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My TSH is 10 and free T4 is 10. what else should I be tested for, any suggestions?

These results were from a general test of blood counts, glucose, liver, kidney & thyroid 3 weeks ago. I had gone to the surgery looking for help after 6 weeks of boiling hot and painful feet like sunburn on my soles. (looks like it's called erythromelalgia to do with blood not circulating to the right places and going to extremities instead).

The thyroid reading suggests under active thyroid but I've to have another TSH and Free T4 test next week before doc considers starting any medication. Should I request other tests like T3, Vitamin D, Vitamin B? I've been reading the blogs but not sure. What do others think? Will doc even do these if I request them?

Also, over the last couple of days I've had burning hot feet, fingertips, wrists, legs and even ears! Then the next minute I'm shivering as if I have sunstroke. It feels like my internal thermostat is broken. does this sound like symptoms of an under active thyroid?

Just trying to get up to speed with all things thyroid, any advice appreciated.


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Oh My, TSH 10 and no immediate treatment. Even in our experience of GP`s not good! Hot/boiling feet is hormonal and often diabetes but can be thyroid, or both. First you need a print out of all the tests the GP did with the important ranges. Ask the receptionist, routine and always keep them.Most important tests for the correct thyroid treatment are TSH, T4 and Free T3. treatment to start with is T4 ( Levo) ,then if needed, mostly is,with the addition of T3. The blood tests and rises should continue until you feel better and bloods Ok. I suspect you have just not noticed how ill you are and on the correct treatment will!

Yes you do need other tests, hormonal and autoimmune as most thyroid disease ( not all) is autoimmune. All other ( huge no) of autoimmune conditions likely to develop. At the moment vit D, if low Corrected calcium before treatment, retest both in 3 months,

B12 + Foliates, needs to be quite high, but better test is FBC which you may have had.

Ferritin/iron if low in range, GP will not treat, if looks low, buy Spatone from Amazon, most popular with endo`s as less side effects.

The other test ,essential, you have had is Glucose, if over range not a brilliant test, then ask for Hb1Ac test too.essential this is treated if at all above range,There are other tes s but these are the most important. Any way not good to start too many new treatments together, or alter existing ones, make is impossible to evaluate etc

I hope you soon get sorted but does often take a year and sometimes, feel worse before better.

best wishes,


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Thank you so much Jackie, I really appreciate you taking the time to answer. i'm going to ask the doc in advance for the extra tests before i go for the next tests on the 16 th.


Hi Yes, good idea.I am afraid some of us end up having to get though with our GP`s. Just remember your health is the most important thing.

If you wish put to put these on the site for us to comment on.your results + importantly ranges ( lots different for bloods at different Labs)Ask the receptionist for the results, print out, Sometimes we see and think more than the docs. Thyroid is complicated and lots of GP`s think because it is common it is straight ,I always take a list as a memo to myself when I see any doc, really useful. Also, I always like to ask for bloods + ranges , print out from receptionist, before seeing a doc with them. That way you can study them first and decide what you want to achieve.

Best wishes,



You should have been put on meds immediately, no messing about waiting another week before he decides to medicate you. Many GP's don't know how best to treat thyroid gland problems but, as Jackie says, get copies each time you have a blood test complete with the ranges so if you need to post it is easier for members to comment. Once on a starting dose it should be increased about every 4 to 6 weeks until your symptoms go. Some GP's insist on keeping you within the reference range but we should aim for a TSH of 1 or below.


thanks Shaws, I feel more informed now.


The soles of my feet feel hot and as though they're burning when my TSH goes up! I would put money on that symptom going away when you start taking thyroid hormone.


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