Very fed up, I live on the loo

I suffered from ibs for years, eventually last year I gave up gluten and thought all my christmasses had come at once no more ibs :) but since Christmas just gone I have had poorly tummy every day, it's now got worse up to 10-15 trips during night and day to the loo, it's always very watery. Very sore and itchy and very fed up! Doctor taken stool samples, I'm waiting for results, he took blood tests yesterday. Nothing like buscopan etc works! It's horrendous, if I could just live on water in be ok. I don't get cramps or pain I get very bad/loud gurgling and when I gotta go I gotta go! Sometimes I go to the loo for a wee and I've had accident without even knowing!!! I'm sick of it all xxx

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  • Have you tried going dairy free? This helped me a lot. I am also gluten and soya free.

  • Me too and Fodmaps

  • Hi I know how you feel. I was diagnosed with IBS and had a really nasty flare up last month. After blood and stool tests they found I have IBD so I'm just waiting to see the Gastroenterology so I can get on the right treatment. Mabeverine has helped me but it's very tiring. Hang on in there I was also told to follow the Fodmap diet which has helped. Cutting out dairy products has reduced my need to go to the loo, maybe worth a try.

  • I'm the same going toilet the same amount of times going through so much toilet roll its crazy and no one seems to understand. Sitting on the toilet for a hour then getting up to do something then having to go again. My water bill is huge. I cut out wheat gluten dairy eggs soya rice nuts corn spicy plus lots of other things list is to long to write all I can manage is potatoes and I know that's not enough but if everything I try and consume goes straight through me like turning on a tap why am I going to keep putting it in my body. My gut bowels is obviously telling me it doesn't want these things in my system. And its way of telling me is to give me diaorrhoea making me know don't consume it again. Tablets don't help low fodmap don't help nothing helps. Everyone with IBS is different so if you can only eat or drink certain things then do what's best for you. As you no your body better then anyone. But I can relate to you 100%

  • Feel very sorry for you. You seem like you hv something going on and are doing right thing in seeing doctor. Sounds like you need to see a gastroenterologist soon. Also you said you were sore, understandable. I use toilet wet wipes and these helped me enormously to ease the use of toilet paper. They are disposable in the loo, unlike ordinary wet wipes. I hope you get help soon. Best Wishes.

  • How awful for you,Forever Aloe Vera Gel really helped me,also Manuka Honey 10+has also helped and probiotic yogurt .Anything is worth a try,i was going to the toilet up to 10 times a day,the urgency was my biggest problem,but after taking these products(not all at the same time) i got my life back on tack.The odd time i have a flare up,but in general a marked improvement.Best wishes to you.

  • I take buscopan too and have the same issues. Christmas has always been the worst!

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