Would the mirana coil help with IBS?

I am at the end of my tether. I have suffered with IBS since age 14 and at the age now of 46 it is worse than ever. My periods are every 22 days and a week before I am due I can feel the changes coming in my stomach - gurgling, cramping, constipation, bloating...... Then it is what I call the "jelly flood" for 3 to 4 days together with more gurgling, severe cramping, severe bloating, nausea, can not sleep but really tired. Then eventually I start to feel a little normal for a few days before it all starts again. I am only small but sometimes my stomach swells to the size of looking 7 months pregnant. The IBS and the periods are ruining my life and was wondering if any one out there feels the same. I have after many years just been to see a consultant who suggested that I have the coil fitted, but I am not sure if it will make the IBS worse or not? I did take the mini pill last year but bled constantly for 3 months!!

Any suggestions anyone?

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  • Hi, sorry to hear you are feeling so unwell. I have symptoms similar to yours so know how you feel. I had the coil fitted for a couple of years to try to reduce heavy periods it helped a little but not as much as I'd hoped. I'm afraid it made no difference to my IBS. I've now had a hysterectomy so period problems have gone but IBS is as bad as ever. I've previously managed it by diet only but am having to look into medication now. Pain killers at night to get some sleep, not much success with buscopan. Main problems are bloating, gas & the feeling I need to go all the time! I'm a little older than you so didn't mind having the hysterectomy, at least it sorted one problem out! Haven't heard that the coil might help IBS it wasn't mentioned to me. It's my first day on this site - I'm hoping to find some answers too! Good luck :)

  • That sounds awful, are you sure you don't have fibroids or PCOS or something? Insist on help you desperately need some, this sounds possibly pre menopausal, you could have endometriosis! Good luck beg for help!

  • I'm sorry you feel so rough: have you had a D&C or an internal to check the lining of the womb? Presumably your Consultant has ruled out endometriosis? I had a mirena coil fitted when I was in my early 50's(I had a late menopause!) because of massively heavy periods which were stress-related(my Mum had severe health problems) It worked for a few years but then I started to get vaginal infections and general discomfort so I had it removed. In the meantime I was diagnosed with IBS and though this was also related to dashing back and forth to see my Mum I'm not convinced it didn't tip my mild IBS symptoms over the edge.Personally,I would avoid it.At the end of the day, it is a foreign body inside you and my instinct is that it will make your IBS worse. On the other hand, if it calms your periods down, that might help you cope better with the IBS.A tough decision and I'm not a Doctor. I hope you can work things through, and as foxkennedy says, keep begging for help and a proper diagnosis . All the very best.

  • I had the Mirena fitted last year and it has been brilliant. The thought of 5 years of relief from period agony and wild mood swings-wonderful. It was an unpleasant 10 minutes to fit (the staff were amazing at my local hospital though) and I had several weeks of pain but barely any bleeding. Everyone is different and I believe I was unlucky in the pain I had but it went away and now I have no pain, no bleeding, no mood swings-this is what being a man must be like! I would definitely recommend it, and if you get it (persevere with it, it can take a few months to settle but think of the years of relief-and you can't feel it at all, the dose of hormones is tiny, and very localised unlike the pill or mini pill) and really hate it, you can have it taken out any time by your GP. Period pains made my IBS much much worse so it is one less thing to worry about. I was told if the coil settled the pain then it wasn't endometriosis which is good because I am terrified of surgery!! Good luck making your decision.

  • It's possible that mirena could make your IBS worse, but it could make it better! I'd consider giving it a try, if you've gone this long with severe issues and haven't been able to get relief from anything else. Have you tried taking the regular contraceptive pill (not the mini pill)? That may also help.

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