and vitD results that you can post - it doesn't have to be the latest one just one that shows the level of deficiency.

Moggie x


Hi Moggie, yes my vitamin D is 67 nmol/L (75.00 - 200.00) ferritin 96 ug/L (22.00 - 275.00) Serum Folate 9.6ugl/L (3.10 - 20.50 ugl/L) and I have been taking all the Vitamins over the past year as my levels were a lot lower and Paul helped me telling me what I should have been taking especially vit B 12 which helped a lot .But I was hoping that someone could advise me to carry on or not as I don't want to over do it! Endo has to date told me my levels are fine. Thank you for your help wakeham.


How are you feeling? Do you still have symptoms? Hard to comment on the results without knowing why you are asking. At a quick glance your FT3 looks good and, like Moggie, I'd guess you are taking T3. But that could be completely wrong.


Thank you for your reply, I have enlarged on my question in Moggie's answer so I hope that gives all the information you need?I must say that I feel really daunted at the thought of going through yet another summer with these hot sweats that they have no answers for! The Endo's remark is some woman have the sweats into their 80's, Thank you for your time rosetrees. Regards wakeham.


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