Daily Blog Thursday 25th April

Daily Blog Thursday 25th April

Hiya Gang :-)

I hope you have nice weather wherever you are as it looks like we're gonna have a great one here, down south! :-) :D :D :-) :|

Jilly...I hope all goes well with the doc.

John....I trust Amor will be ok at the vets.

Kath and Kaz... Woo Hoo day 2...Keep going you girls are great.

Had to take car to the garage this morning so a little later than usual. Sorry John was not able to bake a cake for today but will have some creation for you tomorrow..promise

Cuppa anyone? :-8

Have a lovely smoke free day whatever you do. :-)

Sue xxx

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  • The photo is of Combe Martin from March last year (21oC). This year on the same weekend it was -7oC...what a difference a year makes :D :D :D

  • Good Morning Bunny Sue,

    I wouldn't mind being in that photie today but with last years temps :-)

    It's quite cooler here today, I'm still hoping we might be in with a nice chance of some sunny weather for the weekend :-)

    Shall be around for most of the day today, just one meeting booked in this afternoon (no, not a sneaky nodding off session Pete!) :-)

    Hope all goes okay today Jillygirl and it's just routine :-)

    Sue, sending you big refreshing hugz and hope you are okay. Not chatted properly for ages :-)

    Today is a good day to march on in front with the 'I'm a winner' flag. Remember that when in the right frame of mind, anything is possible :-)

    Fresh brew anyone? :-)

  • Good morning everyone,

    I've not been on here a wee while so thought i'd better look in since i'm feeling a little better.

    We've had great weather the past few days, warm and sunny, doesn't look as nice today though, at least it's not gonna rain :)

    I hope all goes well at the doc today Jillygirl :)

    Hope your car is okay Sue, nothing worse than things going wrong with them :)

    It's great to have you back Kazz :) you and Kath on day two, way to go you two :)

    Hope i'm not late for a cuppa Emjay, I can't get through a day without plenty of those :D :D

    Have a great smoke free day everyone :)

  • Hiya Sue, hope you are doing ok. :-) You're right about cars. The drivers door locking mechanism broke and they have taken 3 weeks to order the part :-o and so I have had to climb in from the passanger side., Very undignified :D :D :D

  • Hi, Sue, or maybe i should say bunnyrabbit or I'll get confused :o :D :D I'm having a good a day today, for a change :)

    3 weeks to order a part is ridiculous :o what were they doing, making it themselves,or maybe sending off to timbuctoo for it :D :D, bet your glad it's getting fixed now, no more climbing over the passenger seat :D :)

  • Hey Sue, I hope those refreshing hugz helped :-) Lovely to have you back, I was getting worried!

    Just picturing you Bunny Sue hopping across the seats :-/ :-) :o

  • Hi Emjay, those hugs helped a treat thank you :) i'm glad i'm having a good day today, for a change, hope your having one too :)

  • Hi ya everybody :) oooooo its great to see you feeling better Susan :) :)

    BunnySue, I thought I saw you the other day, but you were trying to get in your car from the back door, not the passenger side :o :| :D :D :D


  • Thanks Pete. I'm 49 and erm buxom :o... so thanks for the compliment :D :D :D

    You having a good day? I cannie tell :D

  • Hiya Pete,

    How you doin, hope you've had a great day :)

  • HI YA SUE :) :)

    Oooo its lovely to hear you again gal :) it really is :) I must have just missed ya when I posted last :o :( sorryyyyyy

    Yes I've had a great day tar for askin :) :) how about you ??

  • Aup JC, i'm glad all went well :) and had Amor chirping at the dogs, so there isnt much wrong with him then :) :)

  • A little treat for you. :)


  • Hi John and everyone, that sounds like you had a lovely walk with Amor. Perhaps you could take the pair of them out for walks on nice days. I bet you'd make lots of new friends then. :) (For them as well as you. :o :) )

  • Ooooooo you've finally woke up then :P :o :D :D

  • Tell ya what Andi, your getting more fancyable by the day gal :P :) :) :D :D

  • Think I'm getting younger by the day too judging by that pic. :D :D :D

  • Oi Pete, have you been out on that bike yet? :)

  • Nearly :o

  • Sorry if I'm slow typing, but got mi best finger in a splint at the moment :o :(

  • What do you mean by "nearly"? :P :o

    Have you cut your finger trying to open one of your cannies? Or maybe sliced it with the secateurs? :o :(

  • :P :P

    I cut it last friday at work, ha I'm a first aider at work and would have shipped anybody else off to the A&E or the docs for a stitch or 2 :o but no not me cos i know better :o

  • I had a phone call this evening to say that my "new" bike's ready to pick up. :)

  • Arrrrr thats great news Andi, I bet your going to get it tomorrow :D :D :D

  • Might do. :|

  • Yes ya flippin will :o :| a bet ya loads ya dooooo :) :)

  • Hey can I have your old bike, or is it toooo sissssssy for me do you think :o :D :D

  • Hey All

    Andi,that Pete is very good at sending us nice pics. :-) Glad your bike is ready. :-)

    Pete...sorry to hear about the splint :-(

    John...glad went all ok with Amor. When I get my narrow boat and travel the canals I'll look about for you walking with the birds :-)

    Hellooooo to everyone else who is on here tonight :-)

  • Aup BunnySue, you sound lovely and cheery tonight gal :) :)

  • Hiya Suebun, have you had a nice day? :)

  • It's supposed to be wet and cold tomorrow. :(

  • Thats down there, lovely and sunny here tomorrow :) :D :D

  • About time us southerners stopped hogging all the fine waether :D :D :D

  • My "new" bike will be the oldest of the lot. No way am I getting rid of my hybrid which I bought from new (and is still like new) and I've got a small 2nd hand mountain-type bike which is the one I use if I plan on leaving the bike chained up anywhere. I'm paranoid about having my bike nicked so don't like leaving it anywhere. :o :)

  • Had a great day as car door finally fixed. :-)

    Just back in as I went to watering hole for an hour to meet my friend who is also going to quit. :-) It was fun and sunny and although I had a crave I took my e cig so that was good. I planted out the other day so some rain would be good here although I'd rather ir rained at night and was sunny during the day.

    Is it me or do people seem friendlier and happy when it's sunny? :D :D :D

  • Of course they do, we're all p***ed off with that cold, grey, wet weather - don't you think we've had enough this year? Not over with yet though. :o :(

  • I just hope its an improvement on last year...all those floods! :o

  • Hoo yes it will be better than last year, cos we will have lovely, happy, sunny floods this year :o :D :D :D

  • Yeah, it really got me down - icing on the cake after quitting and other things going on. :( This year will be much better though! :) :)

  • Toooooooo Riteeeeeeee gal :) :) :) :)

  • Pee-ete. :)

  • Time for me to hit the wooden hill, cos am noddin, so I will love you and leave you all for the time being :o :|

    I wish you all a lovely, lovely nights sleep, speak tomorrow xxxxxx Pete :) :)

  • Nite nite Pete. Sleep well. :-)

    Think I'm gonna go have a soak in the tub and finish reading my book.:D :D

    Night all, sweet dreams and see you all for another smoke free day :-)

    Sue x

  • Nite nite Pete, nite nite Sue, sleep well, sweet dreams and see you tomorrow. :) xxxxxx

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