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Daily Chat Wednesday 17th April

Daily Chat Wednesday 17th April

Good Morning All :-)

Thought I'd put on a cute photie as it reminds me of this site. Lots of nice friends all helping each other. A family staying strong together. :D

Some times when I open up a feel a little Star Trekky and want to write "captains Log" Sorry as you might have guessed rather tired today, slept badly and humour gets a little wacked

:-) :D :D :D

Kettles on all those in favour of a cuppa say "Aye". Excellent!

Have a great smoke free day and stay strong

Take care all Sue xx

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AYE! :D :D :D


Here you are Sue :-



Thanks Jilly. I love it. Just to set the record straight...I am not a trekky but my brother is and therefore have had to live with it for what seems like EVER!!! :D :D :D


Aye :D :D :D


Good morning everyone. :)

A bit grey and damp down here on the south coast again, thank goodness it's finally warming up a bit now. I was full of good intentions this morning but when I saw the rain I crawled back to bed and had another couple of hours kip - it was soooooo cosy! :) :D

I was never a trekky and can't be doing with anything sci-fi, it just doesn't turn me on! :D

Have a good, smoke-free day all, see you later. :)


Good Morning All :-)

We have a very grey day here, very similar to yours it sounds Andi. Good to have you back and if I could, I would have had a few extra hours this morning :D

A nice photie to open our day Sue, I do think of our community as a happy place and full of support. With regards to Star Trek - Growing up, I always thought that was his name 'Captain Slog'! :-/

Morning Sue, did you manage to get much shut eye yourself last night? Hope you manage your 10 minute walk okay today :-)

I've missed the first brew with you all so I shall off my pop and put the kettle on now :-)


Hi all,

We have a grey rainy day here as well, better than the wind yesterday though, the bridge was closed all day it was that bad.

I love your picture Sue, so cute :) I hope you get a better sleep tonight :)

I think bed was the best place to be this morning Andi, the weather is yukky :)

I'm gonna give my walk a miss today, it's too wet :D :D i'm too tired anyway so a duvet day i think, will look for a film to watch later. Hope you all have a fab day :) xx


Hi John, hope you have a nice walk later, with no rain :) here's some cake to have when you get back

us.123rf.com/400wm/400/400/... :)


Hello all, Had my walk this morning. not too bad. Been to the dentist and all was fine there.

So happy about that. :)

Andi you did right having an extra time in bed. Not often your not up bright and early. :)

Sue 52 Have a lovely duvet day. keep warm and cosy. :)

Emjay your as bad as me, I remember saying captain slog.

John enjoy your walk.

Cake for everyone today. :) :)





Thank you for the cake Jillygirl, there yummy :) glad all went fine at the dentist, nothing worse than needing teeth fixed. Have a great day :) xx


You could borrow her,s if need be :)



Brilliant ! that cheered me up. thanks mad. xx


Looks like we,ll all be borrowing her teeth at some stage :D Yuk!


:D :D :D i might need them soon mad :D :D :D


I,ve already got them :) :) :) only kidding, If I ever get to speak to my maker, the first question I will ask is " why do teeth hurt when were getting them, hurt when we,ve got them and hurt when they have to come out ", also they cost a fortune to maintain, the price,s the Dentist charge.


That's so true, a neighbour of mine can't afford to go to the dentist, i feel so sorry for him, he just falls in between getting and not getting free dental care, i don't know if that made any sense :D :D if not just say, my brain is being stupid today :D :D :)


I dont know if the same applies in Scotland but you can go to the Dental Hospital here in Liverpool and get free treatment if you cant afford to pay. Tell your neighbour to look into it, it might help.


I will do thanks, although i don't think our dental hospital are taking on anymore people, i'm sure i read there full to bursting, but you never know, surely they can't leave someone with no dentist :o :)


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Evening all, have we finished watching whatever (Masterchef) now? Or has everyone dropped off to sleep already? :o :D :D


The is really useful Jillygirl :-) Especially with regards to other illnesses and ages.

Remembering that stopping smoking is the single most important thing you can do for your health...Fact!

Ooooh, £2,000 per year. What would you spend your money on? We started a blog a while ago with what everyone was going to buy once they'd saved their money... Shall dig it out tomorrow and put it up again.

I hope you're all having a nice evening :-)


Hey Andi :D


Yes? :)


Blimey, What a day....opened and email and caused a virus which attacked my work pc...ooops. My techie friend has been working hard since 11am and hopefully it will be ok tomorrow morning :-O

Hope you are all well and enjoying your smoke free evening. 16 days and a carbon monoxide reading of 4...a non-smoker. Woo hoo :-) Still very early days and the cravings are still there but I will NOT give in, so there "nic"

Sue x


You glad to be back home now? How was the drive to France? :-)


Cold and grey like here when we went and gloriously hot and sunny on way back. I thought it was going to be like that back here but not to be. Still, it's not quite as cold as it was. :)


Oh dear Suebun, at least it wasn't your home pc. :o :D :D

I've got a pc problem at the moment. When I opened my laptop yesterday, it made a graunching sound and one of the hinges is now broken. :( It works ok but I can't close the lid - don't know how much that'll cost to get fixed! :P :(


Hey Pete, missed you again tonight. Hope you got your job application off now, keep us posted for when you get your interview, I'm sure you'll get the job and although you might have some funny hours it couldn't be any worse than what you're putting up with now. :(

Off to bed now so I'll say nite nite to everyone, sleep well and sweet dreams. :)


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