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Need a blood test how long do I need to give up my supplements for beforehand?!?!

So a random visit to the quacks (very badly cut finger!) I mentioned I'd just turned 50 and wanted an MOT.

She's booked me in for some blood tests inc. Iron (am a veggie so I reckon I dont get enough) in 11 days time.

When should (if I should at all) I give up the following? ..:


Nutri Thyroid



Vit C

Co-enzyme Q10


Iron from 'Spatone' mineral water

Molybdenum (for Candida)

Grapefruitseed extract " " " " "

Was thinking of stopping all apart from;

Zinc and Vit C (immune system around this time of the year etc!)

Molybdenum and G-seed extract (good to keep the Candida thing at bay without stopping?)

Has anyone any opinions of experience of this??

Many thanks, Si

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..erm...anyone? Need to take or not take (that is the question!) vits / minerals.

Many ta's in advance...



Hi, I am not too familiar with the list of vits/minerals you are taking but will help where I can.

I assume you are hypothyroid and none of the tests include TSH, T4 or T3. If you are just trying to improve your other vitamin and mineral levels including B12 and don't have any known deficiencies in any of them then I assume you would need to know what your levels were on the supplements being used, so apart from leaving them out on the day of the test I would assume you could carry on as usual.

Sorry but this is probably not very helpful. Hopefully someone with more knowledge on what you are taking will be along soon.


Ta but no...ta anyway!

Only unofficially H-Thyroid a la Genova tests and Dr P...

The GP is NOT looking to test for anything like that just a general one...iron especially as am veggie.

Lots of fat based vits and minerals stay in the system for a while especially the B vits in NAX....

I guess I need advice off someone who knows the science a bit moire but many ta's anyways!!




...anyone? x


STTM states to gave up iron supplements 5 days before a test for ferritin. I am due to have a test Monday so if anyone thinks I shd be doing something different plse private msge me as well as posting a comment/ reply.

Best C


Thanks Caze....


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