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NDT and low ferratin - help please x

Tsh <0.03 (0.40-5.00)

T4 15.6 (10.00-23.00)

T3 6.2 (3.50-6.50)

B12 974 (180-1000)

Folate 18.7 (5.00-10.00)

Ferratin 22 (10.00-120.00)

Hello everybody

Here are my latest test results, I am embarking on a course of NDT (self medicated) so wanted to check everything first

Was on 125 mcg t4 and 40mcg t3 and am now going to be taking nature throid (have started this week)

As you can see my ferratin is low... And strangely my b12 is really high although i dont take any supplements except selenium

What should I be taking? The GP said something over the counter as the ones they prescribe cause constipation

Any other comments would be much appreciated! Thank you xx

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Hi there,

your B12 is 'beautiful' not high :)

for boosting ferritin (that is iron) the best for your situation should be something like Spatone or Floradix, just the normal dose they suggest on bottle/sachet to begin with then ask the doctor to recheck your ferritin in 4 to 6 months time and ask if he/she can also do an 'iron studies' blood test for you which will tell you much more in depth / detail what your iron status is (you need ideally a transferritin saturation less than 50%).


Thanks so much! I'm a bit worried about the constipation part (sorry bit early for that sort of talk) but obvs everything is on a go slow already so certainly can't deal with more of that!

The symptoms of low iron are the same as hypo so it's very confusing... I'm so glad I asked for these because I wouldn't have known otherwise x


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