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Help with Blood Test Results

Hi I've been feeling wiped out for quite some time now and finally went to my GP. I've phoned for the results and been told they are all 'satisfactory' but I feel dreadful - exhausted, leg/foot pain, tingling in arms, cold, brain fog etc... I went to my GPs today to collect a print off of the results. I'm on no meds/supplements for anything...

TSH 0.87

Free T416.8

T3 wasn't tested

Ferritin 13

Folate 11.6

Vitamin B12 419

Haemoglobin Est 136

Red blood count 4.83

White blood count 4.32

Vitamin D 49

Not sure whether I need to go back to GP and if I do, do I need to go armed with a bit of info? Is it more anaemia type stuff or thyroid?

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I presume you are in the UK as you have no ranges.

So ferritin too low, vitamin D too low.

B12 could be higher.

Others look OK but no ranges so I'm guessing.

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With the blood test were there anything else apart from red and white cell counts? If so can you post these results plus the ranges.

This is because low ferritin levels can alter red cell measurements.


Hi LJF79

I was just about to ask about reference ranges but Blubug has beaten me to it! I reckon your Ferritin level is very very low which can make you feel wiped out. Mine is low but not as low as yours now and i am supplementing iron to help along with with vit C to aid absorption. Your B12 is much the same as mine but others may comment that it is a bit low. Your Vit D is not brilliant either, all of these things will contribute to you not feeling tip top and you can buy all of them if your GP wont prescribe.


Hiya thanks for the replies - yep UK - ok here goes with the ranges

Vit D 49 range 50-150

TSH 0.87 range 0.35-5.0

Free T4 16.8 range 11-23

Ferritin 13 range 12-300

Folate 11.6 range 4.6-18.7

Vit B12 419 range 200-900

White cell count 4.32 range 4.0-11

Haemoglobin Est 136 range 115-165

Red blood count 4.83 range 3.8-5.8

MCV 84.5 range 82-98

MCH 28.2 range 27-32

Red blood cell width 13.2 range 11.8-14


Vitamin D - go back to your doctor and ask them why if your vitamin D is under the range they haven't advised you to have any treatment as you feel tired etc? Make it clear you feel knackered and make a fuss. Report back what they advise .

Ferritin - They won't treat as you are in range and the other red and white cell test results are are all in range. So you need to take 2 x ferrous fumerate per day with vitamin C. Take it 4 hours away from thyroid medication. You need to take it for 6 - 8 weeks then have a 7 day break before getting retested. You will have to pay for the ferritin test yourself. You want to get your level up to around 100. Post your test result for more advice.

Vitamin B12 - You need to treat yourself as you are in range. Get some Jarrows or Solgar methylcobalamine from Amazon.

Folate - Treat yourself as you are in range either by taking a B complex tablet or a methyfolate supplement.


I don't take any meds for thyroid but GP ran a full range of tests based on range of symptoms. GP said if everything came back 'satisfactory' I didn't need a further appointment!! I don't really understand the thyroid results and there's so much info out there on the Internet to contradict the ranges I don't know what's normal and what isn't. My mum had an over-active thyroid and her sister died from addisons years ago so I wanted to be sure whether it seemed to be a thyroid issue or anaemia ? Is it normal that they haven't tested T3 as well as TSH and T4? I think I'll book another GP appt (with a different GP) Is Floradix any good? Thanks for the responding really helpful : )


Hi there again;

Im not medically trained but as Bluebug has already suggested go back to your GP and enquire why your Vit D is below reference range and ask them to prescribe some D3 for you or get some yourself. Your ferritin is within the testing range but very very low, this needs to be much higher. A lot of the symptoms of deficiences in both of these vitamins/hormones will mimic symptoms of low (under active) thyroid. You may find some B12 will help too as suggested also.

You wouldnt normally get your FT3 tested unless your TSH result is supressed, by that we mean less than the low end of the reference range for your test. I dont think you have an overactive thyroid unless your FT4 and or FT3 is also over range as in high or higher than the reference range for your test, appreciate you dont have an FT3 result! I personally dont think the symptoms you have are suggestive of having an overactive thyroid but there are some cross overs of symptoms like fatigue but that could be because of the lack of iron storage (ferritin) and or VitD.

I must emphasise that this is only my opinion and if you really arent happy with what your GP has done or not done get a second opinion or ask for a referral, i can only tell you what i might do in your situation.

Hope you find some answers.


Thanks really helpful - yes I was thinking symptoms more like under than over-active thyroid. So i'll forget thyroid and focus on ferritin / vit D / folate/ B12 - great thanks for all the help : )

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