Daily Chat Wednesday 24th April

Daily Chat Wednesday 24th April

Top of the Morning to ya.

Good luck today Kaz :-)

Photo is for you John...cake for breakfast? thought you might like it.

Hope you are all well. We are supposed to reach 20+oC for the next 2 days and then rain, but actually I don't mind as the garden will need it. My nextdoor neighbour has just passed aged 91. She was a lovely lady and had a full and rich life. It makes you appreciate friends and family. You are my friends and my smoke free family (actually I was the only smoker in my family) and I treasure you all and our chats.

Ok, so now to what is also important........ a cuppa. Kettles on!!

Have a great day one and all

Sue xx

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  • OOOPS! weve done it again :O

  • I deleted my blog leave yours on.

  • Sorry Jilly. Do you want to open tomorrow?

  • Thanks love but got to go to docs tomorrow so you open if you don't mind. xx

  • Ok will do unless someone else is up and around first. Hope all goes well :-) Take care Sue xx

  • lol all these keen early risers . Well done ladies..maybe a calender would be useful :) some coastal fog here this morning,so hoping for sunshine. Have finally acquired a job Im sure I will enjoy and will post my decline for survey job today. We had a wonderful funeral/ last gig for my late partner on Monday , over 100 turned up, so many faces from our past ,it was a lovely warm loving send off. We played Paul's songs throughout ,quietly behind peoples readings,and walked out to Always look on the bright side of life and Layla. It was perfect. It will take us a good while to get used to him not being here,but I know what he would want and say,so onwards we go.

    My sister inlaw is usuing one of those ecigs with the liquid refill she is 4 weeks no cigs so for her its working. Im still not sure about e-cigs,although I cant see they are any worse than any other NRT. The inhalator is the same really just a bit more boring to look at.

    Wishing every one a lovely and hopefully sunny day xx

  • Morning you two "early birds".

    Hope all's well enough for you today.

    Rainy and a chilly 7* here just now - it may climb up to the dizzy heights of 9* Whow!

    So, I'll envy all you Mediterranean folk down South.

    House smells of fresh brewed Coffee, while I'm waiting for Builders to arrive. So plenty for everyone.

    Still working on getting off Nicotine "anything". Trying to ease off the gum and stuff bit by bit, I'm hoping by the twelfth week or so I'll manage to do just that. We'll just have to see. Otherwise, not missing the tobacco Rollies much at all, and that does surprise me!

    Maybe too much going on here just now to miss it. Hope it lasts.

    Have a safe and easy day,

    Gill, xx

  • That's a lovely way to say farewell to your partner... You're being very courageous. Take things easy, and let Time do it's work.

    Fond thoughts to you,

    Gill, xx

  • thank you Gill, I'm a mess but to be expected,still manage to laugh and smile though xxx

  • Good morning everyone. Sorry you've got naff weather up north today. We had a lovely sunrise this morning (about 6 :o ) but then the clouds came over and it's quite cold out now. Back from my spinning so will have to do a few indoor jobs and shopping before the sun comes back out again later. Meanwhile, time for brekkie and coffee - see you all later. :)

  • Good Morning Everyone,

    Bunny Sue, that's a nice message :-) I'm hoping that you are right on the weather front, it was wet here this morning but I'm sure I can see some blue skies pushing the grey and white clouds out the way :-)

    Hi Jan, sounds like your Paul had a real good send off. Enjoy reminiscing over those lovely times that you and your boys had with him xx Lovely to see you back :-)

    An early start to the day Andi, sounds like you are back on track with the fitness regime again :-)

    Kazz is back so maybe she'll be joining in with some exercise with you too :P :o :-)

    Kazz, welcome back :D As you can see, the crazy gang is still here as well as even more 'Winners', whether they are winning now or planning a big win :D

    Gill, see if you can keep a little diary of the times you use your NRT. It may also be worth noting what you were doing at the time and see if there are any patterns to your use. This will be useful when it comes to looking at weaning you off eventually :-)

    Jillygirl, how is Chico doing? I bet he'll be complete entertainment for the family :-)

    I've just brewed up and there seems to be some nice fresh fruit about this morning :-)

  • Good afternoon everyone :) :)

    BunnySue, a lovely opening gal :) hmmm nice chocy cake too, if JC hasnt had it all :o

    Jillygirl, I hope your having a lovely relaxing day gal, and good luck at the docs tomorrow :)

    Jan, it sounds as if you gave your Paul a lovely send off gal, and with his favourite sounds too, my thoughts are with you :) :)

    Gill, mmmmmm I can smell that coffee from here gal :) it sounds like your keeping the builders watered well :D :D stick in there Gill, cos your doing so so well :)

