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What are the supplements for IBS-C

I have recently diagnosed with IBS-C. Regular symptoms. constipation,bloating,irratability. I also have acid reflux. Doctor put me omniprazole for acid reflux and amitiza for IBS. Do i need to take amitiza for IBS or can i go off amitiza and follow low-fodmap diet. I feel good when i am on low-fodmap food without any medication.

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Find out which foods cause your problems as I do t think any medication works longterm. Try Monash university elimination FOdmaps diet and go gluten and dairy free. They have an easy to follow app.


Thanks for the valuable suggestions. I have a questionis, is dairy free means should i not drink lactose free milk too?


You can use lactose free milk if you want to. You could try coconut , almond or oat milk as well. You can eat hard cheese as most of the lactose is removed in the whey in both butter and cheese. Good luck


I agree with Sashapet, after suffering for years and trying every medication known to man, i saw a natural health practitioner and she recommended I cut back on wheat and caffeine, I immediately gave up bread and started drinking peppermint tea instead of normal tea and coffee and it has had more effect than any medication, I am not cured and still have bad days but the improvement is dramatic........... if you feel well on a low foodmap diet without medication I would definitely try without the medication...............

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Thank you. I will try stopping the medication slowly.


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