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Just been reading through some of the posts; one of the posts rings a bell: *apparently they feel awful, cant get out of be - although

they want to; *The answers to this post has really made me think: I too feel just like this; been in bed all week-end absoultely exhausted - I am so sick of it....*Anyway, what was said that you have to have feriitn, folate, vit D and B12 well in the 'higher' range for thyroxine to work.........

But, how do you get higher folate and ferritin? I take one iron tab a day (but even that gives me awful constipation), B12 - thanks to your wonderful sight, I am in the progress of administrating it my self (instead of one injection every 3 months) I am going to have one every month......Had a lot wonderful support from this sight - Thankyou to you ALL..

My real concern is my test results: Can someone please look at then: January 2014

1) Total Serum OH VitD (cb5739) VALUE - UNITS = 107.2 NMO1?l RANGE 50-150.00 NMO1/l Yet test in Feb shows Vit D = 71.6 (same ranges ect.,) * I take one Vit D tablet every month - prescribed from GP.

2) SERUM FOLATE - (CB5739) - normal (Typing directly from results!) - VALUE - UNITS = 6.7 ug/L RANGE = 4.60 - 18.7UG/L

3) SERUM FERRITIN (cb5739) - normal " " VALUE-UNITs = 66ugl

RANGE - 12.00 -300-00ug/l

4) TSH 3.12 - FT4 - 14.2* I feel terrible taking levotyhroxine 50mg x nightly; It is nit helping at all...

I know I have to get these results higher but I am so down and depressed; I am seeing another GP next wk; to discuss Thyroid problems and poss adding T3 or trying Ardour or similar...Is it just a case of buying more vit D and Iron tabs - but, like many, I am short of money.....Regards Ollybear....

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You don't give thyroid ranges but it looks like your tsh is too high and t4 too low. You won't have a chance at feeling well until you're on enough levo for long enough. The other nutrients are also important and will help you use your levo.

How long were you taking your 50mcg levo before this test was done? Is your gp proposing a higher dose in light of these results?

(To clarify, some people don't feel better on levo, but if it's not actively hurting you it is good to give it a go at a useful dose as your first approach to sorting out your thyroid levels.)


Hi, Thanks for replying; In respect of Serum TSH level) - results are: 3.12 miu/L - RANGE = 0.35- -5.00 miu/L;



How long have your been on 50mcg of levo?


You don't need to raise your vitamin levels to "well in the higher range" at all. For example:

B12 needs to be between 600 and 700

VitD needs to be over 75

Ferritin needs to be between 70 and 80

And folates need to be roughly mid range.

Your vitd is only just below the 75 range and it will have dropped in the winter months. Ask your GP to give you additional vitd to increase your levels to a more acceptable level but don't be surprise if he/she refuses because your level is only just below the acceptable level. Your ferritin level again is only just below the range it needs to be so maybe try a mild iron tablet that will ease the constipation.

The reason you are feeling so ill is because you are not on enough levo - 50mcg's is a very small amount. Your TSH is too high and your ft4 is too low so I would suggest you go back to your doctors and ask him/her to increase your levo.

Moggie x


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