Daily Chat: Thursday 4th April 2013

Daily Chat: Thursday 4th April 2013

Good morning everyone,

I'm up late today, all I seem to do these days is sleep :o :D the birds chirping woke me up, which was nice :)

Gill our thoughts are with you, hope everything turns out okay for you :)

I hope your having a whale of a time on holiday Andi, don't do anything I wouldn't do :D :)

Whatever stage of your quitting journey your at stay strong, you can do this, come on here to moan, have a laugh, and share your tips :)

So chat away, I'm putting the kettle on if anyone wants a cuppa or a coffee :)

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  • Morning Sue52 and all. :-) Well it's snowing here in Maidenhead right now. It's not heavy but really ....it's so cold. :-~

    Well I'm into day 3 of FF(Fag Free) and have the occassional feeling that I could quite easily take someones head off!!! It doesn't last too long and luckily today I am in the office alone. Gotta a horrid taste in my mouth. Not sure if this is all part and parcel of quitting? Now addicited to extra strong mints :-)

    My all time favourite saying is "Life is not measured by now many breaths you take, but by how many times it takes your breath away" Hopefully I will in time have more breaths and breathtaking experiences now that I am quitting the evil fags?

    Gill my thoughts are also with youX

  • Like the sign Sue think I needed that struggling at the moment Suecx

  • I've just noticed that there are may amazing Sue's who have given up. I too am a Sue and think all Sue's must be very special.

    Sue C Stay strong hunny. You can do this. Take each hour at a time and feel empowered everytime you get to that point and didn't give in. x

  • Hi to all,

    I was really craving a lot yesterday until I realised I had forgotten to put on a new patch the previous day...phew



  • Hi everyone,

    Well done Bunnygirl on reaching day 3, your a star :), I love your saying, I hope you have many more of these too :). I'll need to keep calling you Bunnygirl or i'll get confused :o and it doesn't take much to do that :D :D :)

    Suec you can do this, stay strong and shout old nice away, Emjays breathing exercises help too, hang in there it will pass and it does get easier :)

    Hi J, I see your memory is as good as mine :D :D, it's great that you got through it :)

    I hope everyone has a great smoke free day :) xx

  • Hi all

    Great saying, bunnyrabbit :) For me too it's day 3. My hands are getting raw with all the cleaning I am doing - it is amazing how much you can get done just by not stopping for a smoke :) I should be doing some headwork, proper paid working, on the computer, but don't feel I can concentrate enough without a cigarette :( ! Tomorrow?! if it carries on I may have to get an ecig to supplement the patch - I think it could be the sucking in/inhaling I am missing?

    Congrats to you all on keeping so strong. I love the poster picture Sue! Don't give up the struggle, Simba :) We're right alongside you.

    Thinking of you Gill.

  • Hi Everyone :-)

    Sue, lovely to see you 'opening up shop' today :-) Hope you feel well rested? I'm loving your photie :-) Will gladly have a cuppa whilst catching up through everyone's posts :-)

    J, when a craving sets in, the first thing that I always say to people is to check that they have remembered to put their patch on, or that it hasn't stuck to their clothes! I hope you have a nice easy craving free day today :-)

    Simba (SueC), what part of stopping smoking do you think you are struggling with today? Let us know and we'll see what we can advise to help make it easier on you :-)

    Hey bunnyrabbit, when you get that 'occasional feeling' :-/ try taking a couple of deep breaths, not just so that it calms you down a bit but it takes the edge off the craving and chases it away :-) As Sue says, breathing exercises really do help and you can use different ones for different reasons :-)

    Betts, have you thought about maybe trying the inhalator alongside the patch? These two products work together quite well. If not, you could even take a straw or a pen (removing the inside) and see if the sensation of 'puffing' on that helps :-)

    Sue's photie is so true... sometimes its hard to believe though isn't it? This is when its important to pull some positivity out from the bag... Even if it means that you ask yourself to just get through the next 30 seconds, then take it to a minute... remembering that to get a craving is a positive sign of recovery. Your body is just recognising that you are not feeding it with all those (over 4,000) poisonous toxins.

