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Good morning people! Another day, another Monday, they do soon come round, don't they? Not as nice this morning as previous days but hey ho, not raining (or snowing come to that!) so at least that's good news! Very cloudy on the tops here so, sorry folks, no pic today from this morning but another one from yesterday instead.

Slept well last night so things seem to be improving for me on that front - just as people said it would although not as quickly as I would have liked. Can be an impatient so-and-so at times so will definitely have to practice what I preach and be a tad more patient.

Starting week 5 today - day 29 - sorry folks but like to put the days as it does give me a bit of a lift as 29 days does seem an awful lot longer than 5 weeks and it gives me a bit of motivation and a boost to the start of the day so I feel more able to face another day without nic.

Start of another week at work but this week is a short week for me as I won't be working Friday afternoon - finish at lunch until Monday but I bet the weekend still goes as quickly. There are only two of us in the office so we take it in turns to finish early on a Friday. Something to look forward to and it does give the illusion of a long weekend!

Just finished breakfast and had my 'pills' - one wouldn't go down so now have that horrible taste in my mouth which seems to last for ages no matter what you eat or drink. Wish someone could come up with a cure for either stopping tablets getting stuck or how to get rid of the after taste when they do. Any suggestions?

Well, got some ironing to do before I go to work - hate this job so sooner it's done the better I like it. Besides, if I get that done now it means I can at least start and possibly finish another blog tonight - oh, you are such lucky, lucky people are you not?!

Going (and yes I know that there are some that will say I have already gone but just because they're in the know doesn't mean that you have to agree with them!) now and wishing everyone a stress and smoke free day and if there is cake and/or biscuits on offer today could someone please be kind to me and save me some of either for later on as I'll even provide the hot drink for myself and anyone else that cares to join in (sorry selfish I know but won't be sharing the cake and/or biscuit!).

Have a great day everyone and remember, TOGETHER WE ARE DOING THIS AND WE ARE WELL ON THE WAY TO WINNING!

Take care,


PS Pics is of some miniature daffs in a garden I pass virtually every day - think they planted these because standard size ones seems to get blown over so easily as it does get rather windy up hereeee!

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Morning Buttons and All :-)

I love your blogs and am so happy that you still write them. For me the longer the better.

So today is day 7 for me. Woo Hoo ! Decided to write nic a letter!!!

Dearest Nic

Firstly I want to thank you for all your years of support. You saw me through a lot but believe me when I say I have paid a heavy price.

Sadly I now feel that our relationship has run its course. We have drifted apart. It’s not you…… it’s me. I just can’t be with you anymore. I know not being with you will be hard but I must be strong and cut you out of my life completely.

I’m sorry that it has come to this, but it’s how I feel. I can’t beat myself up over you again. I find being with you now an effort and that’s not right.

I wish you well, but wish myself more a longer life, being less smelly, richer and healthier and so much more. I want to leave your controlling ways and take back my life.

Take care but I just don’t want to ever be with you again. X

Monday morning at work and have already locked myself out...which is sad as no one was around for an hour and my e cig was on my desk. Shock Horror....but I survived. Just made a cuppa to warm up. Phew

Have a great smoke and stress free day!!


My e cig only has a run out cartridge in it. Going through the motions and have no nic :-)


Hi Thanks for that I didn't know


Morning Buttons, bunnyrabbit and all :)

I love the blog and the letter to nic!

Congratulations both on landmark days - 29 and 7 - every one's a winner :) !

I'm sidling into day 7, and admit to chewing the inhalator as I type, taking advice from Sue and others last week. There isn't even any nicotine left in it, but it is a comfort. Never had a dummy as a baby .... Something about typing on the computer and having this in my mouth to chew - fortunately working from home, so not having to publicise the popeye look !! :) :) Strange, I didn't used to work with a fag in my mouth! The ash would have got in the keyboard! I am not fighting it at the moment, and am definitely not planning to take it up as a fashion choice in the long term, but cutting myself a little slack at the mo. Got to get some proper work done, and it helps me concentrate ...... and keep off the fags :) AND I AM SO PLEASED TO HAVE KEPT OFF THE FAGS FOR A WHOLE WEEK! Yahhay, woohoo! :)

Keep strong everyone. It's a big big deal, and deserves lots of congratulations wherever you are on the journey, from thinking about it, to the dizzy heights of a whole year and more off the fags. I taking it a day at a time.

