Taking Iron supplements (B9 and Ferritin)

I have decided I now need a graph and/or a time line to calculate what tablets/supplements I can take at what time! Firstly my Levo 1 hour before anything and 3 or 4 hours before coffee (and presumably supplements of any sort). Next, I need to fit in my iron supplement which, according to instructions, must not be taken with or near to drinking tea as tea inhibits the absorption of the iron (these are French Iron tablets so they maybe getting their own back for the coffee ruling above!) I then need to take B12, Vit D, Magnesium, Calcium, Vit C (this is to aid one of the others - I can't remember which one though) and finally a tablet for high blood pressure - that's my day segmented but I am stumped if I need an ibuprofen or anything - no time to fit it in! How do you all cope?

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  • I've written myself a list with each tablet at a different time! Took Ages to work out, then I stuck it on my kitchen cupboard. Works for me :) x

  • Never heard the tea and iron thing before - I take iron and make sure it is at least four hours away from my thyroid meds but with food (as it can cause damage to the gut if taken on an empty stomach) and with VitC for absorption. Calcium (including milk) again needs to be kept 4 hours away from thyroid meds but all the other can be taken two hours apart from thyroid meds.

    Don't know anything about blood pressure tablets so I can help you there. Have you ever thought of taking your thyroid meds last thing as night, just before you turn off your light, making sure you haven't eaten for two hours before as it absorbs better over night.

    Moggie x

  • Hi Moggie! Just wondering about the taking of iron. I have been taking Floradix and it states to take 30 minutes BEFORE food. You have said it can cause damage to the gut if taken on an empty stomach. Would this be for tablet form only, or should I be taking floradix with food. Thanks...

    Jen x

  • I always take it just after food but I think as long as food is taken just before or just after eating it shouldn't make much difference. If the instructions say just before food and this is what you have been doing then I would carry on with this.

    I think its only when you take iron on a completely empty stomach and don't eat for hours, either before or after, that problems can arise.

    Moggie x

  • You might find this old blog of some interest:



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