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Weird doctors appointment

hello again. Despite the receptionist telling me my blood and thyroid results were both borderline, the GP. Has assured me that my thyroid results were completely within normal range. My symptoms were 10kg unexplained weight gain, back and rib pain, ibs and constipation, I also suffer from headaches and migraines. And most importantly was the extreme exhaustion. I currently have regular b12 injections and have beta thalassemia trait. I also suffer from cold hands and feet. The doctor said I was not anaemic and my blood stores were good. She was however concerns that my white blood cell count was very high. She said maybe my body was beginning to fight off an infection but she wanted to investigate and I have to have another blood test in the first week of September. Can anyone comment on what raised levels of white blood cells could mean? My auntie who has low thyroid said I need to be retested in 6 months for the thyroid again, but I was not thinking of this because of the white blood cell thing. The doctor assured me that the thyroid was completely fine. Any advice.... Thankyou in advanced

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If you post your actual blood test results along with the laboratory ranges then people will be able to confirm whether your thyroid results were normal. Normal can mean various things. If you have other results such as vitamins, B12 then post those too and people can make helpful suggestions.

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thanks will ring the surgery and ask for them


You need to always ask for a copy of your test results plus their lab ranges. You are entitled to have them so don't be fobbed off. Some surgerys charge but lots give you them free.




Make sure you get thyroid antibodies tested. Also vitamin D, ferritin and folate.

Do you take vitamin B complex as well as B12 injections

If you do, remember not to take 3-4 days before any future blood tests as biotin can falsely affect test results



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