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Daily Chat: Monday 11th November 2013

Daily Chat: Monday 11th November 2013

Happy Monday Everyone,

I hope your day has started off as you intended and things are heading off in the right direction.

Monday is a funny day. It appears to be the most picked on day of the week - nobody seems to like it and yet it's also the day that is top choice of when to start something new; New beginnings, turning over a new leaf, starting a diet, taking up exercise, stopping smoking....

If Monday is usually a doom and gloom day for you, try and spice it up a bit and find a reason for it to be a positive day of the week for you, even if it means that by using it up it will bring you another day closer to the weekend :D

I've chosen today's picture to help distract you should you need it :-)

Have a lovely day everybody :-)

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Morning Emjay & all

Sorry I have turned into the 'silent one' these days - I guess it is because I am just getting on with things and the cravings have become so weak after this amount of time that they hardly bother me. Giving up smoking is among the best things to happen in my life - because it has allowed me to get on with my life.

Anyone thinking about stopping / quitting can I say to you GO FOT IT and whatever suffering you need to go through it is just soooo worth it to be free of this horrible life killing addiction. I hate everything smoking does to us and one thing is for sure it is going to take me many many more months before I recover from the damage I have done to myself by smoking. Sense of taste & smell still coming back and very vivid dreams... mouth, throat & lungs still very raw & I have had to stop one of my asthma inhalers !!!

BUT to be free from this addiction and every 20 minutes NOT having to go outside for a flipping cig is just brilliant, not having to get in the car late at night because I have run out of cigs and NOT smelling like an ashtray all the time. The benefits of NOT smoking are enormous so to all you Smokers reading this make the next one your last one. As a NON smoker you could also have the best Christmas of your life and be there for the people you love (rather than always going off for a ....... cig)

Best wishes



= Not




.... ever again.


Hi ya Jonathan, its great to see ya again pal :)

I agree with everything you have put :) thats just an ACE post pal, love it :) :)

Yes I know your still hurting, as in your mouth, throat and lungs, BUT you have got YOUR body back :) :) Its your's again :) :) as for the Asthma inhaler you have cut out, well, doooo you really need it now :o :)

Jonathan, I admire you pal, I really really doooooo :) :) I would need a lot bigger rowing machine to get me through cold turkey, I tell ya :D :D

You have a great NOPE week, do you hear me :o :) erm, I aint sending you no huggs, cos your a bloke, see, and blokes dont send huggs to other blokes do they :o hmmmm, this one and only time, am sending you some huggs, and you'd best like em eh :) :)

Take care now Jonathan, and speak soon :)


Hi Pete

Thanks VERY MUCH for saying that ... shame I put "GO FOT IT" but I think most would work that out !! I appreciate your hug too ... nothing wrong with a supportive hug & THANKS.

Pete you are correct about the asthma inhaler and for the first time (ever!!) I am trying to go without & so far it is working - this would NOT have been possible if I was still smoking as I would already have had numerous asthma attacks. (The problem is my mouth & throat etc was / is now reacting to something in the inhaler!!).

Pete - sending you best wishes and ONE (only) supportive hug because you are a STAR & your posts continue to help MANY OF US.

Best wishes


NOPE ...ever ever ever again.




Good afternoon,

Good opening Emjay, and yes I fell for it. :D

Jonathan, I must agree with you about having a better christmas as a non smoker. Its amazing how one little white stick can control your life . Like you say NOPE ever again. ;)


Hi everyone :-) Yes Jonathan I too am feeling all the benefits as you say, after only 9weeks quitting the cigs, BUT I do use an e-cig at the moment, but am confident that too will be stopped eventually :-)

I am in ore of everyone on here who has gone ' Cold Turkey ' especially if they have been smoking about 45 years like myself.

I will keep flying the flag for for everyone ;-)

Here's to Happy Healthy times ahead :-) x


Hear hear Sunny, am with you gal, healthy times ahead :) x


Good evening all , seems we have gremlins about again. Probably why its so quiet on here. :O

Hope your all ok. Lovely to see Veecatz back. :)


Aup Jillygirl :)

Love your new pic by the way :) :) erm, is that you and hubby :o hmmmm, the flippin cats got my specks again :o :D :D


Emjay, a great opening gal, it did make me laugh :D :D and think :o

Like you say, Monday is a funny day, its sooo long :( like this afternoon, at about 3pm, when I went for a tea break, I thought to myself, this time yesterday, it was about 4pm :o hmmmm, work that one out then !!

Speak soon Emjay, luvs ya gal :)


Pete you make me laugh with your logic. :D :D

As for my piccy yep thats me and hubby. all lovey dovey or may be acting like cat and dog :O


:D :D :D


getting tired now so nite nite Pete sweet dreams. xx luvs ya.:)


Nite nite Jillygirl, you get your pretty head down now gal, and dream of your new flat and happy days to come :) :) Luvs ya tooooo gal :) xxxx

Hey, just found this in my garage, do you think it might come in handy to sort them flippin pesky gremlins out ??


:o :D :D :D


:D :D I just re-read this mornings post... There are still 10 facts after all! So number 12 is wrong :-/ :D

Have a good evening all :0)


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