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GP appointment wasn't helpful!

Hi I saw my GP yesterday to review my blood test results:

TSH 1.33 (0.35 - 4.94)

FT4 13.6. (9 - 19)

Ferritin 59 (10 - 204)

Haemoglobin 15

Vitamin D 82

She says they are all normal. I questioned her about the ferritin being higher in the range, but she said its fine. I am not taking any medication for thyroid or anything else. She offered me anti depressants or HRT.

I have all the symptoms of an underactive thyroid and feel totally exhausted. I think I must have my blood tests done privately now to get the T3 levels and check my thyroid antibodies .

Any advice would be appreciated? Thank you.

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Get onto a d3 supplement immediately. The nhs cut off point for deficiency is 79 i think. As usual, the nhs does not practice prevention but waits for you to deteriorate. I have osteopenia as a direct result of nhs failings.

Your ferritin is low also. You need a min of 90 for good thyroid health. Get onto a dose of ferrous fumerate at least 200mcg daily. Get a high dose d3 also, look for a good supplement.

You can get these yourself online


Hi thanks a lot. My vitamin D levels in June were 48 and GP told me to take 10 mcg a day! I researched this and found that that amount was not going to help, so I started taking 4000. I lowered this in sep when my levels went up to 95 but will up it again now!


If you can afford a private consultation, email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org and ask for a copy of the list of doctors who are sympathetic.

They are very quick to give anti-depressants, for which there is no blood test, but don't give a trial for clinical symptoms of hypo.



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Thank you. I have the list and may have to go down this avenue. I don't think I am depressed , just fed up with feeling so awful!


The medical profession unfortunately seem to discount the clinical symptoms of hypo (don't know them either). I had problems getting a diagnosis, but no-one ever took a thyroid gland blood test and I was ignorant too of the gland and what it's function was. Your instinct tells you that something is out of kilter - it is just getting someone to diagnose what it is.

In the meantime we begin to feel worse and worse and no respite. Thank God for the internet, at least we can get a response one way or another and maybe find the solution ourselves.


Did you have your B12/folate tested?


Yes....they were normal.


Do you know what they were? The test is unreliable and the range is set too low.


No don't know the figures.


Doc saying its normal means nothing. Try and get copies of the results and have a look at this link as well:



Hi hampster my B12 was 406ng/l and folate was 12ng/ml. GP says they are fine! X


Maybe. Difficult to say as serum B12 test is so unreliable. Carry on pursuing the thyroid angle but if you get nowhere with that maybe consider the Active B12 test:



Thank you x


Wont hurt to supplement B12, you cant overdose. I use methylcobalamin spray sublingually 4 x daily. Bought on Amazon via the pinned TUK affiliate link.


Ok thanks...will have a look x


Sadly this is all too often the result from GPs who simply do not understand Hypothyroid

Your thyroid Antibodies might be more important as the big problem is the symptoms are often felt before the tsh and free t4 tests show it

your ferritin is low no maiier what your gp says and taking iron + vit C eating spinach and using cast iron pans is the way forward to push that up


Thank you for replying. Think I have got to have the thyroid antibodies test done. GP said my ferritin was very good!! Dentist noticed my scalloped tongue, but GP wasn't interested in it! Feel very frustrated.


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