Supplements - feeling better

Following advice from the forum I've been supplementing with the following:

Gentle iron 25mg

Methyl Folate 400mcg

B12 (methylcobalamin) 1000mcg

Plus 800iu vitamin D prescribed by GP (been taking double)

This was in response to my November results being:

Serum ferritin 36ng/mL (6.0-204.0)

Serum folate 4.7ug/L (3.0-20.0)

Serum B12 302 ng/L (187.0-883.0)

Serum Vit D 64 nmol/L (75.0-200.0)

It's only been 10 days since starting these, and i can't deny that I am in less pain, I feel brighter mentally and am not quite so fatigued... I never would have known I was in need of these nutrients in addition to Levo for my symptoms! Thank you :)

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  • That's great! Also bear in mind your thyroxine dose was increased a couple of weeks ago. That's kicking in now as well. All good. :)

  • You're right gabkad, I counted and am on day 12 of 50mcg now; it must be kicking in. I also seem to have stopped the spiral of weight gain that started on 25mcg... All is good :)

  • Are you taking a B complex with the B12? The Bs need to be balanced. And some vit C would help with absorbing the iron. :)

  • Not yet... I'm starting to rattle with the amount of tablets I'm taking! Will look out for a generic B complex and some effervescent vit C (because I like the fizz).

  • Hm... well... I like fizz, too. But you'd be better off with a whole vit C, not just citric acid. You want one that is made from oranges, or acerola cherries, or rose hips.

    Same for the B complex, you get what you pay for.

    As for rattling, get used to it! It's not going to improve with age! lol If you want to be healthy, you have to put up with the rattle.

  • ...It's ok, there are benefits, I could join a band as the percussion section :D

  • It's great to hear of members whose health has started to improve. It gives us all a lift, and gives hope to those who are still suffering. Especially when it comes as a result of testing and supplementing on the advice of knowledgeable members, it shows that the answers are often within the wisdom and experience of folk on this great forum.

    All the best


  • Effervescent supplements almost invariably contain sodium bicarbonate as one of the ingredients to create the fizz. Although I'm not a believer in low sodium or low salt diets, people should be aware that they might be taking in far more sodium than they realised when they take fizzy supplements.

  • That's great news!

  • We don't realise how intrinsically balanced our body is with vitamins/minerals and assume we get sufficient from foods but when we have hypo they seem to get depleted without us realising it, because we're unwell anyway from lack of hormones.

    I'm glad your feeling much better with your supplements.

  • I have read somewhere we should be taking selenium 50 ng shops seem to sell it at 200.

    Does anyone know what's the right selenium supplement amount and where to get it from ?

  • The appropriate amount of selenium is a matter for each to decide for themselves.

    You might find this document useful:

    The usual unit used for selenium is the microgram - not the nanogram.

  • Thank you Helvela

    I eat lots of fish so might give this supplement a miss.

  • Lopushanya,

    Selenium of 200 mcg is usually suggested.

  • You must have felt terrible, Jo, with those low numbers. I wonder how long it will take to raise them. Your absorption may be better as your thyroid improves. I hate to add more pills to your list but digestive aids like betaine, probiotics and digestive enzymes I find helpful.

    It is great to hear your progress and probably motivating as well, for all of us.

  • I'm due blood tests early February so will be able to gauge the success of the supplements.

    Yes I felt absolutely terrible! Had a diagnosis of fibromyalgia but couldn't believe it was an accurate label (more of a cop out)... felt disillusioned with the practitioners keep telling me my results were 'normal' and insisting that antidepressants were the only answer.

    Hashimoto's was just part of the puzzle. I was relieved to find there was a genuine physiological cause for the way I was. Had been juicing and eating live yoghurt for a while but now realise those efforts were just a drop in the ocean!

  • i have been juicing for years, food combining eating fresh and raw, i grow my own veg + fruit, i couldnt believe the cheek of my thyroid failing after years of health and sport lol.

    I have recently started making kombucha and water kefir probiotic drinks as its virtually free and all our supplements start to add up. Everything i have read about kombucha for healing the gut really appeals to me. Thyroid health is deff a journey not a destination xx

  • I'm glad it works for you, they are essential. My supplements work for me too. I was going to add, but others have already done so, take some Selenium too. Regarding the dose of Se, take it via Brazil nuts. I eat two per day then three towards the end of the packet (in case they lose their potency with time - I don't know that for sure, but three doesn't seem to do any harm)

  • I love Brazil nuts and also snack on sunflower seeds! I was taking selenium until recently but ran out so will be adding them to the shopping list towards turning into a human maraca ;)

  • Best to get your Vitamin D into the 100-150 nmol range.

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