    Cravings will initially always come and go, but I promise you they will taper off. The more of them you get under your belt, the easier stopping smoking will become :-)

    Remember, you are stronger than you think!

  • Hi Emjay,

    I hope your getting some sunshine today, it's lovely and warm here, for a change, i just hope it lasts :)

    I don't normally open up cause all I seem to do is sleep :o :D :D so the others always beat me to it :D :) xx

    Betts the inhalator is good, i use one of these, I'm now down to just chewing on it, it's like my dummy :D :D, it is really good though, it does help, so might be worth a try for you :) xx

  • Just the no smoking in general whilst having radiotherapy couldn't smoke but that has now finished but have gone 19 days so don't want to start again suecx

  • 19 days is brill Suec, you have to keep going now :)

    I'm sorry, but i can't remember what nrt your using, my memory is rubbish, I do crosswords as this keeps my hands and mind busy, is there anything similar you could try.

    Stay strong Suec, we're all here for you :) xx

  • Thank you for your support. I am on lozenges and e cigs. Haven't succumbed yet but hubby smokes and that is nitrogen good!! Suecx

  • Don't succumb Suec, and if you do just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over

    again! Nearly 3 weeks now - keep puffing on your ecig if it helps, it certainly does help me!

    I don't even think of a cig all day until the evening, so if it gets too bad I use the ecig...still

    better than smoking! I've got my quit support group tonight so will get my CO2 reading done.

    Do you go to a group?

    Dawn xxx

  • I remember what you use now Suec, silly me :D, like Dawn said, keep using your ecig, show your hubby that you can do this :).

    I've found that I need to keep my mind busy in any way I can, if a craving appears i try to think of something else, like writing out a shopping list e.g.that helps me as well. You are stronger than you think, and pinching Dawns saying again, if you have a slip, just start again, I've had to do that more times that more times that I can count. Stay strong :) xx

  • Hi Sue and everyone, Hope your having a super non-smoking day. Like you say all these Sues and there seems to be gills jilly and gillys .

    Its been a lovely sunny day here, but a very cold wind. Been out to the shops for my exercise, believe it or not hubby only spent £2 on a couple of notebooks for the grand children. Normally cost him £20 when he takes me out. :D

    just made some cup cakes so help yourself.


    Heres one to keep john quiet.


  • Yes I am the same sue have lapsed more times than I care to remember

    Thanks Dawn will try to ensure you keep your no smoking partner trying to concentrate on 3 weeks

    Thank you both you support keeps me going suecx

  • hi Jillygirl,

    These cupcakes are yummy thank you :), just what I needed to soak up my cuppa :D :) Your hubby got off light today :D were you sleeping :D :D :)

    Have a fab day :) xxx

  • :D :D :D :D

  • We should make up a game on here, it might help take people's minds off nic :D :) any ideas?

  • Not good at imagination but I think it is a great idea. Suecx

  • Hi Suec, I'm trying to remember the one we played the last time, maybe Emjay or Jillygirl will remember, my one brain cell has gone to sleep :D :D :) xx

  • I remember a game we played last year...name a tune that makes us think of this

    site...I'll start you off...With a little help from my friends...the Beatles!

    Going home now see you tomorrow! xxx

  • Good game Dawn, see you tomorrow, have a great evening :) xx

  • Reminds me of a Beatles tribute weekend I went to in Liverpool last year Strange how a song conjures memories. Have a great evening Dawn and Sue and anyone else on the site suecx

  • Hi Suec,

    I love songs for that, as long as it's not a sad memory, I prefer listening to music than watching the telly :)

  • Hi All. Still snowing in Maidenhead. Car in the garage and they have'nt even looked at it so maybe tomorrow...? Seeing friends tomorrow at the local watering hole. All my friends smoke and am anxious. Taking dog and financee for support :-)



    will ask Emjay to judge so don't post all your answers here send them to Emjays messages, so no one can copy. :)

    Meanwhile think of some song titles we can change like:- Cliff Richards we don't smoke anymore.

  • Hi John, I'm glad that Amor is back with Vida, it must be so cute seeing Vida follow Amor all the time :) I'm sure she'll soon realise that Amor isn't going anywhere.

