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My 30 yr journey with IBS

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I was diagnosed with IBS around 30 years ago. My doctor said I had it gave my a few sheets of paper to read about it and that was it. Tbh at about 20 I probably didn't read or understand what it was all about. I have gone through the next 30 years trying to manage the bloating in my stomach, the constant diarrhoea, the stench from it meaning I hate to use toilets other than my own. The problem is when I have to go I have to go and often get people complaining about the smell as I leave. It's so bad that I often turn down chances to go and eat out with friends because I know immediately after I've eaten I will need the toilet. Also it's terrible going anywhere and not knowing where there is a toilet just in case. I don't understand the bloating in my stomach as I go to the toilet 4-5-6 times a day and pass lots of loud wind along with lots of diarrhoea. Would be nice to feel comfortable enough to begin a relationship with someone but having this condition it'd be hard to find someone willing to put up with it. I think I will go to my Dr's again and see if there's anything he can recommend or if there's test that can be carried out to make it more bearable. Hope other people can relate to my symptoms and maybe able to pass on tip's thanks for reading sorry if I've bored you K

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Hi Im so sorry to read your story. I am in the same boat and right behind you at 25 years. Im at a low point the last month or so and had to give my work a leave of absence until i can get better. I suffer from cramps, urgency with loose stool and gas all day long. Im misereble and its affected every aspect of my life. Please know youre not alone!! There is stuff you can buy called poopouri. Its a little spray bottle of poop spray you spray on top of the water before you go and it works!! It will prevent the stench from leaving the bowl. Ive used it many times and its great 😊 All i want is to be regular and not suffer from this awful condition. Im hoping to make connections here so we are not suffering alone. Thank you for sharing your story!!

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Have you tried FODMAPS?

Have you tried Fodmaps?

I was similar and have had food assessment which helped greatly and now on a Symprove top up plan. Made a world of difference to my life. Good luck

Have you had hospital tests to determine a diagnosis recently ? If not ask your doctor to refer you to hospital as there are other bowel diseases and a proper diagnosis shoukd be made

I so know how you feel, takes over your life literally! I've had ibsd for over 25 years, there is no cure, i feel, just management. I always take perfume spray when I go out and spray it before I go and afterwards. And take Imodium whether I need it or not if I'm out for most of day. I also take anxiety medication every day - basically anything that helps. You are definitely not alone. And I've taken to using disabled loos, as we need to use those as well ' not all disabilities are visible! Good luck.

I take immodium too if need to go out and anti anxiety some days to manage ibs related anxiety,but have been told not to use them every day. Just wondered what anti anxiety tab you take that can be taken daily ?

Thank you.

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I have today been to see a professor for the second time and he is doing studies at Manchester university into ibs. He has put me on Citalopram for anxiety and you take that everyday. It should take about 6 weeks to work properly.

Did you have any tests when you were diagnosed? I was diagnosed around 20 years ago but the doctor didn't actually diagnose me until I had had a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy - I've recently had another Colonoscopy as things were getting worse.

The only way to alleviate any symptoms is by changing your diet i.e. cutting out foods that make you worse. I have learnt that I can only eat very small amounts of broccoli, cauliflower, grapes and onions. I can't eat raw carrots, sweetcorn or raw onions - I suffer really badly with wind and pain if I eat those.

I am constantly looking at my diet and will continue to do so until I have found what foods I can eat that don't cause me any problems.

Best of luck


Please see my post "cure for IBS after suffering for years." It is based on cutting out artificial sweeteners which a lot of people think they have but they do not read labels carefully enough. Even immodium has artificial sweetener in it which is ironic seeing it is known to cause stomach issues (I suppose it keeps you buying it though, therefore making the manufacturers lots of money!)

Hope it helps at least 1 of you


I know of people with similar symptoms being helped by using Manuka honey,which has to come from New Zealand and have a UMF value of at least 5+.You can buy it at health food shops,on Amazon and in the UK at Tesco's stores.Also Aloe Vera Gel from Forever,not the juice that you buy in shops.Google it to find a rep near you.Hope this will help.

Have you tried any probiotics. You may just not have enough food bacteria in your system and too much bad. Have you done a stool sample. You should go back to your doctor and request tests to be carried out.

I have done diarrhea, and constipation. I had IBS for 25 years. The cause in my case was food intolerance, and emotions. I have published an article "Food intolerance: what are you reacting to?" on my blog, which may give you some insight in what you are reacting to. I am just a former IBS sufferer, not a dietician, but on Twitter my article was liked by dieticians, so it must be making some sense. For the emotions part, take a first step in the right direction and have a look at

Hope this helps you,



What are you doing holistically toaddress the IBS . It seems that if you are eaten BG wrong foods when your out that is making you sick .. how are you treating tje syndrome ?

I believe it is curable but you have to follow a plan and be commited to it .

I wish you all the best 🌸

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