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New Blood Results - Help Please


Please can someone help with my recent blood results.

I feel really ill and tired.

I am currently taking 7.5ml of liquid thyroxine (as I am on a gluten free, dairy free, soya free diet to help my Hashimoto.

OLD RESULTS (from October 2014) (On thyroxine tablets 75mg)

TSH - 0.67 (Range 0.30-5.00)

FT3 - 4.7 (Range 3.1-6.8)

FT4 - 20.4 (Range 12.0-22.0)

B12 - 1415 (Range 220-914) I was taking supplements but stopped.

TPO - >1000

Serum Ferritin - 114 (Range 34-528)

Serum Folate - >20 (Range 2.6-20.1)

Vit D - 99

NEW RESULTS - On liquid thyroxine

TSH - 2.33

FT3 - 3.7

FT4 - 17.3

B12 - 1088

TPO - >1000

Serum Ferritin - 96

Serum Folate - 18.6

Vit D - 140

Why am I still feeling dreadful. Any suggestions please!!!!

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You are significantly undermedicated (and you should probably continue to take b12). You need an increase in your levo.

Your tsh has risen since Oct and your t3 is barely within range. A good result to aim for is to get the tsh under 1 and the t3 and t4 high (top quarter) in the range and see if your symptoms resolve. Anyone would feel ill with these results.

Thank you for your reply and helpful comment. I will raise the liquid thyroxine and see what happens.

You're very welcome. :-)

Depending on how sensitive you are you may want to raise gradually (maybe alternate doses of the liquid equivalent of 100mcg) and see how you feel. If you get any hyper symptoms (diarrhoea, rapid pulse) you can decrease a little. A lot of people find they need a little more levo in the winter, so you may just need a seasonal adjustment every year.

Were you feeling well in Oct?


No I didn't feel well in October either!

I will up the dose over the next few days and see how it effects me.

Are my other levels ok?

I was concerned about the iron.

Your iron should be higher. Are you taking supplements?

Your t3 is okay but less than ideal. How long have your results looked pretty good on paper re Oct? If you've been generally well-controlled (meaning all your bloods look good) on levo for a good period of time and it is failing to relieve your symptoms, in future you may want to add a little t3 to see if you feel any better.

Did you take your meds less than 24 hours before your blood draw?

Since being on the liquid thyroxine (Started it at the beginning of November)

TSH has risen.

Obviously I need more, maybe it's not as strong as the tablets!

I had my bloods taken 15 hours after taking meds. Is this long enough?

Where do I get get T3 from in order to try it?

Doctor probably won't be helpful!!!!


I agree with punctured bicycle that you need an increase.

These are a couple of links re your thyroid gland dysfunction.

This is book which some have said is helpful.

The aim is to bring our TSH to around 1. Some of us need it to be lower.

shilling11 in reply to shaws

Many thanks for your help.

I will read the links you suggested.

Do you think I also need to raise my iron levels?

shilling11 in reply to shaws


I have read the links and will purchase a couple of the recommended books.

One comment from Dr Lowe, he mentions that someone with Hashimoto should not raise their levels using T4 (which is what i am using).

Do you know what treatment is recommended?


If Dr Lowe prescribed for you it would be natural dessicated thyroid hormones. He never prescribed levothyroxine.

If you had thyroid hormone resistance he would prescribe T3 only. The best we can get offered in the UK if the Endo or GP is willing, is the addition of some T3 to a reduced T4. Lots feel much better on this combination than T4 only.

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