Where's the loo ??

have had IBS since my hysterectomy back in 1992. All started then, no problems before.

Bloating is bad, not all the time. Wear size 12 for a week then size 14 till bloating settles.

Constipation n diarrhoea alternating.

Worse thing is constant rushes to the loo, always seem to need to go urgently when out walking my dog. Often rushing into the bushes ... Can't seem to wait until I get home, just need to go there n then.

On mebeverine from gp, not doing much..... Occasionally take Imodium if I know I ave travelling to do but then it can take me 3-5 days for tummy to start working again. Tummy pains every so often.. Not too bad.

My IBS isn't anywhere near as bad as some peoples , just have to find what helps you best. Keep ya chin up everybody.

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  • I can understand your pain. I am going through IBS since April-2013 and now doing well. You can go through my story. healthunlocked.com/theibsne...

    I found one book, Listen To Your Gut, very useful. I can send you by mail if you want. It may help you.

    Good Luck!

  • Aww yeah. I hear you on the Imodium. I don't like to use it unless I have to, it causes crazy bloating and wrecks my guts for several days. Changes in my diet helped a lot. I still have bad flare-ups, but the daily struggle had lessened.

  • Wot changes did u do to your diet ??

  • I did the FODMAPS elimination diet and found that 10 or so fruits and vegetables for me lead to urgent bathroom use almost every time. I also eliminated corn in all its forms. I also cook and bake from scratch. It's a pain in the butt to do an elimination diet, but it may really pay off for you.

  • Hi there I went on parsley and garlic tablets for a month along with a good probiotic and cut down on fat and meat, what a difference. Worth a try.

  • Which probiotic r u taking please ?

  • Hi again I am in newzealand but any good one will do the trick, the parsley and garlic gets rid of any fermentation.

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