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How I heal my IBS


I am Jenish from United States.

I have been suffering from this discomfort and irritating pain in the left abdomen since April 2013. I was in Belfast, UK at that time, studying PhD there. It took about 6-7 months for the NHS (UK health service) to figure out that I was suffering from IBS. Meanwhile, I had ultrasound scan test, blood & urine test, sonography test and finally sigmoidoscopy in October 2013. Results of all these tests were normal. From the sigmoidoscopy test report doctor said that I am suffering from IBS.

Now, the journey started J Initially I was given the Spasmol tablets which are generally to be taken 30-60 minutes before meal, 1 tablet 3 times a day. I continued using for about 2 months or so. It didn’t help me. Then, they gave me Colpermin tablets, it contains basically peppermint oil and this tablet helped me up to some extent. I was taking it everyday before meal, 1 tablet 3 times a day. Now, it was going well, but I was not satisfied completely. I started searching online about the different views about IBS that many people have posted online on websites. Then, I came across very useful book, called Listen To Your Gut. I found very useful information about different concepts on health issues related to the gut, stomach, abdomen, etc. I found very useful probiotics, Healthy Trinity – Natren brand, which helped me very well for longer period. I also take Absorb Plus powder which is all natural nutritious, high protein elemental liquid diet as a part of my regular breakfast.

As it is well known that guts and brain are correlated, both affect each other. IBS is greatly affected by stress at mental, physical and emotional level. For my stress-management, I follow Sudarshan Kriya (also known as SKY breathing technique), which is a natural rhythmic breathing technique.

I bow down to peppermint oil, Healthy Trinity, Absorb Plus and SKY breathing technique. J

I am not a Doctor, but I am just sharing my authentic experience on dealing with IBS, so that it can help others.

Stay happy and healthy

God bless you!

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Can't take peppermint upsets stomach my problems started while on insulin burning and bile reflux dispute ct scan burning throat and both oscpopies 2years later no further forward except irritation in stomach comes and goes.having another ct scan on pancreas on Monday and waiting for appointment to have wire down throat for 24hours see what's coming off stomach. Tried ranatadine annd Lisa's useless and now developed slow stomac h emptying with family related late onset type2diabetes I have to wait 2to3months for each appointment on nhs and it's no joke at 64 also b.m. Movements like sticky wallpaper paste and very difficult to pass.any ideas ?would be appreiated.


I feel so sorry for you. My wishes are with you and I pray to God for best coming to you :)

I know, I had an experience of dealing with NHS. Its frustrating sometimes, but I do have faith in nature and that is what brings best within us. You can go through the book I mentioned, Listen To Your Gut, I can send you if you want. Its a story about a lady suffering from Crohn's disease back in back in 1976. You know Crohn's is the worst case compared to all gut related problems like IBS, IBD, Colitis, etc. She researched on her own body for 7 years and today she is living a very happy life with her family. I would strongly encourage you go through the book at least once, it can change your life. (I am not trying to publicize anything here, I am just sharing my authentic experience so that it can help other).

I also have some gas and bloating, irritating pains in the intestines sometimes, I take 1 tbsp fennel seed powder after every meal, 3 times a day. Fennel is known to provide cooling effects to intenstines and stomach. You can try it, I know it can be scary to try every new things after going through such pain in guts. But I believe its like trial & error, you can ask you GP before taking fennel seed powder. You can also google out about benefits of fennel in releasing gas and acid reflux.

Hope this helps. Take Care :)

"Where there is a will, there is a way"


Hi, I'm from the Northwest of England & didn't realise how far & wide this Forum reaches out to offer help. Everyone has a story to tell & mainly how long it takes to get a Diagnosis. The signs & symptoms are all there, the blood test, stool samples which indicate inflammation therefore scans, scopes & an URGENT Apt to see a specialist. So 3months later & several telephone calls finally see a Consultant who specialises in Gastro Enterology. So 9 months down the line a diagnosis of IBS & at my suggestion Lactose Intolerence.

I agree Stress is the main cause for me & many others from reading on here.

What is a normal bowel habit, as I've not had one since October 2014. I won't describe mine as again reading on here we all have similar 'types'.

I know I've mentioned some of this before, sorry if I've bored you, but I do find sharing our experiences helps too.

Different meds work for us all. The Peppermint Caps did nothing for me, whereas they helped you.

Diet needs to be changed to rule out the 'nasty' foods that cause bloating & pain.

I'll take a look at the Book, Jenish thanks.

A lot is definitely related to our brain & gut, I agree with that. Stress is all part of our lives, it's just that not everyone has IBS & how the stress has such adverse effects on us all.

Sorry for the rant.

Take care.



You are absolutely correct. This forum can really help us out as we all have some storied to tell.

For your question on bowel movements, I think generally 2 or 3 times a day can be normal, depends on the situation. I am just telling from my experiences and also from the book, Listen To Your Gut. If you wish I can send the pdf copy of the book to you, let me know your email. Its a story about a lady suffering from Crohn's disease back in back in 1976. I would strongly encourage you go through the book at least once. If you say that you are having gas and bloating irritation in the stomach, intestines then try taking fennel seed powder 1 tablespoon after every meal, 3 times a day. I take it everyday & it helps me very well.

I agree with that stress is a common factor in our lives, causes most of the problems. I heard somewhere, "Strong mind can carry a weak body, but a weak mind cannot carry a strong body". So, I take care of my stress very well. You can practice SKY breathing, you can google it out how to do that.

Bless you :)


Hi, thanks for the offer of the pdf copy of the book, how do I send you my email via a private link please?

I will also Google Sky breathing.



Just use my above username at gmail and send me an email.


Ok will do.

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Thanks for reply I will look At book too but they are pretty sure the late onset diabetes is major cause of problems thanks agai n for your reply I hope you find an answer too god bless robert

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Thanks mission now to search for listen to your gut

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All the best :)

If you need book, I can send you. Just send an email to my gmail: jenishpatel87


I have to be really careful with anything that has Whey or Cairsa or rnds in ,OL.


I am really sensitive to anything with milk in it (Caseia and Whey). I am also sensitive to artificial sweeteners ( anything that begins with OL).

Thank you - God Bless


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