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What should my TSH be?

I posted in the wrong section and was asked to paste this here.....

Just wondering if someone can give me an idea what my TSH should be. I find lots of conflicting information and the NHS say below 5 when I get my results. I was above 5 but last time and they have upped my meds by 25mg but don't feel any different. That was a few weeks ago as I'm going back today after another blood test. Should I feel any different by now or am I expecting miracles over night?

These are the results before the 25mg increase.

TSH: 5.43

Free T4: 16.8

Free T3: 4.0

I was previously on 50mg of thyroixine for 3 years and not medicated for 12 years before that. Could not being medicated have caused damage? Does anyone feel better from taking thyroxine? I don't feel like its working for me.

I collapsed the other week and I am always feeling dizzy, I feel hungry all the time but i'm not over weight and my plasma glucose level came back as 4.3 (non-fasting) but i'm not sure what this means either. Could it be low blood sugar making me ill?

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Most people feel better me hen their TSH is under one, not just within the "normal" range. Looking at your results, I suspect you will need further increases. Most people do fine on thyroxine alone, but about 15% don't respond so well, and need other options such as T3 or NDT, although most doctors don't accept this. Xx


Thanks Clare, I've managed to get an appointment this afternoon so will see what he says xx


I agree! Have posted on your blog too, hope it helps...


I went to the doctors after taking 75mg for 3 weeks and my TSH is under 1 but still not great. He's put me up to 100mg but says he doesn't want to over medicate or I'll go hyper. I'm beginning to wonder if it is my thyroid now as he told me my blood preasure is low. Got to have another blood test in a few weeks after the increase before he looks into anything else.


Hi I was told that TSH should be 0.27 - 4.2 mine is 8/4 - 8.23 so am now on 150mg have been for a few weeks so next blood test July. I fell dizzy and tired so asked for full blood test, might be anaemic? Also said my blood pressure is high.


That is high! You'll have to let us know how you get on with the increase.


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