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Daily Chat: Thursday 10 October 2013

Daily Chat: Thursday 10 October 2013

Good morning everyone.

Crikey, I can't believe we're a third of the way through October already and autumn's only just arrived. I think it's time to finally wash all those summer clothes and put them away smelling nice and fresh. Is the cupboard you're putting them into all nice and fresh and clean smelling too? I know that's traditionally a job that we do in the spring but it's not just the spring when everyone quits smoking. ;-)

Hope the weather stays nice for you today so you can get out there and breathe in some of that lovely fresh air. :)

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Good morning Andi,

Autumn already like you say why wait for spring to clean summer clothing etc.

Any Yorkshire quitters there is no excuse as today is sunny . So go on get washing :P

Andi love the picture, loads of butterflies this year.

catch up later. :)



Aup Jillygirl :)

How you doing beauty ? yep Autumn is with us now gal, cos its bin rite cold here in Derbyshire today, had to go to work in a jacket this flippin morning :(

Betty who lives next door has got a big buddleia shrub, there has bin loads of butterflies on it this year :)


Very good afternoon to you Andi & Jilly + everyone else

Not a Yorkshire quitter but I am a UK quitter and once you get clear of these nasty cigs I think you want everyone else to give up because you see for real what a terrible habit / addiction this is.

Anyone wondering how bad smoking is for you then type "Damage caused by smoking" into Google and watch as much as you can !!!!! I think suffering the CRAVINGS to get away from this addiction is sooooo worth it !!

"Keep going" - YES "Keep going" to anyone in those early days & 100% promise "IT DOES GET BETTER"

(eventually ...!!!).

Best wishes




Hi ya jonathan,

I agree with everthing you have said pal :) it sounds like your well on the way to being a NON smoker now :) :) You just keep on kicking them cravings outa that flippin door, ok :)


Good evening everybody :) :)

Andi, just love your pic gal :) and yes a really good idea to get cleaning the smoke !! out a the house and washing all the smoky clothes, especially if you like ironing like I do :P :P :D :D :D

Just wondering how big your ready to iron pile is now :o ;) :D :D


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