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Second BC missionary journey

So I was diagnosed with stage 2b estrogen positive breast cancer at the age of 27, 8 years ago. Started treatment with chemo, then mastectomy and radiation. Went through the hell and came back fine to Glory of God. Started taking tamoxifen after the treatment. 3 years later got blessed with a cute baby boy. Went back to tamoxifen after delivery.

Fast forward to Aug 2017, I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in the lungs, liver and some lymph nodes.

My doctor started me on zoladex shot every 28 days, letrozole and ibrance.

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When I read your "headline" I took it literally and thought you had gone overseas on a mission trip! I was impressed! I went to Haiti in 2001..... now, whenever I start to feel sorry for myself, I remind myself of just how much worse my situation could be! I always have food in the house, a warm bed to sleep in, and doctors I trust.

Your treatment sounds pretty much the "standard of care" for a menopausal woman with a mbc that is E + . When I was first diagnosed, Letrozole was given on its own and I got almost five year from it. I hope you will have a long run on it too, and there are other good meds when/if it stops working for you. I've been on Faslodex now, for 9 years. Some of us do well for years and years.

For me, the first year was the worst. I am much more relaxed now about the whole cancer journey. And that is the metaphor I use though I never considered it a missionary trip, will have to think about that.

Give your baby a hug for me!


Don't mind me, the crazy thought of calling missionary journey came out of nowhere. . Lol.

Yes I'm 36 but because my doctor felt my estrogen is doing more harm than good, decided to shut my ovaries down using monthly zoladex shot and then put me on postmenopausal drugs.

I'm so miserable from the gastrointestinal issues I get. God help me, it hurts so bad.


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