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Daily Chat Sunday 17th March 2013

Daily Chat Sunday 17th March 2013

Good morning Everyone,

First, just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you for your kind words and support, your the most amazing people I have ever met :) I would never have got through this without you all, and I love you all to bits :) :)

Stay strong on your quit journeys, you can all do this together, I know you can :) just take it a day at a time.

I can't think what else to say, my head is full of mince this morning :D :D so have a great day everyone, whatever you doing, I'm away to have a cuppa if anyone wants one, will chat later :) xxxx

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Morning Sue, Love the picture, Big hugs back. Hope all goes well for you, we are all with you. I'd have that head full of mince checked if I were you, just to make sure there's no horse DNA.

Just been shopping, no skis or onions this time. I'm about to stick the kettle on and chill.

See ya soon

Dave XX:)


:D :D :D that made me laugh Dave :D :D I'll get it checked when i go in, don't want any of that :D :)

will chat later, :) xx


Hi sue, just manage to wish you good luck, before battery runs out. Love and big hugs. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)


Hi Jillygirl :) havnt you found that battery lead yet :o huh typical flippin Woman, puts things away and cant find them again :D :D :D


Battery lead at the man who is fixing m y laptop. So your in charge. : ) prob mid week before I see him. :( loves ya. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi Jillygirl,

Thank you :)

I hope things go okay for your daughter, hope she gets well soon :) my thoughts will be with you both. Love and hugs :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi John,

I'm glad you were able to get rid of the little voice :) hopefully it's getting easier for you :)

Hope Amor is better soon :)


Hi ya Sue, love the pic gal :) and loads of massive hugggggggs back to you too :) :) and hey your pretty amazing yourself you know :) :)

Huh am not very happy today :( cos just finished cooking dins, was about to make my lumpy gravy and er-in-doors come and said that we dont want any with gammon & new spuds :o :P

So am lumpy gravyless this week :( i could make you some Sue :) then you could take it with you and if you get a lowdmouth in the bed next to you, you could give them some to chew on eh :P that would quiet them down a bit :D :D

When have you got to be there for Sue ??


Hi Pete,

I would love some of your lumpy grave Pete :) love the idea of giving it to the loud mouth in the bed next to me :D :D,

I'm getting picked up from a friend of mine at 2.30, i need to be there for 3pm, they want to do another scan before the surgery tomorrow morning, so i've had my shower and got my bag packed

will speak soon love and hugs :) xxxx


Hey Sue, just wondering if your taking your mobile with you ?? cos then we could keep in touch :) hmmm just thinking though, maybe if you use it and the poor gal next to you leaps out a bed and starts whizzzzzzing around the ward cos her pace makers gone awol :D :D :D perhaps not one of my best ideas eh :o :D


:D :D I can just picture that Pete ,I'm gonna take my mobile in with me, and if there's no equipment being used or ladies with pace makers in then i'll be on from time to time time, when i can sneak it :D :)


I hope you havnt packed your duvet in your bag, cos i dont think you will need it, cos it will be warm enough :)

I expect you have everything in your bag :) erm what about makeup !! just in case you get a dishy doc :) nibbles ? cake ? no dont tell us if you have any cake with you, cos JC will be around for it :o :D I think he can smell cake from 10 miles away :D :D


I don't Jillygirl have cake Pete, i know what JC is like, so keeping that for when i get home :D :D

everything else is packed and that's me off now, i'll see you a when i'm better dressed :D :D I might manage to come on later tonight when the docs have finished poking and prodding :D :)

stay strong on your journey, you can do this :), do you hear me Pete, your doing brilliantly :)

Bye all, i'll chat later, love and hugs to you all :) xxxxxxxxx


Bye for now Sue, love,huggs and cuddles going with you gal :) :) xxxxxxxxxxxx


Wishing you all the best of luck Sue, we'll be thinking of you xxxx


Hi everyone,

I managed to sneak back on now that the docs have finished poking and prodding :D had my scan and eaten my tea, so time to settle down for the night, there's not much else to do here. I've seen a couple of dishy doctors mad, think i'll be following them about the ward :D :D

Surgery is at 9am tomorrow, they could have made it later and let me get my beauty sleep, i could use some :D :D :D

nite nite everyone, sweet dreams, and stay strong, hope you all have a great day tomorrow

Love and hugs, Susan :) xxxxxxxxxx


Nite nite Sue :) hmmmm after all that poking & prodding :o it sounds like you've got your eyes open gal :D cant fault you one little bit Sue, just think of the exercise you will get following them docs about :D :D mind you, you will have to be discreet, and blend into the background :o :) erm erm, if you could get the tea troll, bop the nurse and put her in your bed, then you could push the tea troll about, following the DDs ( Dishy Docs ) :) and have a cuppa when your mouth gets dry :) :D :D :D

Sleep well Sue if you ever can in hospital :o sweet Doc dreams and luvs ya ta bits gal, a do :) :) xxxxxxxx


Sue, I didn't realise you were to be in hospital. You are one brave Lady... Come out of all this safe & well. Wishing you the very best of everything. (One day at at time hum), xx


Love it John.. The Gypsy Kings are fast becoming my favourite bedtime music :-) keep it coming... Dreams of tapas, paella and lovely warm evenings by the sea to send me off to sleep... Who need nico...

Nite nite everyone... For me tomorrow is a big day... Four weeks smoke free :-) :-) :-)


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