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Daily Chat: Thursday 27th September 2012

Eventually I've managed to get on here, I was about ready to through my computer out the window :D, sorry there's no picture, it wouldn't let me put one on :(

Oh well these things are sent to test us, that what i see this as, will i handle this stress without reaching for the piggies, well i managed to do just that :) so if i can do it you all can as well :)

sorry i missed you last night Emjay, i was to tired to stay on any longer, hope your having a fab day :)

you stay strong today Pete, cause i know you can :) kick those cravings out the window young man :D :)

Whatever stage your at on your journey stay strong, come on here and chat with us, we're a great bunch and will help you, whatever stage your at

chat away :) x

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Hiya sue52

Im having computer issues... But of the wii variety!! My son brought me one so that i could loose the weight ive put on since smoking!!! But i cant get the blinking think to work!! Im so glad it has a wrist strap and rubber on the controller as I'm quite temped just to throw it at the wall!!!

I'm going to have to embarrass myself at 3.30 when all the little kids in the street come out to play and ask them to set it up for me, tell me where I'm going wrong!!


Hiya Lisa-Jane

that brought back memories, when i was about 10yrs old my parents bought me a computer game, can't remember the name of it now :D, and it wouldn't work so mum called the shop who sent out a repairman, i was the only one in as mum was at work, so he came in looked at it then plugged it into the wall........speak about embarrassement :D :D :D :D


He Sue, I've not been able to use my computer and have had a real busy day today. I can't believe the time already!

How are you feeling today? Glad you managed to stay calm throughut your computer fiasco, I was so frustrated at mine neing really slow and then not responding at all! :-/

Lenne, I know that you are counting in weeks still, but today (27th) will be 5 months to the date of your quit date, you should celebrate today and on Friday :D Well done to you! :-)

Wonder, 7 months to the date for you. How are you feeling now. Really chuffed woith yourself I hope! :-)

Lisa-Jane, lovely to hear from you, I seem to be having computer issues of a different type from you. Anyways, hoep you are okay. Just going to grab a cuppa and then read your blog :D

We have had a really busy day here at the office today. We've had Olymic Gold Medalist rowers, Pete Reed and Katherine Grainger who are also patrons of our charity. Lovely, lovely people. I am hoping to have some nice pictures to share with you all in a blog as soon as I can :-)


Hiya Emjay..

I'm fine just over tired.. If I'm still for longer than ten mins then I nod off!! How ate you?

Good news though, my local chemist is bringing back my quit advisor?? I don't know hOw or why but whilest I no longer have NRT.. He's been a great support and I know he will still be happy to see me. So I'm really pleased

Haha sue I defo have switched it on!! But after consulting with a 9 year old I think I have a faulty controller !!


Hi Lisa-Jane,

back to the shop with that then, and get a new one :)

really glad your getting out quit advisor back, you shouldn't have lost them in the first place, hope you go from strength to strength :) :)


Well I brought it from eBay so no doubt I will have a palava to send it back!!


Hi Emjay, you enjoy your cuppa you deserve it after a hard morning :)

I was about pulling my hair out cause i couldn't get on at all, i'm on another health unlocked site and it was the same with that, both then slow, it was like wading through treacle :D :D

It would be lovely to see the pictures :) soooo jealous that you met Olympians :D

away to have a cuppa myself :)


Pete and Katherine are so lovely, could've chatted for hours. Saying that, I can chat for hours anyway ha ha.

I'll check on the admin site of HealthUnlocked and see if anybody knows whats going on.

Lets have that cuppa together :-)


good idea, meet you in Jillygirl's cafe :D :)


Aup Sue,

Thats just magic gal, i think its the first time you've opened the daily chat isnt it :o :)

I hope your keeping well and busy, kicking them piggies outa that door gal :D :)


Hi Pete,

how you doin today, you sound chippier hope you had a great day :)

yes that's the first time i've done that, everybody else is usually up before me, had a right time with those gremlins though, took me hours to get on, then it was as slow as me :D :D :D


Yes thanks Sue had a bit better day with them piggies, but its just work doing my head in at the moment :( :(

And hey Sue your not slow, your graceful gal :) :)


awwe thanks Pete :)

sorry your work is getting you down, hope you can get things sorted, but glad your keeping those piggies at bay :) cause your health is more important than anything else :) :) don't want you getting ill, we all need you on here :) :)


Yeah only cus av got a spear for them gremlins :D :D


we do need someone to get them :D :D :D

only joking :D :D:)


Its nice to see Lisa-Jane again, but sorry i cant help her with wii computer games, ha ha i can remember back in the late 70s we used to play a tennis game on the telly :D :D


:D :D :D :D i remember that as well


Got to go now Sue, cus i can hear my bed calling me :D :D

You take it easy gal, and i wish you a verygood nights sleep :) :) God bless you :)


Nite Pete

sweet dreams :) x


nite everyone, i'm off ,getting tired now

sweet dreams :) x


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