    Andi, so you've been spinning this morning then, hmmmmm now i know what you mean by spinning :o its what you get after a night out clubbing :P :D :D

    Emjay, it's nice to see you gal, erm just wondering if you've finished your noddin ermm I meant meetings Emjay, sorryyyyyy :D :D :D

    JC, its a good job Kazzachoc aint up yet, cos she would be fighting you for that cake, although she is a tad slowwwwww :D :D

    Speak soon :)

  • Hey Pete, how are you doing? Are you enjoying your week off? You know me, plenty of meetings booked in ;-) well, until you blow my cover :P I hear you've decided to order yourself an e-cigarette? Although I don't know the full ins and outs of how they work etc as well as the issue of how safe they are to use, you know we'll support you all we can to get you to live that smokefree life that you want :-)

  • Hello all , well my breathing and physio was cancelled just 5 minutes before I was about to set off. So going next Wednesday instead.

  • OOps ! must have pressed wrong key hadn't finished typing when my comment was posted.

    Chico is doing fine no more grit (thanks John) Yes he certainly entertains the family.

    Pete at least I had a lazy afternoon.

    see you all later. :)

  • Hi John

    I hope all goes well with Amor tomorrow and the waiting for the results not too trying. I know it's no consolation but i'll send you some more cake for breakfast.Thank you for the music, I have loved the Gypsy Kings for years and adore them. Sue xx

  • Hi ya John, sorry to hear about poor Amor, I thought he was on the mend !!!!

    I know vets are very expensive, but Amor is worth it, isnt he :) :) I hope everything goes well John :)

  • I see people all day and I love coming home to my cat, dog and 2 bunnies. :-) Fifi my larger rabbit is in to me for £600 currently while her sister has had no vet bills. I think I prefer animals to most people that I generally meet :D

  • Helooooooo, is there anybody thereeeeeeeee :o :|

  • BOO! :)

  • ouch :o just flippin hit mi head, fell over, cats jumped on top of me and spilt mi cannie :P :P :D :D :D thanks very much.

  • Ha! Haven't you had enough for one day? :o :P :D :D

  • Yeahhhhh, unless I want to slurp on the carpet :P :P :D :D

  • I thought the job you were going for was in the care profession and not carpet cleaning :D

    Sue xx

  • :D :D :D :D

  • :P :P :D :D

  • Hi John, all the wonderful pets we had over the years have been worth every penny of Vet's Bills. Steep as they always are. Hope the little chap gets sorted soon. Gill

  • Hey there Monky, how ya doing tonight?

  • Hi ya Gill, I'm just fine thank you for asking, I've had another good day in the garden, and got loads done :)

    How about you gal, I hope your feeling top notch :) :)

  • Whoo, I sure wish I could get in my garden

    But kinda busy with builder's around just now. Love gardening! x

  • I hope with all the cuppa's you give em, that they clean up after themselves :o :) :)

  • Got some bad news today - friends dog Alfie had to be put to sleep last night. :( Poor old boy (he was here on Sunday), 16 years old, Wizsla, and his dad was away for the night. He had a good innings, RIP. :)

  • Aup Andi, thats a dambed good age for a dog gal :)

    We had a highns 57 dog and he lasted till he was 14 :) which I thought was good :)

    RIP. :)

  • He used to love my cat but she always ran away when he came round. :) Hope you get Amor sorted eventually. :)

  • Sorry to hear the sad news andi :-(

  • BunnSue, I seee am going to have to keep an eye on you gal :o :|

  • Moi? :D :D

  • Eye see nothing :o :D :D

  • Left, right or both? ;-) xx

  • yeah :| :D

  • Thanks Sue. :)

  • Hey Pete, question!.....are they cannies or tinnies? We call them tinnies and "cannie" is a Scotish person saying they couldn't...do something. :D :D :D

  • I think he's had a few tonight so I don't think you'll get too much sense out of him. :o :D :D :D

  • :o :D :| ok. xx

  • :P :P :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D

  • BunnySue, we call em cannies, cos cannie do without :o :D :D

  • Is that a 'royal' we? :D :D

  • Excellent!! :D :D :D

  • I'm getting tired now so I'll say nite nite Pete, Sue and everyone. Sweet dreams and sleep well, see you tomorrow. :)

  • Night Andi, Sleep well. Chat tomorrow :-)

  • Nite nite BunnySue, I hope you sleep well tooooo and happy dreams to ya gal :) :) speak tomorrow xxx Pete :)

  • Nite nite Andi, try to get a good nights sleep eh, especially if your spinning again tomorrow :o :| :D :D take care now gal :) see you tomorrow xxxxx :) Pete

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