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Question about upcoming blood test

Hi everyone.

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For a background on my history, please see my old post:

I've now been off work for two weeks and was signed off work for another week today. I'm currently on 75mcg (since Friday). Spoke to the doctor today and as I was advised on this forum, I asked to be tested for vitamin d, ferritin, folate, b12 and iron. (I'm due for a blood test on Friday and the previous doctor only put T4 & TSH on the referral form). He said that he will request a full blood count and that will determine if I should be tested for ferritin and folate. I went to pick up the referrals and there is one which states full blood count (does that include TSH & T4?) and one form which states UE+GFR, calcium profile, 25 hydroxy vitamin d.

He also said that depending on the results, they might refer me to the hospital (specialist team, guess he means endocrinologist?) as they are unsure of how to deal with me since my TSH was so high (316).

So basically, what I'm wondering is what does a full blood count include? What's UE+GFR?

Thanks in advance

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Have a look at this link to lab tests online, I have already search GFR for you and it looks to be a kidney function test. Have a read and then put U&E or UE in the search box and that test will come up as will what a FBC (full blood count) involves.

You might want to save this link to your favourites as it is a very useful tool to see what your GP is testing for.

No a FBC does not include thyroid tests, this is usually written as TFT (thyroid function test).

Moggie x

This is the U&E one just in case you cant find it as the GP has abbreviated it.


Thank you so much! I've saved the link.

So I guess I'll have to bring the one from the other doctor as well which states TFT as well as the two I got today. That will be a lot of blood on one day lol!


If you think that's a lot just wait until you go and see an endo - my first appt with mine saw the nurse filling seven little tubes full of blood.

Yes you must take ALL forms with you.

Moggie x


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