THURSDAY - DAILY CHAT - 01/05/2014


Good Morning everyone and happy May Day to you, although it looks more like Happy November day out there! It's so foggy!

I'm sure the spring will reappear when the fog disappears, but in the meantime, don't get your Maypole in a twist over stopping smoking, there is a right way of doing this for everyone, you have to find the one that is most comfortable for you and then be determined to succeed. This really is a fanastic thing to do :)

So have a wonderful skip around the Maypole, stay happy and proud of your progress and just say NOPE! :)

Love Chrissie xx

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  • Good morning Skippy and everyone.

    Grey down south too but everything's so lush and green as you look out of the window. :)

    May Day - a new month, maybe a jumping off point for some more new quitters? Well make that jump and you'll never regret it in the long term. It will be tough in the early days but then that's what we're all here for - to help you keep on track. :)

    Have a good day. :)

  • Good Morning All and welcome to a shiny new month :D

    Well, I had a fair few challenges getting on here last night - My spell check that said 'George' was supposed to say 'instead' - I'd already posted it before I noticed and then when I tried to correct it, it kept telling me I had to be logged in - which I was??!! I was on my ipad and using both Chrome and Safari..... :-/ I will most definitely be alerting HealthUnocked as it just isn't good enough, I spend most of my time on here using my ipad.

    Anywhose, today I am working from home and so am using my laptop. I'm just going to be concentrating on being on 'Quit Support', looking at 'Twitter' as I've not been able to set the time aside to use it and I'm also even going to fire up the poor Facebook account that's been laying dormant for so long.... watch this space and see if all goes to plan :-)

    Weather was grey and wet when I first got up this morning but is now just grey. Who knows, it may brighten up :-)

    Have a lovely day everyone, shout if you need owt :-)

  • ooooh my laptop just said 'comment created successfully'.. Me likes how my day here has started off already :D :D

  • Good Morning All

    Hope you have a great Mayday!

  • Morning James, congratulations on getting your first week under your belt and a big fat huge welcome to week 2 ;-)

  • Thanks Emjay! Looking forward to week 2!

  • Lovely Briarwood :-)

    Cuppa tea time already... I think so!

  • Good morning everyone. The pic went before I was ready but as I have had a very restless night - it's not surprising :O Well done James :) Yes Emjay I have awful problems on myiPad in the evening when it is busy on here :( Wishing you all a happy smoke free day:) x

  • Does it affect your ipad during the daytime Briar? I've not tried mine today :o

  • Well yes it's not great either but when I asked my Son about it he reckons that my wi if isn't great so that might affect it also! When I post a comment the page goes for a bit then I have to wait for it to come back on, if that makes sense :O

  • But it didn't do it that time so maybe the answer to your question is it's worse when the site gets busy, hope I haven't totally confused you now. :O

  • Ha Ha no you haven't :D Even so though, there are other communities with far more members, I'm talking thousands so surely it's not right having to have all this trouble. It#s definitely an ipad / mobile phone / tablet issue :-/

  • Oh well I'll leave it in your capable hands to sort out ha ha :)

  • Hi everyone. I have a few theories of my own as to why we have so much trouble with the mobile side of this site. Just had a quick browse of the internet but it's all very technical so I may have interpreted it all wrong.

    I think first and foremost with all the different ways we can communicate via the internet today we forget they don't all work in the same way. This is a message board, albeit a fancy message board. We, at least when it's busy in the evenings, tend to treat it more like Instant Messaging. It may not have instant messaging technology built into it so is probably why the site struggles at busy times.

    There probably are other groups that have loads more members than this one, but are they quite so friendly? Do they sit chatting every night, posting party video's etc. They may have lots of members but possibly they're not all on site at the same time. I also watched the video Health Unlocked posted the other day regarding how to use the 'recommend' button. Looking at the other video's that came up after I watched that I got the impression it is an American owned site? Though I may be wrong, it could be that it struggles more in the evenings because most of America is up by then. In the mornings most people here in UK are at work and most people in US are still in bed.

    As for the mobile side of things. As this is basically a forum rather than a website and is there to facilitate messaging rather than a full blown information website, I wonder if perhaps at some point in the future HU might consider Apps to be a more appropriate platform for their members mobile usage rather than a mobile browser based site. I think what I'm trying to say is HU may have become a victim of its own success and perhaps a whole new rethink on how best to deliver it is the way to go.

    Just my thoughts, but yes, can be a very frustrating place to be sometimes. Written from my laptop, I've given up on all other input methods for this site. :)

    Oh and Ps, Ps, I do think that the problem I have with the recommend button and the reply is easy to put right if they would just have a look. I think that the way the links that are hidden beneath the graphic buttons display on a mobile means that the two different links are practically overlapping each other and since you can't actually see them this is why they don't work properly. All it would need is another line space between the two links. That's what I think anyway.

  • Hi Emjay, I'm just looking in on my tablet and it seems to work just as well as the laptop. My only problem is that it affects my eyesight using it for any length of time, but that's probably cos I'm getting on a bit now. :o I'm using Google on here and Firefox on the laptop these days.

  • Morning one and all day 11 and all going to plan well sort of coz I didn't really have a plan but hey. Happy Mayday and stay strong it will be worth it in the end ⛵️

  • And I hoped you enjoyed a little dance around a Maypole Supertramp!!! :)

  • Good evening everybody :) :)

    I hope your all nicely relaxed and got your feet up :)

    Chrissie, I see you managed to get up on time this morning, a big massive well done to you gal, I'm very impressed :P :D :D :D Saying that, I think I'de best scarper and have a quick nosey around eh :o :D :D

    See's ya soon :)

  • Yup, I just had to remember to set my alarm..........Simples!!! :) :) :)

  • Does this mean, your not going to bash me :o well, if you could catch me that isssssss ;) :D :D

  • No, just proving what a freshair head I am at the moment! Anyway, I can't be bothered to chase you so if I don't want to bash you stand still please :) :) :)

  • Hmmmm, it must be the lack of caffeeeeeeeeeen eh :o Hey, how you doing with cutting it down ? apart from becoming a freshair head :D just love that gal :D :D

  • Actually my friend gave up caffeine for lent last year and she told me she couldn't get over how tired she felt, and I think that is what is affecting me! I am actually drinking less coffee as a result even though the the de-caff stuff is really nice - so my state of mind is not being chemically induced anymore! Or in other words, I'm a Freshairhead!!! :) :) xx

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