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Daily Chat Friday 19th April 2013

Daily Chat Friday 19th April 2013

Good Morning one and All.. :-)

I have officially now not just given up smoking but also watching/listening to the news!!! I got my day count wrong yesterday and today is 18 days smoke free. Duh! must be good if I can't count correctly. :D :D :D

Looking forward to the weekend. Not too much planned a little gardening, some cross stitch, lots of doggy walks and cuddles and meeting friends for breakfast on Sunday. Just hope the weather will be kind.

Right better do some work. Kettle on first and I will make you all a cuppa!

Until later stay strong and have a fun day :-)

Sue xx

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Thanks for the cuppa, needed that. :)

Good morning Sue and anyone awake. :)

Well done on reaching day 18 . It doesn't matter if its 17 or 18days your still a non smoker.


enjoy your day, catch up later. Off to put the kettle on for a second cuppa.

:) :) :) xx


Thanks Jilly. Can I grab a second cuppa with you? :D

Sue x


always enjoy the company. :) Third cuppa now got distracted.


Off for my morning supermarket exercise will be back later. :)



Hi Mad

Enjoy spending all the money you saved by not smoking. :-)

Sue x


Good Morning everybody :-)

It's Friday already! I hope you are all looking forward to what might be a sunshiny weekend, fingers crossed :-/

Jillygirl, enjoy your supermarket exercise, love the picture :D

Sue, it doesn't matter if you can't count :-) Staying stopped is what counts :-) You are doing fantastic!

Congratulations Mad :D :D That's brilliant news for you, although I'm sure you're not fat! :-/

For those of you who are in the early stages of quitting and this is one of your 'earlier' or first weekends of being smoke-free, then just remember that being prepared makes your quitting journey so much easier. Think about your activities over the weekend and plan for any nights out (or even nights in), especially if you are thinking about enjoying some of your favourite tipple :D These are the times that those pesky cravings will be lying in wait... What coping strategies will you put in place to overcome them?

Preparation is key to success :-)


Good morning everyone.

Lovely cheetah pic today Suebun. You're well into that 3rd week now, going great guns! :)

Hope you don't have to spend tooooo much of hubbies money on your exercise today Jilly :o

Mad, so pleased for you to have managed to gain so much weight - you can have my extra stone I keep trying to loose. :( I've now got to have a concerted effort to keep going with the exercise for more than a few weeks so hopefully will finally get the changes I've been looking for for over a year now. :o

On that note, I'd better get off out now for my first run since returning from my hols. Not sure how much I'll manage as my legs are aching from yesterday's pt session. :D :D


Have a great run Andi :-) :D:D I will be with you in mind and spirit if not in body!!

Sue x


Didn't you eat those I gave you last night? :o


Don't eat it all at once! :D :D


Hi John

It's lovely :-) Thank you.

How are V and A today?

Sue x


That reminds me of a conversation I overheard at a funeral. . " well they said he only had 2 weeks to live, and he died dead on the day"


Where I work we also have a church in situ. The old vicar had to do a funeral. It was a lovely summers day. When she got back to the us she said "it was so hot....just like an oven or furnace"....no answer to that. :D


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