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Daily Chat Wednesday 21st May 2014

Daily Chat Wednesday 21st May 2014

Good morning everybody :) :)

Aup, who's this old bird called Nora with the wrinkly stockings then ?? :o Hooooo, its our Jillygirl back off her hols :D :D I hope you had a lovely holiday and a good rest tooo eh :) :) Now you've done your washing ( the easy bit !! ) I suspect you've got pour hubby chained to the ironing board eh :P :D :D It's lovely to have you back Jillygirl :) :)

I hope you all had a lovely nights sleep and have charged your batteries up for another day :) Well I've had a great day today, lost about 3 hours at work with a major break down, sooooo, late home again :( then got home and my flippin comp ermmm, malfunctioned, if thats the word to use :o soooo, had to flippin kick that and give it some stern words eh :X :P :D :D :D

But on the upper side, I got home from work, walked down the path of my back garden to the house, and there was my cat, Monkey, she was playing with something, but I could see that it just wasnt playing with her :o as I got closer, I sore it was a little mouse, she then dropped it and came to get some flippin fussing off me, as they do, Ha ha ha as I fussed her, I watched this little mouse get up, shake itself and scarper to live and play another day :) :) dont know where it went to :D :D

This is like us really, cos mr nic has us in his grasp, just like my cat had that little mouse :( and we are all trying to escape from mr nic, so that we can live and play another day :) Soooo, lets do it :) Escape from mr nics grasp and LIVE again, PLAY again and ENJOY our lovely lives again :) cos we did before mr nic got us in his grasp eh :) :) With a little help from all our friends on here, we CAN escape mr nic :) or even if your like me, an old awesome twit !! then we need more help from here, which I know we will get :) :)

Take care and see ya soon :) Pete xx

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Aup Pete! Great opening, thank you :) Feeling positive and uplifted already :)

Glad the mouse got away. It's the time of year for cats catching mice, rabbits and anything else that moves. Our cat brought in a baby rabbit last week, not a mark on it, but scared - straightaway, before tears and shock get to you I will say that we managed to save it, eventually. Hubby saw the cat lording it and rabbit cowering by the cellar step, ran and told said cat what to do, so cat bolted down the cellar, through the open door. Problem was that the rabbit took one look at hubby, and followed the cat post-haste!

Now, our cellar is full of everything any of our kids and family has ever left behind, played with, made music or exercised with, plus anything else that doesn't have a home somewhere else. It's more like a posh garage dumping ground. Hundreds of places for a little rabbit to make itself scarce.

It took till mid afternoon to find poor little rabbit, but we did. That's one 'on the way to a clearout' job we hadn't planned. Anyone else have problems with clearing out? Cellar looks worse than ever now, so we'll have to go back down one day soon :( and finish the job!

Suffice to say, we gently gathered the rabbit into a teatowel, and released it down the garden where we know the rabbits live, and after a bit more cowering under the tree, it seemed to know where to go, and ran off, hopefully to it's mum. I sat under a tree in the stairrod rain to make sure no loitering cats would get it again. Sure enough, after it had run off, my cat came out from it's hiding and ran back to the house.

Good deed done, and soaked to the skin, I came back in the house, and didn't have a cigarette. That was good.

No more smokes!

Have a lovely day all, stay strong, we are in it together and doing great, feel very proud :)



Good morning Pete, Betts and everyone. Well what lovely people we have on here saving rabbits and mice. Like you say Pete live for another day. Keep old Nic at bay. Busy today housework and make room for Bertie my daughters budgie. (the one who thinks he`s an oven timer) :D (the bird not my daughter)

Catch up later. xx


Morning all,

Nice to see you Pete, and well done for saving the animals both of you, my cats are a nightmare at the moment, was ok when i was up north as they were indoor, but now they are outdoor, i get love gifts often left on the mat :(

Well its warm but overcast here today, and work is dead as always :( :( ... but it will all kick of next month and i will be super busy.

Thinking of looking for a holiday, using the money i saved from not smoking again :) ... so of to the holiday websites for me! x


Well, I've adopted two poor strays at the door (old cat and kitten)

I already had two cats....so it's a bloom in' cat house....but they are nice company because my husband works a lot, sometimes away from home...

Wow!I'm in my third day on ecigs, no real ones....can't believe it!!!


Hey Terry i think once you have 4 cats you can officially be a crazy cat lady lol!, i am on 3 cats at the moment, but one more bad relationship choice and i am all over that 4th one lol!

WOW well done, day 3....so the old habits are no longer so fresh in your mind, and now you have so much more to lose if you do have a real one. You know what helped me, ( i have stopped with the help of the ecig ) when I had the urge to have a real smoke, i would just tell myself, but why? my ecig gives me the nicotine i am craving, have a puff or two on it, and then the need for a real one would pass :)

Are you using the type of ecig that takes liquid? or the ones that look like cigarettes? x


Well done on day 3 of your quit, your doing great :)


Morning Everyone :D

What a lovely bright sunny day it here in Liverpool today :-)

Looks like it's been busy on here already, which of course is lovely to see :-)

Loving the little animal saving stories, I have one too; I have been taking care of a poorly pigeon that had either been caught by a cat or clipped by a car - It had damaged some of it's flight feathers and was just walking down the road! Having caught it, fed, watered and took care of it for a few days I even gave him the name 'Peefer' (P for Pigeon :o ) - I let him out last week and away he went, not seen him since :-) we're a right nation of animal lovers aren't we :D :D

JillyGirl, Agnes and Gertie send their love and clucks and look forward to tales of Bertie's stay over :-) It's been quite busy whilst you have been away with plenty more new members for you to meet :-)

Pete, I love the link between the mouse in the claws of the cat in comparison to Mr Nic and all you winner's :D Any signs of your parcel in the post yet? I have a good feeling about your next quit attempt - Hopefully you will have learnt so many ways of shutting the door on Mr Nic - or at least learnt how to let him in through the front door and show him out through the back door - very swiftly! :-)

Al, are you going to be quiet next week in work due to the school holidays? Do a lot of the soldiers take annual leave then? Ooooh holiday bookings, sounds exciting - where do you fancy going? Are you planning a short city break or longer somewhere else? :-) Good for you, spending your well earned cash on something that is much nicer than spending it on something that you don't really get much back from :-)

Betts, I had (good) intentions on clearing out one of my spare rooms a couple of weeks ago - Emptying out some drawers, spare wardrobe (full of nothing to wear), gift bags, gift boxes (that will always come in handy for something) - I emptied everything out, sorted through it all, got bored and so put everything back - in neat piles and shut the door on it.. again :o :o As for staying smokefree - We're very proud of you too :-)

Right, first office brew of the day :-)


Hi Emjay, the half term doesnt really effect my job, i am the resettlement clerk, and just waiting for the last lot of soldiers to be told they are being made redundant then my job will go NUTS!!!! so June 17th will be a very stressful day, and then for a few months after.

I am thinking a longer holiday this time, a full week, just before things go mad here at work. Probably italy x


Hello everyone and a lovely day it is again. Love all your animal stories their must be a link between smoking and loving animals haha, just been to my local vape shop to get my goodies and they had an offer on so ended up with 5 bottles and a free one off my loyalty card, 3 of them are only 0.6 eeeek but leaving them till last and hope I've done the right think, but at the end of the day if it's to soon I'll jump back up to 1.0 again,,,, nooooo pressure, yet lol ;)


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