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My journey

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Hello I was diagnosed in 2006 with BC in the right breast stage 11, lymph node involvement 4. Treatment lumpectomy, 6 cycles every 3 weeks of a cocktail of Taxotere and Adriamycin/Cytoxan (AC) followed by 30 days of radiation. Was 53 yrs old and did really well. Was able to work full time except for the day I received my Neulasta shot. Sever bone pain for the next 3 days.

Fast forward to 2014, again now left breast cancer diagnosis stage 11B, 1 lymph node involvement. Treatment lumpectomy, Chemo taxotere and cytoxan. 4 treatments 3 weeks apart. 30 days radiation. This time it’s a nightmare, every treatment I became Neutropenic with bowel infections due to Diverticulitis. Hospitalized every treatment and lots of antibiotics administers. Well that didn’t work well. Tried draining the 2 infections by inserting drains in, when I developed my 3 one it was time to send in a surgeon. Wait I signed up for chemo but not bowel reconstruction. My 2 best friends convinced me not to check out of the hospital because if they ruptured well that’s poison going wherever. So I now 4 yrs later am sporting a colostomy. Hey never have to look for a bathroom when I’m doubled over with belly pains. (yes my wonderful sense of humor has me still surviving)

Which brings me to now diagnosed on June 1st 2018 with MBC. Yes lymph nodes in my bronchial tree have 3 tumors. Treatment 125mg IBrance 21 days a month off 7 and The prescribed letrozole.

I forgot to mention the fist diagnosis I was 6 years on Aromasin, and started it again after I was done with my second round of radiation with my 2014 diagnosis.

6 months into my new journey and the complaints are few except extreme fatigue. Hey I am 65 now. I also have Neuropathy in my feet but due to all the chemo and nerve damage, I just live with it.

I developed a pain on my right side last week that was not going a way. Went to my MD thinking maybe bladder infection. Sent me for a CT Scan which showed my appendix has a mass on it. Seems maybe a mucus plug or appendix cancer? Never heard of either only appendicitis. Between my oncologist and my colon surgeon I’m scheduled on January 24 to have my appendix removed.

Why am I so tired of being a cancer patient and this operation has me crazy. I am truly blessed so far, but it has been a taxing journey.

I always have had the mind set if I have saved one child or young person from this horrible disease, I am strong enough. I had years of survivor gilt watching the young die from this. So many family members passed.

Thank you for hearing my journey as this is the first time I ever participated in anything like this. Reading all the post have been inspirational to me knowing I’m not a lone.

Live love and dance like no ones watching


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Amen! You are an amazing survivor!

Glad to see you kept your sense of humor ! Hope all goes well, back to your "new normal" :)

Bonnie, I agree with the other ladies. Amazing, inspiring survivor. It's just so hard to live like this. I agree with you about this's so good to not feel so alone.

You’re one tough lady Bonnie. Thank you for sharing your journey.

Greetings Sister,and yes,yes, yesssssssss Warrior. You have journeyed through a lot of health challenges, but you are still humbly standing. Wow when some people think they are having a bad day when they stub their toe. We have to count our blessings, and re-examine the fact that our journey could be so much worse. You are so right yessssssss babies are taking these same drugs that are causing the same pain and extreme discomfort we adults are having, or have had. Everyday there are babies, and children dying from this same disease in hospitals like Saint Jude's. This is one of my annual charities that I support. I pray for these babies, and children in Saint Judes, and other hospitals, as I also pray for you, and my sister/warriors still in this fight. I admire your sense of humor through this journey, and I admire your strength. God bless you sister,warrior. Keep on living,loving, and laughing on this journey we call life. XoXoXoXo

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