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Daily Chat : Thursday 11th April


Good Morning everyone,

I hope your weather is better than mine this morning, it's dull, grey and threatening rain.

It's great to see more new people on the site, we're growing bigger every day :) we're one big caring family here, helping each other on this difficult journey, as Emjay says, it will be worth it though :)

I have the doctor this morning, so will be back on later, so chat away :)

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Good Morning Sue, it's threatening to rain here but I think we can look on the positive side and call it 'April Showers' :-)

I hope all goes well at the Dr's, there'll be a cup of tea waiting for you when you get back ;-)

It's fantastic how our stop smoking community is starting to grow. I just find it amazing at how supportive you all are of each other. This support plays a huge part in the success of your stop smoking journey. You are all wonderful :D

Whatever the weather is like, remember to stay as positive as possible. Even at times when you really can't be bothered, or are feeling a bit low in mood... Just take yourself to your nearest mirror, have a good look into your eyes... and then pull a funny face :-/ and then smile :-) You are 'you', there is no other 'you' and you are special :-) Doing this will either make you realise what I am saying is true, or make you feel a bit silly but hopefully will bring a smile to your face and at least help you to feel a tad better :-)

Right... kettle is on and then I'll have a good catch up on the latest posts :D

bunnyrabbit5 YEARS WINNER

Hi Sue52, EmJay and All :-)

Wow! it's guiet on here so far today. I'm late as very busy at work :-(

Had a message from Buttons and hope she comes back to the site and us her "family" real soon .

Raining here in Maidenhead but hopefully if the forcast is correct should clear up soon. Sadly my bestfriend has given up quitting...it's not just the right time for her.

I can't actually believe that I am on day 10 :O.

Quick cuppa, back to work and catch up with you later

Sue x

Hi Sues and Emjay

Just checking in, been working all morning, time for a break and a cuppa.:)

Dull, but not raining here. I am looking after my daughter's 2 kitties, and they keep climbing over to catch things on the screen, creating havoc on the keyboard :) I don't mind, just love 'em :)

You are so right about this great support site. Thank you all, it is so good to know there is all this support and friends here. I like the pulling faces in the mirror idea, Emjay, laughing already, it makes me smile :)

I hope all goes well at the doctor's Sue.

And other Sue , DAY 10!! Woohoo!! Big well done :) :) I am trying to stick with you all the way, down to the day. Thanks for your support in this great endeavour. We can do it.

I am on holiday next week, Kos, and know I will need all my willpower for that, near a pool with a glass or two. Wish me well! I'll need it.



Hi everyone,

just back from the docs, had to get all my yearly bloods done, completely forgot about my blood pressure check, so did she :o :D :D

Been pulling faces in the mirror Emjay, sooo funny :D :D, being a bit nuts, as i am, i love this :D :)

Hi Sue, day 10, that's brilliant :) your a star

sweetclipart.com/multisite/... :)

You daughters kittens sound so cute Betts, they'll give you some fun :) :) You'll love Kos, lucky you escaping all this cold weather, I'll send you loads spears to keep those pesky cravings at bay, you'll do this Betts, we know you will :)

I agree with you all, everyone on here is amazing, i could never have done this without all of you helping me :)

Buttons you need to come back to your "family", we all need and miss you :)

Kettle's on if anyone wants a cuppa :) :) xx


HI Sue, glad your ok love. Sarah been referred to another consultant in Hull. Could be something to do with a muscle that's not working correctly near her liver. So back on the waiting game.

Catch up later. xxxx :)



Answer :-



Hi Jillygirl,

That's awful that poor Sarah is having to see yet another doctor, i just hope she's not going to have to wait too long this time :)

I think i must have missed something when i wasn't on here cause i don't understand your second post :D :D buttons is usually what i have to buy stuff with :D :D

jillygirlAdministrator in reply to sue52

It seems that buttons has decided not to come on quit support again.

sue523 YEAR WINNER in reply to jillygirl

Now i understand what you were saying Jillygirl, that's such a shame if buttons doesn't come back, but she may in the future when the time is right, you never know

bunnyrabbit5 YEARS WINNER in reply to jillygirl

So sad :-(


Will this keep you going John?



Hi everyone,

I hoe you had a great day John, i bet your fingers were glad that Vida couldn't get to them :D :)

Thought i'd try out Emjays idea of making funny faces in the mirror, it didn't really work :D :D


Have a fab day :) xx

bunnyrabbit5 YEARS WINNER

Hi Stars

What a day.......glad to be home :-D.

Sue52 I also tried the face thing, did it in the reflection of a window and then realised there were people inside. Ooops! any way we all laughed :-)

Now on antibiotic for abscess and hopefully they will kick in soon so a little flat today and feel a little icky :-(

John the cake Jilly sent you was huge..guess you'll need a few extra walks if you ate it all :D

Love to the littlw ones. xx

Jillygirl I hope the wait for Sarah isn't too long and that they are able to help her.

Betts - You go girl Woo Hoo 10 days!!! You star :-) :-) I think it should be not that we "can" do it but that we "ARE" doing it.

Gonna have a quick soak in the tub and a cuppa and catch up in a while. Until then stay strong you wonderful people



Hi Sue,

Are all us Sue's the same, cause that's the kind of thing i would have done :D :D

I'm sorry your not feeling too good today, hope you feel better soon :) maybe your soak in the tub and your cuppa will help :)

will chat soon, off for a cuppa myself :) xx

simba19618 Months Winner

Hello from yet another Sue.

Hope the antibiotics soon kick in Sue (Bunnyrabbit) nothing worse than an abscess, I would have like to see the look on the faces of the people in the shop. Well done on reaching Day 10.

John I hope Vida and Amor enjoyed their free time and you enjoyed the cake

Jillygirl - hope Sarah soon gets her appointment, there is nothing worse than waiting I have been there more times than I like to think about just lately, you just want to shout "I just want to see someone who can sort me out" I send her my love..

Betts - Hope you have a lovely holiday, got to be warmer than here!!

Everyone have a lovely evening. Take care and keep smiling suecx

bunnyrabbit5 YEARS WINNER

HI Again

Feel a little better. :-) Had soak in tub and got pj's on. It's so nice not to smell of "fags" anymore.

Had cuddles with Noir by sweet moggy and have just taken painkillers.

When do you go to Kos Betts? Can you bring back some sunshine for us? 8)

Well my fellow stars I'm gonna hit the hay and have an early night.

Sweet dreams, stay strong and chat tomorrow.

NIte nite . Sue xxx


nite nite Sue, sweet dreams, see you tomorrow :) xx

Night night all. Typing finger too tired for much more on this Blackberry! Already in bed.

Wishing you peace and sweet dreams

Till tomorrow



nite nite Betts, sweet dreams :) xxx


I'm off to sleep, getting tired now, my one brain cell is struggling to work :D :D

sorry i missed you Pete, hopefully will have a chat tomorrow :)

nite nite all, sweet dreams, luv yas :) xxxxxx


Nite nite everybody, and I hope you all have the most wonderful dreams ever :) :)

You are all the most amazing, loving and kindest bunch of people, that I have ever met in my life :) :) and I love you all, ha, thats told ya ant it :) :) xxxxxxxx

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