Wishing all a good smoke free day :)


Good morning Buttons, and everyone else

Its taken me ages to get on site this morning. Bit dull here but hopefully will brighten up.

catch up later. :)


Morning jillygirl

I had a bit of trouble on the site earlier, but think it was me.

Duller here above, in the sky, but noticed quite a few flowers coming, looking down on the ground. I've been waiting for them to come through for ages, they're finally daring to push their heads up now. Another week and I am thinking we will have the proper glorious colours of Spring :) Looking forward to that :)


Overheard, "You know, lady, you don't actually smoke. The cigarette does all the smoking, you are just the sucker!"


Love it!!

Morning Jillygirl.

Can anyone tell me how to add pictures so I can send some cake to you all?




I know this isn't to do with smoking but it made me laugh



funnyasduck.net/wp-content/... getting daft now so im off for a cuppa. :D


Like that one Jillygirls, that is my excuse for middle age spread!! suecx


Good Morning Everyone :-)

A tad chilly here in Liverpool today.

Buttons, welcome to week 5 :-) Glad to hear you managed to grab a good nights sleep too. Have a lovely day at work :-)

Love your letter to Nic Bunnyrabbit, you show him where the door is :-) Good to see you survived without your e-cig for a while. You probably proved to yourself that you are stronger than you realise. As Gok Wan says, it's all about the confidence :D I think somebody posted a link a while ago to show how to attach pictures... I think maybe it was Pete. Shall have to have a rummage around for you :-)

Good to see you about Mad :-) You been to see any of your swans lately?

Loving the pictures JillyGirll :D Especially Garfield :-)

Morning Simba Suec :-) I hope you are feeling well today and that your treatment is heading in the right direction.

Betts, I think a few of us have had trouble positing this morning. Shall check with HU to see if there are any problems we need to be aware of. Don't want any gremlins bothering us :-/ Congratulations on reaching 1 week of being smoke-free, welcome into week two :D

I've just been looking through some of your quit dates and it got me thinking about how we measure our success in quitting smoking. It's funny how everyone marks their quit days off... It seems to start off with ticking the hours off before moving onto days, the days then mingle with the weeks and then months. I think a milestone for most people is when they go from counting up their weeks into counting in months before feeling brave enough to count in 6 months. Confidence grows when that person realises they don't really think that much about smoking any more and have to 'work out' how long it's been since they last smoked. Obviously everyone gets mega chuffed when they reach their 12 month mark :D

I think you are all doing fantastic, whatever stage of stopping you are at, whether its thinking about setting a quit date, stopping smoking or staying stopped.

You are all doing brilliantly and should be as proud of yourselves as I am of you all :-)


Hi Emjay, we couldn't have got this far without you and your guidance.


enjoy! : )


That's very pretty JillyGirl, thank you. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you all :-)


Hello everyone

Just a few words to say hope everyone had a good smoke and stress free day and tomorrow is a brand new day and has got to be a good 'un as it's firstly not a Monday and secondly a day nearer Friday and therefore the weekend! Bit quiet on here tonight even I have shut up - in other words no more blogs and probably won't be for a while - hey ho, off to bed I go. Have a good nights rest all and sweet dreams.

Take care.

Bye for a bit.



Hi everybody :)

Hmmmm so much for my new shift, didnt finish until 10pm :( it should have been 8pm :P :( well thats enough of me moaning, so am now going to read your blogs and cheer myself up :) :)


Hello everyone, just a flying visit in for me tonight, guessing Monky you may be the only one who hasn't gone to bed!! Sounds like your firm are working you far too hard....

Hoping you all have a good nights sleep - not too much dreaming! ;-)

Week 7 for me still hanging in there :-)


Aup Suze, you carry on hanging in there, cos your doing great gal :) your a winner :) you get a good nights sleep now :)

Nite nite Butts,Bunny,Mad,Betts,Jillygirl,Simba, Sue and of course not forgetting our Emjay :) you all have a good nights sleep now, and if you do have a dream, make it a sweet one eh luvs ya all xxxxxxxx :) :)

Pete :)


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