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Vitamins etc what levels should I be aiming for?


I have just had a blood test for Renal (sodium, potassium, urea, creatinine), Bone (calcium, albumin, alk phosphor), liver (total protein, albumin, alt, alk phos, total bilirubin), Fluroid oxalate, Full Blood count, B12/ red cell folate and Vitamin D and I added ferritin!

I am going to see the doctor next week to discuss, This is my second appointment after being diagnosed hypo 3 weeks ago. I am trying to get an idea of what the levels should be for good conversion of T4 before I see him so I can get the correct supplements.

Is this right?

•Ferritin close to 90

•B12 of 500

•D of 80

•Folate of upper middle range

Are there other levels I should be aiming for?

Any advice on this would be great thanks.

Also now I have been on 50 levo for 3 weeks when should I have another blood test of thyroid to check levels, is it 6 weeks after initial dose?



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Hi Pip

I was wondering where the information for the levels came from?

B12 ranges tend to go up into the 800s, and I understood it was better to be as high as possible in the range - although I could be wrong...




Hi Louise

Sorry I can't remember where I got it from, just copied the info without a note of the source!!

Do you think I should be aiming for 800 then?




They seem to have changed the goal posts regarding re-testing (or at least my health authority has) and it now seems to be eight weeks. They totally refused to do them even though it was a hospital test and sent it back to my GP with a curt little note.

Moggie x


Hi Moggie

Do you know if this change is across he UK or just your area. I am desperate to increase my dosage so I have some energy for the school summer holidays!! It will be a nightmare if I am left like this.



Sorry pip I don't know but I have heard it mentioned more than once on here. Why don't you book a phone call to your GP and ask if he could do an early test for you.

Also just re-read you question and yes your ferritin should be around 90 but your B12 needs to be over 700 - you can not overdose on B12 as it will just flush through the system - so higher than 500 would be best.

Anything below 75 with vitD is classed as insufficient so above that is fine.

Moggie x


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