    I hope you get help with your sleep, I know how awful not sleeping is, it's not nice.

    Your tea sounds yummy, I just had a chicken salad, so because i was good i followed it up with some raspberry cheesecake :D :)

    Have a great evening :)

  • Lovely to hear they are back together been a long wait for them must be great to see them sohhappy I had two border collies. Simba and Sheba and they were always together slept together ate together and went on same lead suecx

  • He bunnyrabbit, you are strong, so don't worry. Just notice how good you smell, and how fusty that nasty smoke is. I am sure you'll get support, taking your best friends there too.

    This talk of food is making me hungry!! Sure there's something good in the fridge (I'll probably end up cleaning it out first though, this is getting ridiculous, but it stops the ciggies :) :) :)

    Got some Stone Roses title changes:

    'Don't Stop' -> 'Do Stop'

    'Shoot you down' -> 'Shoot fags down'

    'This is the one' -> 'I'm not having one'

    'Bye Bye Badman' -> 'Bye Bye Fagsman'

    I'm amazed! Could change them all I carried on - on a roll :) NOT a roll-up :)

    Sorry, I am getting silly now. Time to have tea (or clean the fridge...)

  • :D :D :D :D Brilliant.

  • How about

    I can see clearly now the smoke has gone.

  • Aup everybody :) flippin late again :( broken down lorry on the A38 held me up tonight :P :(

    I hope your all keeping well, and behaving while Andi is away :D :D

  • Hello sweetie, Poor you will you ever get an early night. Ok Pete Sue and Betts have started with songs relating to quitting, also a word test too like we had last year.

    We are trying to brighten things up, and at the same time keep our minds of the ciggys. So get that brain cell working. :)

    Saved you some cup cakes from what I made earlier.



  • :P :P got them before JC :D :D :D

  • How did you manage that :o :D :D

  • SHhhhhh

  • You might wake him up :o :D :D

  • Hi Pete,

    How's thing's, apart from stupid lorry's holding you up :)

  • Its bin a flippin loooooooong day again Sue :( but hopefully only one more to do before the weekend is here yippppeeeeeeee :) :)

  • Then it''s partttyyyy time Pete :D :D :D

  • You flippin bet Sue :) :D you know what they say dont you !!!!

    While Andi's away, then we can play :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D

  • Jillygirl, am sorry gal, my one brain cell aint working tonight :o :(

  • Never mind. something to think about over the weekend or to get you to sleep. :)

  • Don't worry Pete, mine isn't working either, we can do this at the weekend, when we're not partying :D :D :)

  • By golly you don't half live it up you two. :) :D :D

  • You should join us Jillygirl, we don't stay up late :D :D

  • Off for my shower now. So will love you and leave you. night night Sue and Pete, and anyone who is on line. sweet dreams. xxxxxxx :)

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, you enjoy your shower gal, am going to nip around your place one of these nights and scrub your back for ya :o :D :D have a good nights sleep Jillygirl, keep warm and cosy, luvs ya xxxxxxx :)

  • nite nite Jillygirl, sweet dreams, luv ya :) xxxxxxx

  • Hey Pete are you still on or do you need to go up the wooden hill :)

  • Sorry Sue had to go and turn my bike around :o :D :D

  • Have you herd from Andi ????

  • No I've not heard from her, was gonna message her later :)

  • She's gone to her Sisters again, hasnt she !!!

  • I'm not gonna fall for that again, I nearly asked you why :D :D :D

  • Its the same as going to water my pony :o :D :D :D

    One has to do these things now and again :)

  • Sorry Pete i gotta go now, my eyes are getting nippy :(

    nite nite Pete and all, sweet dreams, luv yas :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Nite nite Sue, I've kept you up too late again havnt I :o, am sorry Sue :( I will get on here earlier tomorrow night !!!! you enjoy your sleep gal, and keep snuggled up in that duvet eh :) :) luvs ya xxxxxxx :)

    I'm just wondering, when I was younger, I could party all weekend :o :| hmmmm nah, just think we have 1 night party eh ????

    See you tomorrow Sue :)

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