GP appointment - mixed result

Hi, I came back from the doctor today and I presented a list of symptoms to her. She acknowledged the dark circles and pale skin (although my appearance today doesn't compare to last night's) and looked at my ferritin. She asked if I take anything for it and I said the Floradix. She told me that wasn't any good and she suggested I take 3 iron tablets a day, ferrous fumarate, and that I need to take vitamin C with them, which I already knew about on here.

She asked me what my diet is like and I said that I don't eat meat and I eat a lot of carbohydrates and have trouble swallowing. She said the reason my ferritin is low is that the carbohydrates I am eating are depleting my iron stores in some way. She's said that since I'm a vegetarian and have swallowing problems I would need to add iron rich foods into my diet.

She has prescribed me something to help the constipation called Laxido. Not sure if this is a well known medication or not for constipation but I said I'd give it a go.

I moved the blood test for thyroid to Friday this week as I just want it over with. GP one and private one is

being done together because I know if the GP one for TSH is normal the two hormones aren't checked.

I hope this doctor knows what she's doing.

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  • Hi Starla,

    Sounds as if your gp listened to you.

    I take Marvicol for constipation if the other isn't good request that.

    Keep in touch x

  • Hi, yes, I certainly found it easier to talk to her than I did any of my previous ones. I don't have many of the Laxido sachets, only 20, so I'll try the Movicol if it doesn't help. Thanks and yes, will keep in touch. x :)

  • You sound a bit happier about gp......stick to that one.

    Byte for now x

  • Yes, a lot happier. I'll stick with her for now. I'll post my bloods here when they come through. Bye x

  • Movicol and Laxido are the same - just different brands.

    That being said, I find either works well for me, but I use them in conjunction with Fybogel as they do different things - one bulks out with fibre and the other seems to soften.

  • If ever you want more information about a UK medicine, you can usually find the Patient Information Leaflet and the Summary of Product Characteristics document here:

    Type in the name of the medicine, click on GO, choose which you want to view, click on that.


  • Thanks Rod. That site is handy for any meds I'm on and if any contraindicate the T4 or iron tablets i'll be able to find out and if need be use the information. If the doctor asks why I want a certain medmedication changed I'll say the site says so.

  • Meant to say, it is possibly well worth taking photographs (or getting others to take them) of you in various states - especially at your worst. You could get them printed or simply take in a tablet or even a phone.

  • As in when I'm pale and have dark circles? I didn't think of that! :) would the photos be for my doctor's reference or just to give them some idea of what can happen when in certain states?

  • If possible, give them a print which can be put into your records. But it could help to get your point across.

  • That's a great idea. The camera on my tablet is pretty powerful. Thanks for the tip. :)

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